List of top best public and private secondary schools in Oyo state

Looking for the list of top best public and private secondary schools in Oyo state in 2022? Please continue reading for more important information!!

Presently, Oyo State has 2,004 plus public schools, 971 private nursery/primary schools, 969 public secondary schools including 7 schools of Science and 57 private secondary schools.

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Prominent secondary schools in Oyo state

Historically, top 10 prominent secondary schools in Oyo state and their establishment year include:

S/NSchool NameEstablishment year
1St Anne’s School Ibadan1869
2Wesley College, Ibadan1905
3Ibadan Grammar School1913
4Government College Ibadan1927
5St Theresa’s College Ibadan (19321932
6Ibadan Boys’ High School (19381938
7Olivet Heights Oyo1945
8Queen’s School Ibadan1952
9Loyola College Ibadan1954
10St. Bernadine’s Oyo1957

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There are a lot of secondary schools in Oyo state but we use some factors to consider them as good or not.

Some of the factors used in determining best secondary schools are:

  • WAEC performance
  • NECO performance
  • JAMB performance
  • Inter school competitions
  • Opportunity of the students to study or write abroad exams
  • Learning facilities and equipment, such as science equipment
  • Best teaching standard
  • How well is the school environment

For any secondary school to be considered as one of the best secondary schools in Oyo state, it must have outstanding WAEC results.

Notable institutions in Ibadan, Oyo state

If you come to Oyo state, every student is bright regardless of the type of secondary he/she did.

Oyo state is the largest educational state in Nigeria, please continue reading the following.

  • The Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso, which is jointly owned by Oyo and Osun State Governments is loacted in Ogbomoso, Oyo state.
  • The federal premier university The University of Ibadan, is also located in State capital, Ibadan.
  • A private Polytechnic( SAF Polytechnic,Iseyin) is located in Iseyin.
  • There is also a vocational Institute in Saki West Local Government named: The Kings Poly, Shaki-Okeogun.

There are also the:

  • Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Ibadan;
  • Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo,
  • The Federal School of Surveying, Oyo;
  • Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria (CRIN),
  • Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (IAR&T),
  • The Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology (NISLT),
  • The Federal College of Forestry, Ibadan (FEDCOFOR) a subsidiary of Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN) and
  • The Nigerian Institute Of Social And Economic Research (NISER), all in Ibadan.

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List of top best public and private secondary schools in Oyo state

