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Awaiting Results Candidates Of UTME For 2021

Awaiting Results Candidates Of UTME For 2021

Awaiting Results Candidates Of UTME For 2021. Will There Be An Awaiting Results in 2021 For Candidates That Want To Apply For It?

Yes, of course. In every year JAMB allows people to apply for awaiting results. What is really mean by awaiting results?

Awaiting results simply means that telling JAMB agent that they should wait for you because you haven’t written WAEC or NECO but will soon get your results. And after you check your results, then go there and tell them to upload your results for you.

You should not how you should go and register jamb without having any o’lovel on the ground. However, if you have it, you may you haven’t got. Thus, a primary six pupil can register jamb talkless of of you that is already in ss3 and planning to write Waec.

In the next three months maximum that you registered for jamb, your Waec results may have been released.

Go and register for jamb even though you don’t have Waec results but make sure it will be ready before Nigerian schools start giving Admissions.

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How To Apply For Awaiting Results In 2021 (Awaiting Results Candidates Of UTME For 2021)

You Will not only know what does awaiting results mean but also how to register for it in 2021. It is no a news that an ss1 students can register JAMB.

JAMB is not in concern with the result of anybody, thus, if you upload, it is your concern and if you don’t, then it’s your concern too. In today’s article, we will discuss about the Awaiting Results Candidates Of UTME For 2021and how it works.

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What JAMB does is that it makes sure that every candidates that registered its application must be disappointed, hence it gives people Admissions anyhow.

Whether they didn’t choose the course or not jamb give them. The choice is yours, that is to say, you can reject the admission if you are being offered one with the course or school you don’t like.

Awaiting, as it implies, those candidates that will register for UTME in 2021 may have not gotten Ordinary Level (O’Level) results to use to fill their UTME registration form with, hence, those candidates are advised to leave the O’Level requesting space blank to indicate awaiting result.

JAMB allow its candidates to register the UTME every year. Both Nigerian and non-Nigerian can register and sit for UTME.

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Note: Direct entry candidate is different from awaiting result candidate. You may click here to know their differences.

As we have earlier said, I hope you have known what awaiting results candidates mean.

What is the meaning of Awaiting Results Candidates

The candidate who hasn’t gotten o’level results or has not written waec/neco, can register and sit for jamb and after he/she has gotten his/her results, he/she can then upload them to his/her jamb profile for admission process. That is what awaiting means.

JAMB will allow Awaiting Result Candidates to register & to also sit for the 2021 UTME.

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How Does Awaiting Results Candidates Work

  1. These candidates can’t be considered for admission on awaiting result status.
  2. They must upload their O’level results on the Board’s portal before the commencement of admission exercise.
  3. Their O’level results form a crucial part of their registration requirements.
  4. The Mathematics & English Language myth for the Humanities

The truth of the matter is that an SS3 student can register jamb eventhough he/she hasn’t written the waec/neco and after he/she has written the waec/neco and has known what he/she scored, he/she can then upload them to his/her jamb profile.

You may click here to know how to upload O’Level results to your JAMB profile.

This upload of O’Level results we’re talking about must be done before the desired institution of candidate start its Pre-admission screening exercise (post UTME).

Will Candidates Be Allowed To Register For Awaiting Results In 2021 JAMB Registration

Absolutely yes. Every years, jamb does allow people (candidates) to carry out their JAMB registrations for awaiting result.

Meanwhile, do not worry, awaiting result registrations will be allowed to do in 2021 jamb registration but make sure, you will upload your o’level results on jamb portal as soon as immidiatetly your results are released. Then you are considered for gaining the admission!

The Nigerian o’level examination body_ WAEC, NECO,NABTEB,GCE e.t.c always release the results of their candidates before the commencement of uploading of o’level results on JAMB profile to ensure that all awaiting results candidates are admitted and have uploaded their o’level results timely.

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We have finally discussed and shown what awaiting results candidates mean and how it works. If you don’t understand in any place, feel free to ask me or drop your question in the comment box.

If you know that this post can help others as it has helped you, then share it with them and feel free to ask what bothers you in the comment box.

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