Are you confused about what you have to do when your spouse is on her period? Or do you want to know what you as a husband should do when your wife is on her period according to Islam? Here, we shall discuss Menstruation and duties of a husband towards his menstruation wife.

In Islam, you have to do everything with your wife when she’s on her period. The way you treat your wife should not be changed when she is menstruating. However, the only thing Islam forbids is having intercourse with her on her period.

You can sleep together in the same bed, sit on the same resting room chair, watch TV together, eat together, etc. but having intercourse with her is lawful. This order is made byallah, not His prophet. If you can’t remain without having intercourse while your wife is on her period, then marry second wife.

It’s because of Menstruation of women that Allah recommends men to marry more than one wives. When you have more than one wives, you can meet others when one is on her period. If you can’t afford marrying more than one wives, then you have to only play with your wife when she’s menstruating and never try to have intercourse with her.

To a wife, just kindly let your spouse know when you are on period to avoid him intending or hoping for intimacy. When your husband call you, don’t just only refuse, tell him what is behind your refusal. Although, it’s a big punishment to a woman who refuses her husband’s call.

Immediately the menstrual circle of your wife end, advise her to go and carry out ghusl janaba. After her bathing, then you can start having intercourse with her. She doesn’t need to pray the Salah she missed during her period.

Remember that intercourae or anything that two couples do to make them happy to each other is an act of worship. Hence, satisfy your spouse’s needs first before anything.

”I recall when I visited a particular masjid to pray Salatl Fajr when an Imam delayed to come with some minute. at the time he came, his followers were all complaining why he came late. He angrily responded to them ” don’t frown at me, I came from doing Ibadan to do ibadah”. After saying this, those that understand kept silent”.

Now, let’s start to discuss what to do when your wife is on her period in Islam.

What should the husband do when his wife is on period in Islam

  1. Keep away from her if you can’t be patient.
  2. Ask her to tie a waist-wrapper over her body.
  3. Embraced her.
  4. When sleeping on the same bed with her, make sure there is a cloth between you and her.


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