  1. Aatan Baptist Comprehensive High School, Oyo
  2. Abadina High School, U.I. Ibadan
  3. ABI International School, Bodija, Ibadan
  4. Abiodun Atiba Institute, Oyo
  5. Adelayo Academy, Wakajaye, Iyana church, Iwo Road Ibadan
  6. African Church Grammar School, Ibadan
  7. Airforce Secondary School, Ibadan
  8. Ajibode Grammar school Ajobode Ibadan
  9. Ajoke International School, Jericho, Ibadan
  10. Akanran Community [Grammar School, Ibadan
  11. Alafin Community High School, Ogbomoso
  12. Alafin High Schoo]l, Oyo
  13. All Saints College, Aba-Edun, Ibadan.
  14. American Christian Academy, Ibadan, est 1993
  15. Anglican Commercial Grammar School, Oritamefa Ibadan
  16. Anglican Grammar School, Sabo Ogbomoso
  17. Anglican Methodist Grammar School, Oyo
  18. Apata Grammar School, Ibadan
  19. Arolu Grammar School, Ogbomoso
  20. Atanda International school, Oluyole estate. Oyo state
  21. Awe High School, Awe-Oyo
  22. Ayegun Baptist Church College, Ogbomoso
  23. Baptist Girls School, Ogbomoso
  24. Baptist Model High School, Eruwagbomoso
  25. Community High School, Idewure
  26. Basorun High School, Orita Basorun, Ibadan
  27. Best Legacy College of Education, Ogbomoso
  28. Best Legacy International High School, Ogbomoso
  29. Bishop Onabanjo High School, Bodija, Ibadan
  30. Bishop Phillips Academy, Iwo Road, Ibadan
  31. Bode Thomas Grammar School, Oyo
  32. Bodija International School, Ibadan
  33. C.A.C Grammar School, Adesola, Ibadan
  34. Calvary International College, Felele, Ibadan
  35. Cambridge College, Ibadan
  36. Celestial Church of Christ High School, Oke Ado Ibadan
  37. Cheshire High School, Ibadan, est. 1980
  38. Christ Ambassadors International College, Oluyole Estate, Ibadan
  39. Christ The King College, Basorun, Ibadan
  40. Crysolite Standard Nur/Pry School, Koloko Ibadan
  41. Command Day Secondary School, Ojoo, Ibadan
  42. Command Secondary School, Ibadan
  43. Community Grammar School, Kudeti, Ibadan
  44. Community High School Otun Agba-akin, Moniya
  45. Community High School, Fiditi
  46. Cornerstone Model College, Apata, Ibadan, Oyo state
  47. Deril Academy Gbagi Ibadan
  48. Essence private school, oyo state
  49. Durbar Grammar School, Oyo
  50. E.C.W.A. Model College, Challenge, Ibadan
  51. Eleta High School
  52. Eleyele Secondary School, Eleyele, Ibadan
  53. Emmanuel Alayande Model Secondary School, Oyo
  54. Federal Government College, Ogbomoso
  55. Federal Government Girls College, Oyo
  56. Fiditi Grammar School, Fiditi
  57. Franco African International School, Onireke, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
  58. Global school of science, iyana – church, ibadan, oyo state, Nigeria
  59. Glover International kiddies College, Adekile, Ibadan
  60. God’s Blessing Group of Schools, Yemetu, Ibadan
  61. Gomal Baptist College, Ogbomoso
  62. Gospel Faith Mission International (GOFAMINT) Comprehensive High School, Ojoo, Ibadan
  63. Government College, Ibadan
  64. Greater Tomorrow Elite International School, Apete, Ibadan, Oyo state
  65. Ibadan Boys High School, Ibadan est.
  66. Ibadan City Academy, Ibadan
  67. Ibadan Grammar School, Ibadan.
  68. Igangan High School, Igangan
  69. Igbo-ora Grammar School, Oke-Ayin Igbo-ora
  70. Igbo-ora High School, Igbo-ora.
  71. Ijawaya Grammar School, Oyo
  72. Ikolaba Grammar School, G.R.A, Agodi, Ibadan
  73. Ikolaba High School, G.R.A, Ibadan.
  74. Immanuel College High School, Ibadan
  75. International School, Ibadan.
  76. Iregba Community High School
  77. Iresa-adu High School
  78. Iroko Community Grammar School,Iroko
  79. Isale Oyo Community Grammar School, Oyo
  80. Islamic High School, Basorun, Ibadan
  81. King’s International College
  82. King’s Junior Academy
  83. Ladigbolu Grammar School, Oyo
  84. Ladigbolu Grammar School, Oyo
  85. Lagelu Grammar School, Ibadan.
  86. Lajorun Grammar School, Oke-Iserin Igbo-ora
  87. Lasogba High School, Idofin Igbo-ora
  88. Lifeforte International High School, Awotan GRA, Ibadan
  89. Loyola College Ibadan
  90. Mary Hill Convent, Ibadan
