Islamic Prayer Centers In Kogi State And Their Location (3 Famous Ones)

Famous and most attended Islamic prayer centres in Kogi state

Are you in another state or in Kogi state and searching for the best and famous Islamic prayer centers you should attend? In this article, I will show them to you, their location or addresses and everything.

When one or more condition bombarded you, you will be out to meet the person who you think is nearer to God than you, right? Then in kogi state, there are notable people who report your problems to God and get fast answer.

If you want to meet the right person to pray for you, then keep reading because we will show the top three Islamic prayer centers in Kogi State for 2020 (this year).

In this article, I will show with you the three famous and biggest Islamic prayer centers in Kogi State, their location, why you need to attend and the name of person (Sheikh) who prays in each centers.

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Let us say the truth; Why do you need to meet person (Sheikh) to pray for you? Is it not because of the negative things that have happened to you? Then why you do not like to know the right person you should need to meet to pray for you islamically?

3 Largest Islamic Prayer Centres In Kogi State

As we have said, below are the three (3) most known/recognised/attended (famous) Islamic prayer centers in Kogi State.

If you want to attend the largest Islamic prayer in which you pray any prayer and get an answer from God quickly in Kogi state, then below are the three centers that we have found so far and I assure you will love attending every of them.

  1. Ojo-Arahman Islamic prayer center, Lokoja
  2. Rahma-Minnal Lah Islamic Prayer center, Ojuwo
  3. Ya-Allahu Islamic prayer center, Aloma.

Now, let’s proceed to read more about the chief Executive Officer in each of the above three centers.

1. Ojo-Arahman Islamic prayer center, Lokoja

Shehu Hassan of Kogi state

This Islamic prayer center is one of the biggest located in Lokoja, it is founded by Mallam Hassan Mikhail.

Mallam Hassan Mikhail started Islamic prayer when he was a civil servant officer (civil defense). God gave him miraculous ability. He can pray anything to be done and that must be done exactly as he prayed.

Any type of problems that you are being bombarded with, just attend Ojo-Arahman Islamic prayer center, Lokoja and meet Mallam or Sheikh Hassan Mikhail to pray for you at anytime.
Thiscenter is located at Lokoja, one of the Local Government Areas of Kogi state.

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2. Rahma-Minnal Lah Islamic Prayer center, Ojuwo

If you want quick answer to your prayers also, then you are hereby advised to go to Ojuwo-Omachi’s Islamic prayer center in order to meet Sheikh Rilwan, the founder and manager of Rahma-Minnall Lah Islamic Prayer center, Ojuwo.

It’s founded by Sheikh Rilwan and has been existing since 2008. Sheikh Rilwan (a.k.a, Rilwan Ojuwo) started Islamic prayer when he was removing unwanted plants (weeding) on his farm land. After then till today, he has been doing uncountable miraculous deeds

He has been healing many cripples, praying for people etc.

If you want to attend this Islamic prayer center, then go to Ofu LGA (Ugwolawo District) and ask about Ojuwo-Omachi, simple, right?

3. Ya-Allahu Islamic prayer center, Aloma.

The person (Sheikh) who owns this center is Mallam Shaibu .S. Ademu (a.k.a, Baba Karama).

His Islamic prayer center is one of the biggest located in Alloma, Ofu Kogi State Nigeria.

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He liked to play football when he was a barber. As the miracle of God which was destined for him got nearer, he stopped doing anyhow and started praying islamically. Now he prays and heals any diseases by calling God’s names  only islamically. 

Would you like to meet Mallam Shaibu? Then do meet him on every Monday because it is on every Monday he has general prayer. He also prays on every day if you meet him officially.

Why Do You Need To Meet Person To Pray For You

Are you a type of person who disdain meeting person to help you or for anything? Do not disdain or look down on other person because person you may think is valueless can has higher rank than you spiritually.

Before you start doing any thing, you should believe that it will must work. God rewards person for anything that he/she did by his/her intention.

The most reason why you should meet person to pray for you is when you have too much problems or when you want Sheikh to pray for you in order to obtain quick answer.

You should however know that the person you are meeting to pray for you doesn’t do anyhow things as you do. Those people always do fasting and praying, they do not have illegal sex and always be in ablution.

Thus, if you plan to meet any persons to pray for you, do not have an intention of “Let me go and see peoples” but mind what you have to pray.

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