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Have you ever thought about the numbers of religion are found in Nigeria? In this article, I will show you the list of all religions in Nigeria in 2021.

Religion is the process of worshipping almighty God physically. They are many of them in this country and I am going to discuss every one with you right now.

Nigeria is the biggest populated country in Africa. Thus, it contains many cultures and languages as well as religions. According to the town and regional planners, there are over 250 plus cultures and languages in Nigeria presently.

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How Many Religion(s) Are In Nigeria

Being the biggest and developing of Nigeria, there are over two hundred and fifty plus (250) different languages and three main recognized religions.

Three (3) main religions in Nigeria are:

  • Moslem
  • Christian and
  • Tradition

#1 Moslem

Central or juma'a Mosque

Moslem as you may know is the religion of God announced and brought to human notice by prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

If you testify to be a Moslem, you must do do the following:

  • There is no worthy god to be worshipped except He almighty Allah
  • Also prophet Muhammad is the messenger of Him
  • You must be praying five (5) times in a day
  • Every year, you will be giving charity out of your property
  • If have the capability, you must visit Mecca, the hometown of prophet

Above is the testify you make make before you can be called a good or full Moslem. That is, if you fail to do only one of them, your worship will not be accepted.

Now, let’s go into Christan religion to find out why there is Christan religion in Nigeria.

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#2 Christian

Christian religion in Nigeria

Christian is the second religion in Nigeria. Before you become a Christan, below are the things you must do:

  • You must testify in the public especially in church that there is no savior apart of God
  • The only son of God is Jesus whose his mother is Mary, you must testify this
  • Only Bible is the book of God and you must promise to be practicing or reading it
  • There is no anything that can happen with man without the will of God
  • Marrying two wives and give birth to many children causes violence and disobedience to God, hence you must accept
  • Anything that is not permitted, you will never do it is one of the promise you must make

#3 Tradition

Traditions religion annual cultural festival

Nigeria is mainly composed of Moslems and Christan religion. In fact, in Nigeria, there is Moslem or Islamic and Christan religion studies but there is no tradition studies.

Traditional Religion is the religion which the doer believes that after he/she died, he/she will go and meet his/her own great great grand father.

This religion makes its believers or doers to do shrine. In some cases, they kill cow, he goat and lots more as a sacrifice.

The believers of traditional religion stipulate date annually for cultural festival. To be recognized as a full doer of traditional religion in Nigeria, the following are what you should do:

  • There is no god in the world and hereafter but the great great grand father
  • Alcohol is allowed to drink
  • You should not pray or fast because anything you ask from your great great grand father, they can do for you immediately
  • Marrying many wives and giving birth to uncountable children while not taking care of any body must be your goal until you travel to your great great grand father
  • Sleeping with every woman you like even if she is not your wife is not prohibited because there would be no accountability here after

Some traditional religion doers give shrine’s name to their beloved child in order for people to hail or respect their them and their child.

However, the language that does traditional religion mostly is Igbo while Yoruba does Christan and lastly Hausa language does Moslem religion mostly.


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