  91. Methodist Grammar School, Bodija, Ibadan
  92. Methodist Grammar Schol, Igbo-ora
  93. Methodist Secondary Grammar School, Elekuro, Ibadan
  94. Methodist High School, Lagos-Ibadan, Ibadan
  95. Mokola community High School Ibadan
  96. Molete High School, New Garage, Ibadan
  97. Monatan High School. Iyalode, Iwofun, Ibadan
  98. Moret Comprehensive College Ibadan Oyo State
  99. Mount Olivet Grammar School, Bodija, Ibadan
  100. Muslim grammar school, Odinjo, Ibadan
  101. National league High School, Ogbomoso
  102. Nesto College, Oyo
  103. Nickdel college, Akobo, Ibadan, Oyo State
  104. Noble Foundation School, Gbelu, Off Olode/New-Ife Road, Ibadan
  105. Oba Adeyemi High School, Oyo
  106. Oba Akinyele Memorial High School, Bashorun, Ibadan
  107. Ogboja High School, Pako, Igbo-ora
  108. Ogbomoso Baptist Grammar School, Ahoyaya Ogbomoso
  109. Ogbomoso Baptist High School
  110. Ogbomoso Grammar School, Owode Ogbomoso
  111. Ogunsanya Girls Science Academy, Ojo, Ibadan
  112. Ojongbodu Grammar School, Oyo
  113. Oke Aako High School, Igangan
  114. Oke’badan Boys High School, Oluyoro Oke-Offa, Ibadan
  115. Olivet Baptist High School, Oyo (Oldest after CMS Lagos)
  116. Olubadan High School Orita-Aperin, Ibadan
  117. Oluyole Extension High School, Ibadan
  118. Opapa Grammar School, Oyo
  119. Oranyan Grammar School, Oyo
  120. OreOfeOluwa group of schools, Ibadan
  121. Oritamefa Baptist Model School, Total Garden, Ibadan (Annex at Oluyole, Ibadan)
  122. Orogun Grammar School Orogun, U.I. Ibadan 1908
  123. Otamokun Community High School, Ogbomoso
  124. Otefon Grammar School, Oyo
  125. Patimo Varsity International School, Adesola, Ibadan
  126. Pislib De Varsity group of Schools, Felele, Ibadan
  127. Praise Academy, Akinyemi Way, Ring Road, Ibadan
  128. Praise School, Akinyemi Way, Ring Road, Ibadan
  129. Precious Seed International Nur/Pry School, Adekile, Ibadan
  130. Polytechnic High School, Ibadan
  131. Polytechnic of Ibadan Staff School
  132. Prospect International High School, Ibadan
  133. Prospect High School, Aba nla, Ibadan
  134. Queens School, Apata, Ibadan
  135. Rufadun High School, Ring Road, Ibadan, Nigeria
  136. Renascent High School, Aremo, Ibadan
  137. Royal College, Ibadan
  138. School of Science, Ogbomoso
  139. School of Science, Oyo
  140. School of Science, Pade, Via Oyo
  141. Shalom Christian College, Ibadan
  142. Smith International Baptist Academy, Ogbomoso
  143. Solid Rock International School, Ojoo Express Way Ibadan
  144. Sped International Secondary School, Oyo
  145. St. Anne’s Anglican School, Molete, Ibadan
  146. St. Bernadines Girls’ Grammar School, Oyo
  147. St. Francis Catholic College, Oyo
  148. St. Gabriel Secondary School, Mokola, Ibadan
  149. St. John Grammar School, Akinmoorin-Oyogbomoso
  150. St. Louis Girls’ Grammar School, Mokola, Ibadan
  151. St. Lukes College, Molete, Ibadan.
  152. St. Lukes Demonstration Primary School, Molete Ibadan
  153. St. Patricks Grammar School, Ibadangbomoso
  154. St. Teresas College, Ibadan
  155. Stars Comprehensive College, Sawmill, Ibadan
  156. Steadfast Comprehensive College, Dizengoff, Iyana Church, Ibadan
  157. TAAS College, Bode-Igbo, Amunigun village, Ibadan
  158. The International School Ibadan
  159. The Sunflower School, Alabebe, Monatan, Ibadan, Oyo
  160. The Vale College, Iyaganku, Ibadan
  161. The Vale Tutorial College (A Level cambridge),Iyaganku,Oyo
  162. Tim-Carol College, Gbagi, Ibadan.
  163. Tim-Carol N/P School, Gbagi, Ibadan
  164. Tim-Carol N/P School, Iwo-Rd. Ibadan
  165. United Missionary College (UMC) Demonstration School I & II, Molete, Ibadan
  166. United Secondary School
  167. Valencia College, General Gas, Akobo, Ibadan.
  168. Wesley College (School of Science), Ibadan
  169. Yejide Girls Grammar School, Ibadan
  170. People’s Girls’ Grammar School Molete, Ibadan
  171. Jaf Comprehensive College Ogbomosho
  172. The Gift Children School, Arowolo, Ibadan
  173. Rosebud Schools, Wofun, Ibadan


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