DomainKing hosting, reviews, promo code, Cpanel etc.

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DomainKing hosting, reviews, promo code, Cpanel etc.

DomainKing is one of the most recommended hosting and domain name registration companies accredited by Nigerian Internet Registration Agency (NIRA). They have been in hosting business for many years.

This article will discuss with you Domainking hosting promo code including their reviews, plans and pricing, how to install WordPress from Chanel and many more. We will also talk about how to host your domain name on DomainKing.

Hope the topics that we are going to discuss has seemed to interest you? Let’s start now.

How to host a domain name on DomainKing

To host your domain name on DomainKing, first of all, visit their website at and select any type of web hosting of your choice by click the “Hosting” tab.

It is very important to note that the type of plan you will select determines the type of your business. At DomainKing, there are different types of webhosting. Any of their hosting plan provides you with different features.

The least price of their WordPress hosting is N2, 500 per month. This plan is good for beginners who want to start their website with no knowledge of WordPress.

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To buy DomainKing hosting plan, click “Order Now” at the bottom of every plan and description to add the package to your chart. Creating a profile on their website first before you start is good but not necessary.

In the next page, you will be provided with a space where you have to enter the domain name and its extension (the last thing after a complete website URL, for example, .com,. .ng, .org, etc. which you want to buy.

If you own a domain that is already hosted by other company, chance is there for you to transfer it to DomainKing. After entering the domain name of your choice, click “Check” button to check whether the domain is available or not.

If it’s available, then scroll down and click “Continue” to take you to the checkout page. Don’t worry if the domain name of your choice is not available as you will automatically be suggested with related domain.

Before you click “Continue” click “Add to Cart” button. Please note that if you forget to click “Add to Cart”, the “Continue” button will not be clickable.

Now, review your order and select “Billing Cycle” in order to select the number of years for which you want to order your hosting plan and click “Continue”.

There are four (4) different periods involved at the checkout page; one months, three months, six months and one year. The type of period you select will determine the amount of payments you would pay. We advice you to select one year plan for a huge discount.

You will also see all features you will have after purchasing your hosting plan. If you are interested, then click “Checkout”. This page is also meant for you to enter your promo code if you have any available one.

By clicking “Continue”, you will be transferred to the next page where you will be asked to register a profile with DomainKing.NG.

The requirements needed to register DomainKing profile include your name, address, phone number and email address. If you have created a profile with them, you don’t have to create another account.

Click “Already Registered?” to send you to the login page where you would enter your username and password.

Another step now is payment. There are three or more payments methods involved. You can pay with Flutterwave, Paypal, bank transfer, etc. After selecting your preferred payment method, check the box beside “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service”.

Last but not the least, click “Complete”. Now, login to your email address to know your Hosting Account Information including your CPanel & FTP login details.

How to login to your Cpanel on DomainKing

The Cpanel is a type of account which every webmaster must have. Your domain name and hosting registrar can’t control the layout, design and function of your Cpanel. Your Cpanel enables you to control the way you want your website.

There are two methods to use to login to your Cpanel. The first method is through Cpanel website and the second method is through your DomainKing dashboard. Let’s explain them one by one.

Note: the first method requires your username and password. Please login to your email address check for the message from DomianKing with the subject “New Hosting Account Information” to know your Cpanel and FTP login details. If you can’t find, don’t worry as the second method won’t require login.

Method 1:

To login to your Cpanel account via Cpanel website, visit or Now, enter your Cpanel username and password and click “Login” tab.

Method 2:

The method is used when you forget your cPanel login details. To login now via your DomainKing dashboard (profile), login to DomainKing, and click “Login to Cpanel/WHM”. Now, wait for some seconds as you would shortly automatically logged in to your Cpanel account.

Advice: be careful about who you share your Cpanel login detail with. It is the brain of your website. Your cpanel can be used to manage your emails, domains, databases and to upload the content of your website on the server.

Is DomainKing web hosting legit

Yes. DomainKing hosting Limited is legit to host or buy the domain name of any type of website you want to develop. They are accredited by different trusted companies.

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