Driving schools in Lagos (listed, compared & their fees) in 2021

Best driving schools in Lagos state

Without undergoing training in a verified and an approved driving school, driving license cannot be issued to you. In this article, I am going to show you the list of all driving schools in Lagos state and that of other states in Nigeria for this year with their price and everything about them.

Are you searching for the verified driving schools in Lagos state in which you can learn how to drive in order to get your driving license? The following are the explanations on what you have to know about them.

No matter how you drive in an expert way, if you didn’t learn your driving skill from any of the approved driving schools, there is no way that Federal Road Safety Corps will issue you driving license.

That is being said that driving is one of the top best skills which you can learn in Nigeria in this year.

The main aim why you are reading this article may be because you want to do driving school and get your driving license, right? If yes, then you can also want to know how to apply for driving license.

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How to apply for driving license step by step

According to the instruction of Federal road safety corps, the procedures of how to apply for driving license and get it very fast are:

  • Visit an accredited driving school and complete the mandatory drivers training.
  • Obtain a driving school certificate number from the accredited driving school to be used to initiate a fresh application.
  • Open your web browser and visit www.nigeriadriverslicence.frsc.gov.ng, then click on DL Application tab and select New Driver’s Licence Application.
  • Enter your Certificate Number (Which is the number on the certificate provided from the driving school you attended) and click on submit.
  • Fill in your application details, then submit and finally make payment
  • After some weeks later, revisit road safety website at www.frsc.gov.ng to check whether you can have your permanent driving license
  • Do not pay to any body for assisting you get your original permanent driving license very fast, in fact, upon the completion of your driving license application, Federal Road Safety Corps will issue you one document which you can use to do almost every important thing
  • Any time you have collected your plastic permanent driving license, you also have to visit Federal road safety website as I have shown you earlier in this article to check when it will expire in order to renew in the right time
  • You should always be mindful to be with your valid and up-to-date driving license while driving on the highway (federal government road) so as to prevent you from the problem of Road safety on the road
  • Driving license can be used as your identification means, for example, it can be used instead of National ID card or Voters card, hence anytime you are about to apply for the admission of driving school, remember to reveal out the correct information about yourself.
  • Finally, note that without doing driving school, there is no alternative way to have driving license even though you drive very much.

As you have known that without training how to drive in an accredited driving school, there is no way you can get driving license, now let me start showing you the list of all accredited driving schools in Lagos state and how you can gain an admission into them.

Top ten best driving schools in Lagos state and their price

There are many driving schools in Lagos state, thus you may in a difficult or hard way find the one you should pick to learn in.

Some important reasons why you should hand-pick the driving school to learn the driving skill in are:

  • The number one reason why you should hand-pick the best driving school to learn a driving skill in is that it will make you get the required knowledge you have to acquire without spending a lot of days
  • The certificate you will be issued will have a reputable impact and make you to be proud in future
  • Learning how to drive in any of the top best driving schools in Lagos state will not require you to pay high fee. In fact, one of the best driving schools I have seen in Lagos state, its price is very, very cheap and I will feature it in this article shortly
  • Finally, there are many important reasons you should learn in driving school but for the sake of this article, I am not going to explain all of them to you. As a result of this, please continue reading this article for every thing about the top best driving schools in Lagos.

Now, the top ten best and affordable driving schools in Lagos state in 2021 are:

  1. INSIGHT Driving School
  2. Samchuteck Driving School
  3. Gofag driving school
  4. Adebeyus Driving School
  5. Dola driving school
  6. Sunrise Driving School
  7. Alomzy Driving School
  8. Home-Zone Driving School
  9. A1 driving institute
  10. Bisimilai Driving School

Now, the physical address, training or school fee and more important information of all top ten best driving schools located in Lagos state which were listed above are discussed below step by step.

1. INSIGHT Driving School

The insight driving school

Are you living in the center of Lagos state? If yes, then please note that the insight driving school is one of the best which is located in Surulere Lagos.

The insight driving school is located at Plot 13 Olufemi Rd, Surulere 101283, Lagos.

By learning driving skill in insight driving school, you will without-question-ask have your driving license immediately you graduate.

For more information, the website address of insight driving school is www.insightdrivingschool.com.ng. You can also contact them via telephone number at 0818 490 9009.

You can click here to track the location of the insight driving school via Google map.

2. Samchuteck Driving School

Driving computer

Samchutec is one of the best driving schools which is located at 26 Abesan Estate road, ipaja, Lagos state. There are many driving schools in Lagos state, but as a dear reader of this current article, I cannot show you the one that is not really important.

