How To Change The Name(s) On Your NIN Card By Yourself & Print It Out

National ID card with NIN

Did you do mistake in typing your name(s) when applying for your NIN? Any ways, we’ve got solutions of how to re-correct or change the name(s) on your national or NIN card in this article.

As national ID card cannot be enrolled more than one time in person’s life, some people who made mistake(s) when applying are wondering so much.

As a matter of fact, every detail about yourself that you’d entered while applying for national ID card is changeable. Those who collect big money in order to help you change the data on your national ID card are cheating you.

There are some changeable details that are free of charge while others require processing fee.

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How To Change The Name(s) And Other Changeble Details On Your NIN Card (National ID Card) By Yourself

However, as for your information, the following details are changeable or can be edited on your national ID card with the small amount of processing fee.

  • Names
  • Date of Birth
  • Addresses
  • Phone Number
  • Place of Birth – State
  • LGA you were born
  • Place of Birth – Country (if different from Nigeria)
  • Your state of origin
  • Place of Origin – Town, Village
  • Place of Origin – LGA
  • Father’s NIN
  • Your father’s Town, Village of Origin
  • Father’s State of Origin
  • Father’s LGA of Origin
  • Mother’s NIN
  • Mother’s Town, Village of Origin
  • Your mother’s State of Origin
  • Mother’s LGA of Origin

Any of the details listed above can be modified or changed on your national ID card with the processing fee of five hundred Naira, N500 except change of date of birth with a processing fee of fifteen thousand Naira, N15, 000.

How To Change The Name On Your National ID Card

To successfully change the name on your national ID card, you must pay a processing fee of N500 (five hundred Naira) to National Identity Management Commission, NIMC by going to the any commecial bank in Nigeria or with your phone.

Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to pay to NIMC for changing the name on your national ID card with your phone or laptop shortly. Please keep reading!

Thus, make sure you have got the following for proof of changing the name on your NIN:

  • Sworn Affidavit
  • Newspaper Extract
  • Marriage Certificate (in cases of marriage).

Then below are the procedures of how to change the name(s) on national ID card:

How To Change The Name(s) On Your NIN (National Identification Number) Card

  • Walk into the enrolment Centre with a supporting document (including application letter).
  • You’ll will be issued a data modification form to fill.
  • Applicant data modification forms will be vetted by a NIMC Official to crosscheck the information filled on the form against the supporting document provided. Note: applicants who cannot read nor write should come along with a person who can do the form filling for him.
  • Your pre-filled information will be inputted on the NIMC Software by a NIMC enrolment officer.
  • The enrolment officer will ask you to double check his/her information using the applicant monitor to check for errors.
  • If the you’resatisfied with your demographic information, then your biometrics will be captured subsequently.
  • After completing the enrolment, a Transaction ID Slip will be issued to you as an evidence of the transaction.
  • The former NIN Slip will be retained by the enrolment officer if the modified data will affect details on the NIN slip.
  • The applicant will be requested to come back for the NIN within 2-5 working days or more, as it is subjected to speed of the network.
  • A new National Identification Number Slip having the same NIN will be issued to you after processing.

How To Pay To NIMC For Changing The Name And Other Data On National ID Card With Mobile Device

To pay to NIMC for changing the name(s) and other details on the national ID card, use the procedures below.

Not that NIMC only receives payment via Remita and below are the guidelines of how to pay with mobile phone or laptop.

Step 1:

Visit Remita website by clicking here and nstart the payment process

Step 2:

Click on the option ‘Pay Bills‘.

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Step 3:

Who do You want to Pay?

Then type in ‘National Identity Management Commission‘.

Name of Service/Purpose, then choose ‘Modification of of Name’

Amount to Pay, don’t worry about that. However, amount to pay will be generated by the system automatically.

Type your full name in the payer’s name column

Enter your telephone number as payer’s phone

Tick the ‘I am not a robot’ reCAPTCHA checkbox and click on the stated selection of images before clicking on the ‘Verify’ button.

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Step 4:

Click on the ‘Submit’ tab to ͞proceed to payment.

A new page which is the invoice will come up which will display your RRR (Remita Retrieval Reference) code at the top of the page.

Print the invoice and take note of your RRR because it’s unique.

Step 5:

Choose any payment method convenient for you as listed below:

  • Card (to pay with your smartphone or laptop with debit card)
  • Bank Branch (Go into any bank with your RRR code and pay)
  • USSD
  • Internet Banking (to use your bank internet banking)
  • Wallet

Conclusion of how to change the name or other things on national ID card and further reading:

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