How to become a comedian in Nigeria step by step

Everywhere I go, either in the street, mall, airport, market, bank, etc., people watch the movies of comedians. Comedy is a highly lucrative side hustle of most young people in Nigeria and every other country in the world at large because of the fame and a lot of money involve in it. It is hard to see a comedian that is poor. Here, we will discuss with you how to become a successful comedian in Nigeria step by step for this 2022.

Being a comedian, the source of your wealth is not only from the movies you produce. Comedians in Nigeria hugely make their wealth from being serving as an ambassador to a brand (company). Apart from that, their famously known while they can also referred to as a celebrity. Comedy sector is a fastest growing business in Nigeria which you can do for part time or full time business. Believe me, it will pay if you learn how to become a comedian.

To become a comedian, first of all, pick one topic or niche which you are capable of producing comedy about it. Anything that is comedy is what relieves people’s sorrow and put smile on their face. Hence, your topic must be funny and make your followers laugh. There are different topic out there which you can pick any one you like and good at from. If you want to become a successful comedian and make money here in Nigeria from your hustle, you have to read all the step guides we provided below.

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Now, we are going to discuss and explain how to make money from being a comedian, how to promote a comedy skit online/offline and how you can also become a comedian in Nigeria. Are you really ready? Sure of course, you are ready! Let’s start!!

How to start comedy skit and become successful comedian in Nigeria

If you want to become a successful comedian in Nigeria and make money from comedy skit, you don’t compulsorily completely good at anything at the first time, for example, good at video recording, photographic designing, video promotion on youtube etc. as you will improve if you start doing it. Remember that practice brings expertise. More over, you don’t have to become big before you can start but start when you are small to become big.

No requirement involved in making a comedy skit in Nigeria. Although, one of the most important requirements for every aspiring comedian is that they must have a youtube channel for promoting their videos. The advantage of opening a youtube channel is that if you open it and keep up posting very funny videos on it which people like, you will easily become famous. You can depending on the chance you get decide to post new video on your youtube channel at least once in a week.

They way the people spend time in Nigeria watching comedy videos on youtube is very high. According to a statistics, 80% of Nigerians spend their 90% of their 24 hours watching videos on youtube. Hence, this can conclusively make us believe that there is money in comedy sector.

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Another way you would earn money as a comedian is through the advertisement you do your videos. You can advertise people’s products or services in a videos for your fans or just simply partner with Google to place ads directly for you. If you have a millions of subscriber, then through the integration of Google Ads on your youtube channel(s) as a comedian, you are sure to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars each day.

The top 15 best guides on how to become a comedian in Nigeria and make money, become famous, celebrity, get a lot of followers, attracting lucrative companies for serving as their ambassador, etc. are listed below one by one.

  1. Pick out a name for your comedy or use your real.
  2. Open a social media handles.
  3. Engage in training to develop the rate of humor in you.
  4. Learn how to speak fluently.
  5. Choose the type of comedy you are good at.
  6. Produce at least two or more comedy skits in a week.
  7. Learn how to express yourself and address people in public.
  8. Open a youtube channel
  9. Partner with other comedians who have started since decades.
  10. Let other professionals partner with you.
  11. Get a license.
  12. Do not get discouraged.
  13. Put in a lot of hard work.
  14. Be kind and polite with your fans and every people around.
  15. Appreciate a little help received from others.

1. Pick out a name for your comedy or use your real

There is no any comedian in Nigeria that does not a name popularly known by for his/her. However, it is not compulsory to pick out comedian name if you are happy by famously known with your stage name. In fact, people know you with name the name you use. Now, let’s brief you how to pick a name for your comedy skit.

To make people know you well and prevent yourself and your comedy skits from being getting fame, it is very ideal to pick a specific easy-to-remember name for yourself and use it across all your social media handles such as youtube, facebook, instagram, twittter, etc. You can add comdey after your chosen name if you like. Consider choosing a good name that has never been used by other incase you want to open a website with it.

One way to choose a name for your comedy skit is finding the name that is short, easy to remember and sometimes funny, for example, if your real name is Sunday, then you use Sunnyblis Comedy or simply Yoursunny skit. Please note that a name you pick for your comedy skit will have effect on your business for a long, hence find the best one.

2. Open a social media handles

If you want to become a comedian in Nigeria, you must own an active social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and post to them regularly to keep your fans and followers connected with you. Social media handles can help you survey the best part of your comedy skit from your audiences, for example, by asking ”what should you want me to improve on, friends and family?”.

