Top seven competitive courses in Nigeria for 2020

7 Courses That Are Really Competitive Or Hard to Study In Nigeria for 2020.

From the past year, most candidates preferred to choose one course to others. Any course that is chosen very frequently by candidates are called competitive course by us because large population of person want to study it.

The assumption that we have had in this year from choosing course by candidates during UTME registration, have made us know the competitive courses of the year, 2020.

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Those competitive courses we are talking about require candidate’s high utme score before they can be given admission.

The reason why we call them competitive is because, they have too many numbers of applicants that apply them, they are a lucrative course and can make applicant employable as a result of being a competitive course student after their graduations.

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Top Seven Competitive And Hard Courses In Nigeria For 2020

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Below are the 7 competitive courses in Nigeria for 2020.

  1. Medicine & Surgery
  2. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Computer Science
  5. Nursing
  6. Business Administration
  7. Economics

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Please let’s continue to read more about the courses that are very hard or competitive to study in any universities in Nigeria.

From the list and research, it has been shown that there are seven (7) competitive courses in Nigeria for 2020.

Below are the reasons why they are so competitive:

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1. Medicine & Surgery: In every year, medicine & surgery usually gets high number of applicants more than the other courses. The matter of fact is that, medicine & surgery itself makes its applicants employable after their graduations.

Medicine& surgery is one of the most competitive courses in Nigeria because, every student wants to apply for it to work in the medical centre. It is a competitive course, thus, it requires high score of the candidates in utme exam.

Do not apply for this course because of its lucrativeness and employability during your utme (JAMB) registration if you are uninterested in it.

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2. Electrical & Electronics Engineering: Electrical & Electronical Engineering commonly known as Elect-Elect in Nigeria and it is another competitive courses in Nigeria.

Either way, this course is very competitive. Many students want to work in NEPA office, so, they appy for electrical & electronics engineering.

NEPA is another big sources of money of Nigerian government. It generates huge amount of money like petroleum does.

Electrical & electronics engineers are capable to work with transformers and other electronic appliances in home and offices. Thus, it is lucrative and employable, therefore, it is a competitive course as well.

Electrical & electronics engineering requires candidate’s high UTME or JAMB score, hardworking and competency for final gaining the admission into the candidate’s desired and chosen institution.

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3. Pharmacy: Pharmacy is another competitive and hard courses in Nigeria. It is very hard to study and high population of applicants like studying it.

Asa pharmacy prospective aspirants, you need to work very hard in your academics and be competent in order to gain admission into your desired institution.

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4. Computer Science: Computer science is the competitive course ever because, everybody wants to be a computer literate. Hence, it is a lucrative, employable and also competitive course in Nigeria.

Most 2020 UTME candidates have applied for computer science to study in their higher institution due to its employabilty and lucrativeness.

To candidates apply for computer science to gain successful and final admission, therefore, they must score high point in their UTME exams.

The uses of computer is in high demand in Nigeria by both government and companies or individuals, hence, they need the computer science graduate who studied the computer scientifically to perform the work that he/she has employed for favourably.

5. Nursing: Nursing is another competitive courses in Nigeria. Candidates normally apply for it during their utme registration. It also requires high scores of the candidates in their utme exams.

Most people like to be a nursing and midwifery student, thus its cut-off mark for gaining Succeful admission is very high. Therefore, it has become competitive since it has had too many applicants.

Hardest University Courses

6. Business Administration: Business administration is the one of the competitive and hard courses to study in Nigeria for 2020. Everybody looks towards administering their businesses.

Thenumber of applicants that apply for business administration in utme registration yearly are very high, hence it brings the competition between candidates for gaining the admission.

It doesn’t mean that business administration is highly competitive, as in hard to study, but the number of applicants that apply for it are too much.

Business administration is a lucrative, employable and marketable course to study and after the graduation, its graduates would have a chance to be employed easily.

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7. Economics: Economics is another competitive course in Nigeria for 2020. Most candidates want to study Economics in their higher institution education.Economists work in hotel, company and others.

Economicsis a lucrative, employable, marketable and competitive course in Nigeria.

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