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Do you want to have enough original or normal data in your Airtel sim card in order to be browsing every website of your favorite with rest of mind? You’ve come to the right place because I am now going to show you the code for buying Airtel data plan.

If any data or MB is not in your sim card, your phone will become useless and weighty. That is, to make your phone useful and weightless, keep subscribing data to it.

Data refers to MB (Megabite). It’s a thing that make any computing device to function electronically and fastly. Meanwhile, data is of different types. You may have a huge amount of it while you can be blocked from using it.

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The minimum amount of airtime that can purchase data bundle on Airtel network is 50 Naira only. That is, if you have N50 airtime in your Airtel sim card, you can still buy data plan.

Now, it’s the code for subscribing for any Airtel data plan I going to show you.

Code To Buy Data Plan On Airtel Network

The recommended or major codes which can be used to subscribe or buy data plan on Airtel network are listed and explained below.

1N5040 MB1 day
2N100100 MB1 day
3N200200 MB3 days
4N5001 GB7 days
5N3001 GB1 day
6N5002 GB1 day
7N500750 MB14 days
8N300700 MB25 days
9N5002 GB2 days
10N1, 5003 GB30 days
11N500350 MB7 days
12N100200 MB5 days
13N1, 0001, 500 MB (1.5 GB)30 days
14N1, 2002 GB30 days
15N1, 5006 GB7 days
16N2, 0004.5 GB30 days
17N2, 5006 GB30 days
18N3, 00010 GB30 days
19N4, 00011 GB30 days
20N5, 00020 GB30 days
21N8, 00025 GB30 days
22N10, 00040 GB30 days
23N15, 00075 GB30 days
24N20, 000120 GB30 days

How to subscribe five hundred Naira data bundle (methods and code)

The code to subscribe for Airtel data plan is not too hard as you may think. How you can subscribe data plan on Airtel network is explained below:

Special code for subscribing data plan on Airtel network is *141#. Now, if you want to buy data plan of N1, 000 which will make you get 1.5 GB, just dial *141*1000#.

Meanwhile, you cannot purchase N500 data plan and get 2 GB which will last with two days. Now, what should you do? There is nothing you can do. Recommendably, dial *141# and follow the prompts.

For example, the formula is *141*amount to buy data#


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