You can also locate their physical office at Jakande Estate Abesan in Lagos.

Samchutec is not a new invented driving school, as a matter of fact, it’s been in existence since seven (7) years ago. Many people review that it’s worth to study driving skill in Zamchutec and it’s also recommended by me as every thing about it is quick and easy.

For more information on how to gain admission of driving skill in Zamchutec, please visit their physical address or office as I have shown earlier.

The steps to get your driving license if you want to learn driving skill in Zamchutec are; (1) be trained in Zamchutec driving school (2) get or obtain your certificate which will contain a specific number that is referred to as your identity (3) then visit any affiliated driving license issuing center near you (4) finally enroll for your driving license with your certificate number.

Meanwhile, you can also reach out to their customer service representative via on telephone call or email on 0803 373 1594 and [email protected] respectively.

3. Gofag driving school

Gofac as one of the best driving Schools in Lagos

Another driving school which I am about to review everything about it to you is Gofac driving school. Gofac is Headquatered in Lagos state.

For a decades, Gofac has been in existence and that makes it get trust and reliability. It’s driving school and also an affiliated office or centre of Federal Road Safety Corps where you can visit and apply for driving license.

The fees for acquiring driving skill in Gofac driving school are as listed and analysed below:

  • Entrance fee – N20, 000
  • Eye test running – N500, ETC.

One of the important parts of Gofac driving school is that you have an ability to fix the duration you will spend with them to learn driving and after your successful graduation, they will show you how to step-by-step get your driving license.

For any enquiry or request you may have about Gofac driving school, please remember to visit their office if you live in Lagos at 5 cmd road ikosi ketu bye magodo, Magodo, Ketu, Lagos.

Importantly, they operate from 10:00 am to 6:00pm.

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4. Adebeyus Driving School

Adebeyus driving school

This driving school is one of the best for people who don’t permanently or regularly in Lagos state. For example, you may live in another state and can still be learning driving skill in Adebeyus driving school.

The physical office of Adebeyus driving school where you can visit and get your problem solved with in a short time is number 29 Alh. Masha Rd, opp. GT Bank, Surulere, Lagos.

You can also telephone them on 0907 888 0066 and get instant answers immediately you have asked.

That is, as a permanent or temporary resident of Lagos state, Adebeyus driving school welcomes you.

To be eligible to learn how to drive in Adebeyus driving school and get your driving license without-question-asked basis, you have to get some Federal Republic of Nigeria’s issued documents, for example, national ID card or voter’s card is okay.

Adebeyus driving school is not a ghost company that produces ghost citizen. As a matter of fact, if you are not a Nigerian by birth, you will can never be allowed to learn how to drive in any driving school including Adebeyus driving school.

If you like to do something technically, visit Adebeyus driving school website for more information and how to gain driving admission at http://www.adebeyusdrivingschool.com.ng/.

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5. Dola driving school

Driving School

Dola driving school is located in Lagos and its office address is at . It’s a driving school that produces a very much talented drivers in Nigeria in this year.

If you are living in Lagos, then it’s worth to learn driving in Dola driving school. Some important things to consider if you want to get driving license in Nigeria are:

  • Driving schools that makes the students to learn faster and smoother
  • Secondly, the driving school that does not attract high amount of school fee and lots more.

Happily, Dola driving school offers the services more than your thinking. For example, there are already a verified and expert drivers who will be gladly help or teach you how to master driving skill very fast.

What can hinder you from getting your driving license now is your failure to visit the physical address of Dola driving school at. Please visit them today for more important information.

Office address: 381, IKOTUN ROAD, ISHERI OLOFIN, ROUND ABOUT, Idimu 300001, Lagos.

Phone number for contact: 0802 309 3733.

6. Sunrise Driving School

Sunrise driving school

At sunrise driving school, professional and well trained drivers will be available who will be teaching you how to drive any type of vehicle and understand very fast.

Sunrise driving school also consider teaching its students about road signs as they are very important.

If you want to take a decision on the time or duration of your study, choose sunrise driving school. You will spend a minimum of two weeks to learn how to drive. Also, their price is bearable (roughly N10, 000).

After you have successfully learned how to drive as a student of sunrise driving school, one expert staffs will then follow you in a car in order to test you. Finally, if you want to get your driving license, then it will be issued to you immediately.

If you are presently living in Lagos, you may visit sunrise driving school official physical office at or call their customer service representative on 0909 760 5918.

Meanwhile, you can meet sunrise driving school team at their office in Lagos at Suite 184 Ijeh Powa Market Lagos Obalende, Lagos.

