List of all wards in Ofu LGA Of kogi state

Ofu LGA (Local Government Area) is one of the developing and largest LGAs in Kogi state and in this article I am going to show with you the list of all wards in it.

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Keep reading this article as I am about to show you everything about every ward in Ofu LGA of Kogi state and some of their counselor.

How many wards are in Ofu LGA of Kogi state

Ofu Local Government Area of Kogi has presently gotten eleven (11) wards only and they are now listed and explained below:

  1. Iboko/Efakwu ward
  2. Igo ward
  3. Ochadamu ward
  4. Alloma/Okula Ward
  5. Ofoke ward
  6. Ogbonicha ward
  7. Ugwolawo ward I
  8. Ugwolawo ward II
  9. Itobe/Okokenyi ward
  10. Ejule/Alla ward
  11. Aloji ward.

Present councilors of every ward in Ofu LGA for 2021 and everything about them

The following names below are the Councilors of every eleven (11) ward in Ofu LGA of Kogi state. These people below were chosen by Alhaji Yahaya Bello, the governor of Kogi state.

 Name of all ward Councilors of Ofu LGA

As you can see from the picture above, the present chairman of Ofu Local Government is Honourable Amodu Ibrahim while the vice chairman is Miss Paulina Ojotule James.

The names of the people (officials) above were being selected and registered by governor Yahaya Bello as permanent position, i.e, they are not a care taker.

Meanwhile, the voting of all local government chairman in Kogi had been done on 12th December, 2020 while all Councilors were being sworn in on 15th December, 2020.

Villages in some popular wards in Ofu LGA

The most popular wards in Ofu LGA of Kogi state are: Ugwolawo ward I, Aloji ward, Ejule/Alla ward and Ogbonicha ward.

But I will show you the villages in: Ogbonicha ward, Ejule/Alla ward and Ugwolawo ward I (one) right now.

1. Villages in Ogbonicha ward

Ogbonicha is one of the most popular and famous ward in Ofu LGA of Kogi state. In fact, it’s the home or parental town of the then Kogi state governor, Late Prince Abubakar Audu.

The following are the villages under Ogbonicha ward: Ofashe, Omodododa, Ede Fly, etc.

2. Villages in Ejule/Alla ward

Ejule is one of the biggest villages in Ofu LGA of Kogi state. Many Honourable men and women are residing in Ejule because of its fame.

Below are some villages in Ejule ward: Alla, Agojeju, Okele, Ofakaga, etc.

3. Ugwolawo ward I (one)

Ugwolawo is the headquarter of Ofu LGA, thus it’s very large. Due to its large in size and population, it’s divided into two (2) parts, ward I (one) and II (two).

Now, the following are some villages in Ugwolawo ward I (one) of Kogi state: Allome, Ofolijinwa, Olofu, Atoda, etc.

4. Ochadamu ward

The list of some villages under Ochadamu ward are as follows: Ofokopi, Akpagidigbo, Umomi, Alobi, etc.

Ochadamu is indeed one of the strongest and famous wards in Ofu LGA of Kogi state.


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