Roles of traditional healers in the society (step by step explanation)

Roles of traditional healers in the society
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Traditional healers or native doctors are the first and foremost persons in the society who people consult when they have some problems with their health and lives. The roles of traditional healers in our society nowadays are enormous. Here, we have listed and explained top best important roles roles traditional healers one by one.

Traditional rulers are in almost every society and community in Africa rendering a treatment of people’s health issue, helping people from financial difficulty, gain most demanding position, be save from enemy’s bad plan etc. In fact, their roles are very important and can’t be explained up. In this article, we discussed the top best roles of traditional healers in the society.

The traditional rulers can give treatment of cancer, sickle cell, HIV, diabetes, stroke, and other related abnormalities using the combination of herbs and plant’s roots. In some cases, they use only herbs while they may use both root and herbs to make a cure to a diseases. They work really hard in ensuring that every one is free from satanic/enemy causing diseases.

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Now, let’s start discussing top best important roles of traditional healers in the society one by one.

Roles of traditional healers

  1. Treating diseases.
  2. Preventing bad situation from happening to person.
  3. Predict unforeseen events.
  4. Help pregnancy woman.
  5. Give cure to erectile dysfunction.
  6. Settling two or more persons.
  7. Making peace in a society.
  8. Giving their knowledge to people’s opinion.
  9. Make people become rich and famous.

1. Treating diseases

One of the roles of every traditional healer is treating diseases of people around their society. As you may know their habit, they combine herbs, roots and barks of a plant to make traditional/local medicine for person that is suffering from diseases.

The good news is that their works is effective and any disease which they make medicine for must be cured as intended. Hence, treating disease/illness is one of the foremost roles of all traditional healers in the society.

2. Preventing bad situation from happening to person

Another important roles of a traditional ruler is that they work in preventing bad situation from happening to person. The world is full of people with intention of causing bad situation to their fellow human being.

If you visit traditional healers in your society as often as possible, they will early see bad situation that is going to happen to you, hence, they foot it away from happening.

For example, immediately traditional healers see you, without running test with any medical testing instrument, they can deduce the type of disease you are suffering from, in this way, they know how to find a remedy for it.

3. Predicting unforeseen events

Traditional healers are not a God but most of them can effectively predict the events or occurrence which is unforeseen to other people in a society.

They are neither a prophet or a future teller but they use their past experiences to predict the future happing because they have been doing tradition healing industry for decades.

4. Help pregnancy woman

Many traditional healers are very expert about woman pregnancy from the early stage of the pregnancy, to the middle and till the end or during the labor period.

The roles of traditional healers towards helping a pregnancy woman in a society is by selecting a herbs and roots which a pregnancy woman should take during her pregnancy to ensure her successful delivery and good condition of the baby.

5. Give cure to erectile dysfunction

Traditional healers give cure to a men with erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction or low sperm count, quick ejaculation or inability of a man to appropriately satisfy his partner are a diseases in human system.

However, those diseases that cause erectile dysfunction are curable by simply taking in the tea of herbs and roots properly prepared by professional traditional healers. If you have any body that suffers this type of disease, don’t let him stay overthinking, just simply visit traditional healer in your society.

6. Settling two or more persons

Sometimes, traditional healers settle dispute between two or more people than court does because they are old enough and know the psychology of a person. Settling two or more persons is one of the roles of many traditional healers.

The good news is that they may not collect money for settling two or more people who are in dispute, for example, two partners who are undergoing divorce.

7. Making peace in a society

Another roles of all traditional healers is making peace in the society. They sacrifice their time, power, money, etc. to make the society worth living.

Traditional healers don’t like violence in the society.

8. Giving their knowledge to people’s opinion

If you like the knowledge of traditional healers, they won’t hesitate to give it out to your intention.

Every traditional healer likes the people who’ll represent them offering healing service to people when they become late, hence, they impact and plant a seed in person in order to be impact and impact the lives of next generations.

9. Make people become rich and famous

Traditional healers are not only a disease curer but also a magic healer. Some of them can do something for person to make him/her become rich and famous.

Traditional healers, also known as Sangoma in some parts of the world, diagnose, prescribe, and often performs the rituals to heal a person physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.


Above are just the top nine (9) roles of all traditional healers in the society. Please if you know that it has helped you, then share it with your friends and remember to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook for more important updates.

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