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7. Alomzy Driving School

Alomzy driving school Lagos

If you’re searching for the best driving schools in Lagos state, do not underrate alomzy driving school.

Alomzy driving school is located in the center of Lagos at Berger, 71 Old Olowora Rd, Lagos Mainland, Lagos.

By learning driving skill in Alomzy driving school in order to get your driving license immediately you graduate, you will not pay high amount of money like other people. Importantly, you don’t necessarily have to get voter’s card before you can apply for the admission.

Alomzy is not a new invented or founded driving school,in fact, it’s been in driving industry since five years plus, thus, you will be taught every thing about driving if you are studying in Alomzy driving school.

Is it not fantastic for you to have your driving license so that you can drive on any road in Nigeria without getting disturbed by any security agency or Federal Road Safety Corps? If yes, then choose to learn your driving skill in Alomzy driving school.

For more information or enquiry, please call them on the telephone numbers below:

  • 08034838783
  • 0802 756 0700
  • By going to their office at Berger, 71 Old Olowora Rd, Lagos Mainland, Lagos.

8. Home-Zone Driving School

Another best driving school which will be important to you to learn driving in is Home-Zone driving school. It’s located in Lagos and below is the more information about it.

  • Mobile number: +234-802-220-6431 (toll-free)
  • Website address: https://homezonedrivingschool.business.site/
  • Office address: 1, Adisa Balogun Street, Off Ajibola crescent Alapere-Ketu 1, Adisa balogun street off Good luck street, Ogudu Ori-OkeKosofe 300001 Ojota, Ogudu, ikosi, ketu, mile 12 Nigeria.

At Home-Zone driving school, you will be taught by the expert or a very skilled drivers at a cheap price.

9. A1 driving institute

A1 driving institute

At A1 Driving School, they offer a wide variety of different classes for all drivers, regardless of your driving experience and schedule.

They tailor the lessons to your needs. From driving in the high way, reversing, parallel parking, mirrors and blind spots, night driving or anything you want to brush up on, they will make it happen.

You are in-charge of selecting the lesson you need learn. A1 is a Nigerian most experienced driving school, certified by FRSC & passing 1000’s of pupils every year.

A1 driving institute is located at C70 Road 2, Ikota Shopping Complex VGC, Ajah, Lekki – Epe Expressway Lagos.

If you gave up on driving because you didn’t get on with your previous driving school instructor, or simply because life got in the way, you’re way ahead of a lot of people. You’ve probably got quite a lot of experience and skills under your belt already, it just needs a bit of tweaking.

A1 Driving School is here to help you build confidence on the road, pass your test and become a safe driver for the rest of your life.

10. Bisimilai Driving School

Bisimilai as one of the best driving schools in Lagos

If you live in Lagos, another best driving school you should attend is Bisimilai driving school. Bisimilai is an Arabic word which means I start with the name of God.

That is to say, the founder and Chief executive officer (CEO) of Bisimilai driving school is a Moslem. After you have undergone training at Bisimilai driving school, you will be taught every thing about driving and importantly you will get your driving license immediately.

Any type of person can learn how to drive in Bisimilai driving school. For example, religion does not count but an intention does.

Meanwhile, the office address and telephone number of Bisimilai driving school is No 13 Olaleye St, Somolu, Lagos and 0802 335 5291 respectively.

The duration of acquiring driving skill in Bisimilai driving school is two weeks minimum and five weeks maximum. They have a qualified and verified drivers who will teach you driving instructions step-by-step.

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Best and approved driving schools which near you and their addresses

If you continue to read this article, you will shortly start seeing the name of state in Nigeria, thus, click on the name of your state and check every driving school that is near you and their physical address.

Do you want to know the address or location of every driving school that is near you? Check them below step-by-step.

For example, if you’re looking for the driving schools in Abuja, then kindly scroll to number 15 to check or download its pdf file.

  1. Abia
  2. Adamawa
  3. Akwa Ibom
  4. Anambra
  5. Bauchi
  6. Bayelsa
  7. Benue
  8. Borno
  9. Cross River
  10. Delta
  11. Ebonyi
  12. Edo
  13. Ekiti
  14. Enugu
  15. FCT
  16. Gombe
  17. Imo
  18. Jigawa
  19. Kaduna
  20. Kano
  21. Katsina
  22. Kebbi
  23. Kogi
  24. Kwara
  25. Lagos
  26. Nasarawa
  27. Niger
  28. Ogun
  29. Ondo
  30. Osun
  31. Oyo
  32. Plateau
  33. Rivers
  34. Sokoto
  35. Taraba
  36. Yobe
  37. Zamfara


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