How to know the number that used your Airtel recharge card

How to know the number that used your Airtel recharge card

How to know the number which loaded the recharge card of Airtel network

The recharge card of subscribers of the Nigerian Airtel network usually gets theft by an unknown user (criminal) and it is what brings misunderstanding between two or more persons. Right here in this article today, I will show you how to know the phone number of the person who has loaded your Airtel recharge card.

This use of bought recharge card by another user criminally is not only what I heard but also experienced. The good news is that I know how to deal with such a criminal act if it were about to happen to me at this time.

I hope you have been witnessing this unbearable experience. If yes, then don’t worry anymore as I am about to teach you how to foot it henceforth.

All Nigerian network operators provide paper recharge cards to their users including the Airtel network, in this way, paper recharge cards that were being provided usually get used by non-original buyers.

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I frequently get asked or see the feedback of Airtel users that “Airtel doesn’t provide authentic useful recharge cards to its users, i.e., some of the produced recharge cards are not valid”.

You may recharge a recharge card in the network busy time, in this case, Airtel can notify you that “THE RESULT IS UNKNOWN” or others.

How to know the number that has loaded the recharge card of the Airtel network

If you get notified that THE RESULT IS UNKNOWN, then do not worry but make sure it is you the first user who scratched the card or used it for the first time.

That’s to say, the recharge card has been loaded. If you check your balance by dialing *123#, you will assume that it has been loaded. Another user can never use that recharge card again.

If it is given to another Airtel user unintentionally to use it, he or she will be notified by the Airtel network that “the recharge card that you have typed has been used by another subscriber”. In this situation, it is known such a recharge card is surely used by another user.

In this article today, I will teach you how to know the number of subscribers that have used the Airtel recharge card either with the intention of the original owner or beyond his or her intention.

I have compiled two (2) steps that Airtel users can follow to know who uses his or her bought recharge card. Follow these steps and apply them when the need comes.

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Below are the steps to know the illegal use of recharge card fraudsters:

Calling customer care to know the number that loaded the card

1) By calling Airtel customer service

This is the very fast and best way you can report fraud information to Airtel customer care. By calling Airtel customer care, one agent will receive your call and tell him or her that you want to know the subscriber who used your recharge card.

Before you can call customer care, you must use Airtel network SIM and follow the following procedures:

  • Dial 121 on your phone
  • Wait for the call to connect by pressing some numbers which can grant you to speak with the agent
  • If the customer care agent has received your call, then tell him that you want him or her to let you know the number that used your recharge card
  • You will be asked to call out the loaded recharge card for verification
  • After you call it out, you will be told who used it

Note: This step doesn’t require money before you can verify.

Some users get a text message from Airtel about the use of a reported recharge card. Telling you the number that used it, when it is used, and the amount it is.

2) By email

You can email the customer care representative at any time and, surely, you will get a reply shortly after your successfully sent email is seen by the agent.

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Official contacting email address of Airtel network

The official email address of Airtel Network Nigeria is [email protected]

You can text or email them at any time and get a reply that is right for your needs. But make sure you include the following:

  • The recharge card pin you want to verify
  • Your Airtel number, so that you can be able to get a text message through it when possible

If you have seen the successful notification of your email, then relax. Shortly you will get a reply from Airtel regarding the details of your recharge card. You will get an email about the user who used your recharge card, the number he used to load with, and the amount it is.

Please note that any of the above methods do not require payment. If you are told to pay before you can verify, then you should disregard it.

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Has this article helped you know the person who has loaded or used your Airtel recharge card without seeking permission from you? Feel free to share it with others and don’t forget to let me know how you feel using the comment box.

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  1. Hello sir, please I just load my card and am getting error notification that the code is error, how should load it.

    I want do urgent call.

  2. I bought Airtel recharge recently and i was being told that code error in any time i recharge. Please what happened. I want use it now.

  3. My card has been used. How can i call customer care directly and kow the number that used.

    i am confused, please help me!

    1. Hi Tsera, could you follow the steps outlined in this article to retrieve who used it?

      Fastly, the official Telephone number of Airtel customer care representative is 111 (toll free).

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