Name Of All Islamic Months And Their Meaning In English

In this article today, I will show you the list or name of all twelve (12) Islamic months and their meaning in English. Islamic months are twelve (12) in numbers similarly to the English month.

Now, what are the list of twelve (12) Islamic months? Do you really want to know? If you want to know, then please keep reading this post.

You will be shown step-by-step the list of all Islamic months and their translation (meaning) in English.

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List Of The Name Of All Islamic Months

The name of all twelve (12) months of Islam are listed below in the pattern of Arabic and English language.

S/NIslamic Name English Name
3Rabiul AwalMarch
4Rabiu UthanAprial
5Jama Dil UlaMay
6Jamadi Uth ThaniJune
11Dhul Qa’dahNovember
12Dhul HujjaDecember
List of all Islamic months

Most Blessed Months Among Islamic Months

Among the twelve (12) Islamic which I have listed above, there are some, many in fact, that are very important to increase the rate of your worship during their period.

All fingers are not the same, to thus, the months of Islamic islamic months are better or better than others.

The most blessed months in Islamic months are:

1. Rabiu Ul Awwal

Rabiu Ul Awwal is the third month in Islamic months. It’s also translated as March of English month.

This month is the month in which Prophet Muhammad was born. Throughout this month, people must be celebrating the birthday of their or our prophet to and fro.

2. Ramadhan

Ramadhan is the ninth month of Islamic months. According to its name in English language, it’s called September.

This month is the holy month where all true moslems in the globe must fast from the beginning and end of it.

In this month, Ramadhan, all moslems (both male and female) are ordered not to near their partner(s) during the day. Meanwhile, it’s the remembrance and giving thanks to God are only allowed to do throughout this blessed months, Ramadhan.

3. Dhul Hujjah

Dhul Hujjah is the last month in Islamic months. It’s the twelveth (12th) month in Islamic months, the last month.

This month is one of the blessed months in Islamic months because it’s in this month that a pilgrimage is performed.

In Dhul Hujjah of every year, a Moslems who have got the capability to go to Macca (Medinna, Soudi Arabia) can go and perform the pilgrimage.

Any male moslem who go and perform the pilgrimage in Mecca, his name is Alhaji while that of female is Hajjia. Do you understand?


I have finished showing you the tutorial on the Islamic months. Now, if you have any questions regarding this article, you can leave a comment.

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