How to become an Imam in Islam for 2022

How to become an Imam in Islam

In Islam, a leader who leads Moslems in prayer, gives people a piece of advice, etc. is called an Imam. The status of an Imam in the eye of Allah can’t be overemphasized. Here, we will share with you how to become an Imam step by step.

To become an Imam, you have to be literate in Islamic studies. You don’t have to be an Ahafiz (full Qur’an memorizer) but must know more than the people you lead in prayer so that you can advise them, preach then or even pray for them whenever they are having difficult issue.

Iman is the top most position in Islam, hence it should not be given to a person who doesn’t obey the rules and regulations regulations in Islam. A man who womanizes, an alcohol drinker (drunkard), worshiper of other things beside Allah (shirk) should be appointed as an Imam. In fact, any Imam that has truly found doing one or two of what Islam forbids should be promptly repositioned.

Another way you can become an Imam is keeping silent and don’t contest to be appointed as an Imam in the event that people are searching some one to be their Imam. In Islam, it’s ruled that once someone has requested public to appoint him as an Imam, he should not be appointed.

Selecting an Imam the over all agreement of the public. It’s the public or mosque members should appoint the person they like to be their Imam.

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If you are interested to know how to become an Imam in Islam, then you have come to the right place. Now, let’s look at what being an Imam entails and how you can become an Imam in Islam.

How to become an Imam of a Mosque in Islam

  1. Memorize Qur’an.
  2. Follow Islamic rules.
  3. Learn good recitation of Qur’an.
  4. Don’t worship anything beside Allah.
  5. Marry wife.
  6. Have ability to lead others.
  7. Do justice.
  8. Learn how to settle two/more persons.

1. Memorize Qur’an

The first step to become an Imam in Islam of a particular Mosque is memorizing most places in Qur’an. If you have an ability to memorize all the Qur’an, it is also accepted.

2. Follow Islamic rules

Here, another way to become an Imam is following the rules and regulations that guide Islam. Learn the Islamic dressing code, how to talk to an elderly people, etc.

3. Learn good recitation of Qur’an

Another way to become an Imam is learning good pleasant recitation (tajweed) of Holy Qur’an. Learning tajweed will let you gain a position of Imam of a Mosque.

4. Don’t worship anything beside Allah

An Imam should not worship anything/god beside Allah, the Creator of all other gods. Before you become an Imam, you have to bear witness that Allah is one, he has no wife, son, parents, hence He is one and His name must for ever be praised. Aside that, Prophet Muhammad is his final and last messenger.

5. Marry wife

Before someone can appointed as an Imam of a Mosque, he has to be a married man at least two wives.

6. Have ability to lead others

Islam recommend men to marry women at least two wives. Marrying a wives as Islam instructed and can be able to lead them, will prove that you can lead people in the library.

7. Do justice

Another step in becoming an Imam in Islam in a Mosques is doing justice no matter how bitterness it is.

8. Learn how to settle two/more persons

Last but the least, you have to learn how to settle the disagreement between two/more people.


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