As a comedian, you don’t have to boost your social media page for people to follow you as you can natural do that by doing giveaway to your fans. You can give them smart phone, data, shirt, or even order a food for them via Jumia.

Comedy is a business which if you are involve will not make get a chance to spend time on social media, in this case, you may employ two or more social media influencers who will take care of your social media platforms for you engaging with your fans and followers while your a doing what ever you like. Through your social media handles, post every moment of yourself with fans and followers and also let them know about your next comedy skit.

3. Engage in training to develop the rate of humor in you

There are a lot of different boot camps in Nigeria especially in Lagos which you can attend to learn how you can develop the rate of humor in you because people always like humor and comedy.

Searching the keyword ”where to learn comedy in Lagos, you find all comedy schools in Lagos and their address including their fees. Engage with your physical friends and sharing thoughts with them.

No matter what you want to do or become in life, people have done before, hence mingling with them or people who have similar mind like yours will surely make you stress less success in life. The price of learning how to become a celebrity like comedian may be very high but it worth it.

4. Learn how to speak fluently

If the language you want to use to make comedy skit about is not your mother tongue language, then you have to learn how to speak it fluently unless decided to speak roughly in the name of creating a humor.

English is not a general language spoken in Nigeria, hence, if you want to become a comedian known famously in Nigeria, you must learn how to speak correct English or Pidgin English. You can learn how to speak by getting a right coach. Coaches are available mostly in Lagos. You can also attend school of language for you to be fully exposed to how to speak fluently.

You can also associate with other comedians to learn all their tricks and methods they use to produce most likeable and loved comedy skits.

5. Choose the type of comedy you are good at

You can tap into any type of comedy in Nigeria provided that it is not a porn. If you look around all comedians in Nigeria, you can deduce the type of comedy skits they produce. Now, you can choose a specific your niche.

6. Produce at least two or more comedy skits in a week

As your comedy skit business is growing up and getting reached to new people every day, to make money with it and become a successful comedian in Nigeria and also famously known in other countries, please don’t give up or become weak in producing a skits for a while, in fact, try to produce at least two or more comedy skits in a week.

7. Learn how to express yourself and address people in public

Being a comedian, people or organization may invite you to act as a master of ceremony in occasion to put smile on the face of their audiences or customers. Thus your ability to express yourself and also address people is very, very impotant at this point.

8. Open a youtube channel

Now, open a youtube channel and post any of your videos on it daily or any time you have occasion to act as their MC.

9. Partner with other comedians who have started since decades

Partner with other

10. Let other professionals partner with you

You can be professional in everything, hence, partner or let other professionals such video recorder/editor, screen writer, photographic designer, etc. join you.

11. Get a license

If you want to go high, then you can get a license like CAC for your business. With a license, you can travel every where to deliver comedy to people without restriction.

12. Do not get discouraged

At the early stage of everything in life, there must be stress and and agent of discouragement. While you have intended to become a comedian, don’t let anything prevent you from achieving your goal. People may shun you, laugh at you or even look at you as a useless person, the thing to note is that don’t consider all of their speeches and behaviors towards you but mind what you are doing and believe yourself.

13. Put in a lot of hard work

For a comedian to become famous and successful, they must put in a lot of hard work. Where your speech matter, speak, where your power matter, do work and where money matter, then spend money. Happily, First bank Nigeria is even giving out loan to the people who like to become a creative individual while they don’t have money to support their talent.

14. Be kind and polite with your fans and every people around

A comedian shouldn’t be rude but kind and says a polite words to people around him/her and his/her fans. Do not lie to people and don’t make disappointing people your habit. Appear at the occasion timely, be smart and gentle.

15. Appreciate a little help received from others

People who have a peaceful heart and like other to grow may support you in one way or the other, hence, don’t take any help or support you have from any body granted. Your social media followers youtube subscribers are also your biggest helpers, appreciate them from time to time.

The best to show appreciation to your followers and subscribers is through appreciation video or picture on your social media handle appreciating for example, ”We have reached 5K subscribers, thank you for your support. Indeed, without you, we would have not been here.”.

How to make money from comedy skit in Nigeria

There are a lot of ways to make money from comedy skit in Nigeria. The most commonly used ones are, through affiliate program, sponsored video, acting as a brand ambassador, placing Google Adsense code on your youtube channel, coaching other aspiring comedians, etc.


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