Health benefits of palm kernel oil

By observing the palm kernel nuts and seeds, you may think that they are not important for anything, right? You’ll stop thinking like that as I am going to show you health benefits of palm kernel oil in this page today.

Palm kernel oil is a natural oil manufactured or produced from the seed of palm. As you may know, palm has a kernel, then kernel has seed and finally the seeds will sweat oil when burnt on a fire.

Palm kernel oil is extracted from palm fruit. It is dark-black in colour while strong taste and different smell make it unique.

It is a nut from a palm tree which has an edible seed inside. It is widely known as black palm kernel oil.

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How to extract palm kernel oil

After you have got an oil of palm kernel seed, then now is the time to find for how it’s beneficial to human health, right?

The following procedures are how to extract or produce palm kernel oil from the seed:

  • Break the palm nuts, and remove the black seeds inside
  • Put the seeds you have just removed into high volume of water for an hour or even a day
  • Get them out of the water
  • Then put them in a cleaned and dried pot and place the pot in a fire
  • Finally, small amount of oil will be appearing for you to fetch.
  • Do not add water to the oil you are fetching at this point so as to stop it from expiring easily.
  • Meanwhile, a palm kernel oil that was being added with water will probably not capable to work in human health as discussed below.

In some countries especially West African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, etc, the seed inside palm kernel can be eaten uncooked or with other staple food like garri.

Now, let’s start to show you health benefits of palm kernel oil step-by-step.

What are the health benefits of palm kernel oil

Black palm kernel oil is a highly saturated vegetable fats than red palm oil. The good thing about it is that it does not contain cholesterol, in fact, it is rich in lauric acid which can be stored for a very long time without alterations in the human system.

The health benefits of palm kernel oil are as follows. Please read them slowly for more understanding!

1. Healing convulsion in children

Its healing properties help combats the effect of epilepsy attack, as well as offering great relief.

It has been shown that palm kernel oil is a wonderful solution when it comes to treating convulsion in kids.

2. It helps in preventing aging

Observation has shown that the use of palm kernel oil does not only prevent fine lines, it helps delay sagging and wrinkled skin.

Palm kernel oil is a rich antioxidants agent that contains vitamin E. While vitamin E is coupled with the antioxidants properties in it, thus, it helps prevent the signs and symptoms of aging.

3. Increasing hair growth

Palm kernel oil increases hair growth and also make the growing to be thick and dark when apply gently and regularly on the hair.

In Nigeria and Ghana, people use palm kernel oil as an after shave because it prevents darn drurf and helps hair to grow very fast.

4. Detoxifying the body

Palm kernel oil does not only remove toxins from the body, it also purifies every cell of the body as well as rejuvenating them.

Oil of palm kernel’s seed cleanses and freshens the body if it’s rubbed gently on the skin regularly.

5. It helps in controlling blood pressure

Haematologists have shown that by drinking palm kernel oil regularly helps control the free flow of blood from the heart to other organs of the body.

And by continuously drinking it, your blood pressure must be under control, thereby preventing the risk of getting high blood pressure, hypertension or high BP.

6. Controlling body odour or smell

Palm Kernel oil always has its own unique smelling, thus, it helps tackle body odour when it is applied on the skin on a regular basis.

That is to say that if person get body odour, by applying palm kernel oil on his/her body, people will cannot inhale any smell from him/her but that of palm kernel oil.

7. Manufacturing of soap

Palm Kernel oil is used in making soaps, washing powders, hair creams, personal care products etc.

Many soap manufacturers in some West African countries like Nigeria and Ghana add palm kernel oil to the ingredients of soap.

The name of some soaps which palm kernel oil is one of their ingredients are: Eva, Dettol, Premier Cool and lots more.

8. It prevents wrinkles

It restores skin elasticity in order to prevent wrinkles.

9. It helps human hair especially in women

It is used to prevent hair loss or breakage. Black palm kernel oil is used as a hot oil treatment on dry hair and scalp so as to soothe the scalp and moisturize the hair.

10. It helps babies or infants

Epilepsy in children can be cured or prevented by taking small portion of palm kernel oil in the child’s eyes.

Some babies have a soft head at 0-12 months old or even more. Black palm kernel oil is used to strengthen those soft parts.

In cases where a child is getting difficulty to excrete, black palm kernel oil is used to soften the anus of a child.

On the other hand, it protects the skin from harsh weather conditions. I.e, it moisturizes the skin of children

Palm kernel oil is also used to treat abdominal pain in children as well as skin rashes.


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