Cheat For Airtel Data Plan (Subscribing Code And Procedures)

Cheat for Airtel data plan

Are you a subscriber of Airtel network provider? Do you want Airtel to give you huge amount of data for browsing? In fact, Airtel doesn’t give free data to anybody but I will show you the codes to cheat for Airtel data plan in this article.

If Airtel doesn’t give you free data plan, is it not a happy thing for you to know how to get huge amount from them by yourself with small amount of recharge card you load? If it’s yes and you so much like it, then read this post slowly.

What does cheat mean? Cheat as it’s used in this article, means stealing or buying things with little money. Airtel data plan costs very high, now, if you know how to use little amount of money to subscribe for it, then you’ve known how to cheat Airtel.

You don’t even have to use laptop before you can cheat Airtel network for data plan. As a matter of fact, by using small phone with the help of USSD codes which I am going to show you in this article, you will steal data from Airtel network successfully without your sim card getting barred.

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Code To Cheat Airtel Network For Data Plan

The top best USSD codes to cheat for Airtel data bundle are listed below and their explanation step-by-step:

1. *948#

This code is suitable for the existing customers of Airtel network who like spending the average of their time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and lots more.

To subscribe for this data plan, all you need to do is to load a minimum of N100 recharge card into your Airtel sim card, then dial *948# and follow the manual instructions or prompts.

Note that this type of data plan cannot be used to browse any website apart from social ones (for example, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram).

2. *143*Recharge Card Pin#

This method gives you an opportunity to cheat Airtel network for data plan. In this method, you don’t have to load your Airtel recharge card with normal recharging code, just load the recharge card with *143* the recharge card pin#

The pin of the recharge card of Airtel network is 16 digit in number regardless of an amount of recharge card, thus load your recharge card in this format below:

  • Have the recharge card in your hand
  • Then load it like this *143*72386792937572946528789#
  • After doing that, Airtel will notify you immediately if the request is confirmed
  • Finally, your sim card will be credited with 100% data bundle bonus

3. *141*500#

Another code to cheat Airtel data plan is by dialing *141*500#. By dialing this USSD code, Airtel network will bill you with N500 airtime and give you 750 MB and 1 GB data bundle for streaming on YouTube in the night only.

This is good news, now, you can watch any video of your favorite in the night (from 12am to 6am) and browse any website with the data plan given to you when you dial *141*500# and purchase data.

How to cheat Airtel data plan

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*141*500# let you get 750 MB and 1 GB YouTube video streamer which will be valid for 2 weeks (24 days).

Make sure that you’ve got a minimum of N500 airtime in your sim card before you continue, otherwise, it’ll not be processed. Also the airtime should be a normal one that was loaded with normal recharging code.

4. N1, 500 and get 3 GB valid for 30 days

With N1.5K (one thousand, five hundred Naira) you can cheat Airtel network for 3 GigaBites (GB) of data and the good news is that it valid for 30 (thirty) days (one month).

To subscribe for this data plan of Airtel network, simply dial *141*1500# or use the method I showed you in the previous step, no 3 in this article.

5. Transfer expired data to another sim card

Another way that you can steal data bundle of Airtel network is by transferring the expired data to another sim card.

As you may know, if data bundle in your Sim card has expired, you cannot use it to do anything but cheating Airtel by transferring or sharing it to another person can help you.

An example is shown in the image below (this person’s 2028 MB (2.028 GB has expired). Although, he/she can still use it.

Code to cheat Airtel data plan

This person used N500 to subscribe for 750 MB for 14 days and at the same time, a 100% data bonus has given to him/her by Airtel network (isn’t it fantastic?).

6. Migrate package

To cheat Airtel data plan, you can decide to migrate from the package you are on to another package that’ll enable you get extra huge of data in every time you recharge.

I have created an up-to-date article on the best and recommended packages you should join as an existing customer of Airtel network and their advantages. Now, to read that article, click here to continue.

Package of Airtel network you should migrate to is Smart Premium because it enables people get bonus data bundle and huge amount of airtime to call their loved ones and friends.

To migrate to Smart Premium on Airtel network, dial *470*1# through Airtel network which you want to get huge amount of data in. Or you may click here rather and finish everything. Thank you!


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