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Presently, in Nigeria, there are many websites where you can buy anything online using your smartphone or laptop. Today, I shall show you the top best-buying online shopping sites (e-commerce) in 2022 where you can reliably order items.

There are many shopping sites in Nigeria like I have just said earlier, right? Now, which one should you shop for reliably and why? If you are confused, then you have come to the right place.

However, you might have been hearing about Jumia as an online shopping mall. Yes, Jumia is good, indeed. But there are many of them which we think you need to know as a result of their amazing offers.

At the moment, I am not going to introduce a lot, thus, let me start showing you the top best e-commerce sites in Nigeria in 2021 and their website address/URLs.

Note: no e-commerce shown here has sponsored this post. I wrote it because I and some of my friends use some of them to buy and sell items quickly online without leaving their comfort zone.

Now, let’s get started.

Top best e-commerce websites in 2022

If you’re really curious to know all the top best and most reliable sites on which you can buy items or products online, please continue reading as everything has been listed and explained in this article.

Note that I have shopped on most websites that I am going to show with you right here in this article, hence I can be able to talk about their ins and outs with you.

Top best buying online sites in 2021 in Nigeria and some other countries and more information or explanations on each and every one of them are:

1. Jumia

Jumia is the number first buying online site in Nigeria and some countries like Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, ETC.

It’s the simplest and most reliable website you can trust while making any order as how as you like. The headquarter of Jumia is located in Lagos state.

That is to say, Jumia doesn’t have any physical office in any place apart from the one in Lagos. Their website address or URL is (for Nigeria)

2. Konga

Konga is also an e-commerce website for shopping online. If you need where you can place order online and get it delivered to your location sharply, then shop on Konga.

This website doesn’t sell or advertise fake or old items. What Konga sells are very, very high in quality.

As a matter of fact, my previous shopping experience was done on Konga and happily, I did not wait for many days before my order(s) got delivered or shipped to me at my door step.

Konga Nigeria has one office in Lagos state and apart from that it has not got anyone. However, you can place an order in every part in Nigeria and some other countrieyour order will simply get delivered to your specified address or door step.

3. Olist

Olist is one of the best buying online sites in Nigeria in 2021 as well. A lot of people are shopping on it on a daily basis without being regretted or disappointed.

If company has customers which it serves without having disappointed while it customers are happy with how it serves, then that company is a good company. Hence, Olist is one of the companies that does such services.

Olist allows its customers to return the products or items they have ordered if they are no longer interested in buying it for one or two strict reasons.

4. Jiji

This is an online store introduced and operating I Nigeria. Jiji, commonly known as or Jiji Nigeria is Headquatered in Lagos state.

It sells both new and used items or products. That is, if you want to buy used thing, then there’s the button to click, similarly, if you believe yourself to buy new things, you can follow the instructions on their website. (Jiji Nigeria) is just like other shopping sites, thus, it hasn’t got any physical office apart from the one in Lagos state and this cannot make the item(s) you order not to be delivered to every where in Nigeria.

You can place an order on Jiji today and get it within twenty-four (24) hours (for Lagos state resident only). That is, if you are a resident of a state that is far away to Lagos state, your order(s) will likely get shipped to you within two to three business days.

6. Kili Mall

Kili Mall is an online shopping site in Nigeria. I have used, tested and trusted it that it’s the best.

The office of Kili Mall is located in Lagos state Nigeria and also get offices in outside Nigeria (Kenya, Ghana ETC). That is, if you’re in Nigeria, you should shop on Kili Mall website for Nigerian,

Kili Mall sells new and best high quality products only. Importantly, any product which you don’t like after it’s been delivered to you can be returned successfully with no question ask.

7. UNN Mart

UNN Mart is an e-commerce website built by the management of University of Nigeria (UNN). This doesn’t imply that products on it should be ordered by the students in UNN only.

As a matter of fact, order can be placed by any body in Nigeria regardless of your current location and tribe. UNN predominantly sells new and best high quality.

The physical office of UNN Mart is located in Nsukka in Enugu state of Nigeria. For fast delivery of orderd products, choose UNN Mart, the heartbeat e-commerce shop to South East.

8. Buy9ja

Buy9ja is an online shopping (e-commerce) site founded in Nigeria by Nigerian. It’s many large population of customers who buy product from it on a daily basis.

If your location is Lagos, then a product you order will must get to you within ten (10) hours. Also, buy9ja sells used (second-handed) products and new products (depending on what you like).

Most of the products which are on sale on the website of Buy9ja are new while few of them are used, it’s ideal to buy the new one of you have fund.

9. World we shop

World we shop is one of the top best buying online sites in 2021 which is located and operating in Nigeria. You can place an order of anything o this website ( with reliable mind.

Don’t afraid of getting your money scammed while while placing an order on world we shop website because it’s been registered and approved by Nigerian business registrar, CAC.

You can pay via remita or card when shopping on world we shop and this is very, very important. And also they accept to return any product you don’t like after it’s been delivered.

10. Rite Deal

Best buying online sites, Rite Deal

Another best buying online sites in Nigeria in this year, 2021 is Rite Deal. On this website, you can shop smartly and reliably.

The office of Rite Deal is in Lagos state, Badagry. Products on it are of best quality and new. Every product that is ordered on Rite Deal must be delivered to you within twenty-four (24) hours regardless of your current location.

According to the tagline of Rite Deal, SHOP ALL YOU WANT, it is hoped that everything you may want to buy must be found there. Note that they have a returning policy which you should apprehend to in case fake or unintentional ordered item(s) will be delivered to you.

For more information or placing an order, visit the official website of Rite Deal at

11. Fabcity NG

This is one of the buying and selling sites in Lagos state of Nigeria. On fabcity website, you can sell and buy products there with rest of mind.

Are you a manufacturer of products, this is the time that you can reach high population and targeted customers who are waiting to buy from you. To sell on fabcity website, visit their website for more information.

12. Foodco

Foodco is an online and physical store which its office is located in Ibadan, Oyo state. In this website, food and drinks related products are sold there.

If you’re looking for the best and cheapest food items or drinks, then shop on Foodco Nigeria limited.

Foodco office website for shopping online reliably is or you can visit at their pick-up station or office in Ibadan

13. XSpark

Xspark deals in the selling of phones and computers related items. Majority of the things found on this website, Xspark are gadget related Items.

They sell their product at cheaper price than Jumia or konga because they only sell tech related products (Bluetooth, computer, phone, television ETC) while Jumia sells everything.

Xspark is Headquatered in Lagos state and it’s many pick-up stations where you can go for assistance nation wide.


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