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New week prayer for your dear ones in 2021

New week prayer for your loved one

It is not really welcoming if you walk slowly to the person who you should walk fastly to. Similarly, in the time you should greet or wish person, if you fail to do so, then it is valueless when you are doing it lately. As a result of this, I will show you the top best prayer for your dear ones in every new week in 2021.

What you can do to show that you care about person is sending him/her a good wishes or prayer from time to time especially in every new week. If you are confused about the best one you should send, continue reading this article as I am going to show you everything here.

Every person has a dear one. If you are a child or an adult, you must have a person who you care about or respect most, isn’t it? Your Girlfriend or Mom may be the person who your attention is with most, if it’s so, then you should pray for her to prove your love.

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Fake love dies but the one that never die is the one that is true and original. In fact, those who say I love you, I love you from here and there don’t truly love you. Did you know that if a person loves you, he/she wishes you a better future and health?

In this article, I will show you the top best and important prayers or wishes for the person you care for or love in 2021.

It is not a strange thing to send prayer or wish to the person you love weekly. Happily, it is now one of the fastest ways to show love and affection to another person.

In every week, i.e, seven, seven days, you should be sending wonderful prayer to your loved ones in order to let him/her know that you are still thinking about him/her. If you cannot do it weekly, then try to do it monthly or two times in a month. It’ll will sound very good.

Top best new week prayer for your loved or dear ones in 2021

A prayer you should send to your loved ones should not be annoying. To check the status of your prayer in order to make sure that it is an annoying or encouraging one, write what you want to send on a paper and read it loudly by yourself. After you have read it, if it cannot make you smile or laugh, then don’t send it.

Below are the top 4 best and wonderful new week prayer and wishes for your dear ones or loved ones weekly in 2021. You can use it for your personal purposes, i.e, it’s not copyrighted.

  1. You are so much a wonderful creature and your beauty makes me to think deeply every time I see you. My love, sweetheart, treasure and everything, I wish you a wonderful happy new week.
  2. Without you babe, I am no body. It is you the only person who has known my ins and outs and I am happy for you to keep knowing me till eternity. In this new week that we are going to witness, I pray in GOD’S name that any important thing you had found impossibly to do in last week will be turned to a something of possibility to you for ever.
  3. Do you know that without you being with me regularly, I cannot live with rest of mind? That is why I want to be hearing your voice every time you are away from me. In this new week, your friends will hear an important trends from you and you will never regret.
  4. In this planet of ours, Earth, there is fake love and real love. Fake love is one which is on the tongue ”I love, I love you” but it is not in the heart while real love is the one which is fully in the mind and very little in the tongue. From you, I have found original real love, happy new week, King.


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