Have you got some Airtel numbers which you call regularly every day? Stop paying full calling fee! Now, what should you do? What you should do is to adding those numbers to your Airtel family and friends list to let you talk more with less airtime and that is what I am going to explain how to do it with USSD code today in this article.

Family And Friends, also known as F&F is a package created and designed by most known network providers including Airtel network. This package can make you call your friends or loved ones by spending sixty percent amount of money you should pay.

That is, if for example the normal amount of airtime you should be debited for calling every number is N80 per 10 minutes, if you call the number on the list of friends and family, you will pay only 60% of N80 which is N48.

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How to activate for friends and family on Airtel network

To activate friend and family on Airtel network, you must be needed to add the number on the F&F list manually firstly. Most importantly, the maximum number you can add to your list is five (5).

You can also delete any number from your family and friends list at any time and replace it with another one without costing anything to you.

Now, I am going to show you how to add number on your family and friends (FaF) list, how to remove number from FaF list and finally how to check the existing numbers which you have added.

1. How to add number on Airtel family and friends list

If you have got some important Airtel numbers which you call every day for a very long time, you may find how to cheat Airtel network.

Every number on the list of your family and friends (FaF) is very essential in the eye of Airtel network, as a result of this, you’ll not be charged like the way you are supposed to be charged when you are calling another number.

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Meanwhile, the USSD code to add Airtel number to your friends and family list on Airtel network is *311*2*number#. For example, *311*2*0812346194#.

After dialing the code I which I have shown to you above, you will be notified immediately weather your request is successful or not. In order to make your request to be successful very faster, migrate to Airtel Smart Connect package before you continue.

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2. Code To Remove Number From Airtel Friends And Family List

Airtel NG (Nigeria) also allows its costumers to add a maximum of five (5) different numbers only on their friends and family list. If you have got a new and or more important number, you can delete or remove the one that is less important from your FaF list and make the most important one replaced.

Now, to remove number from your Airtel friends and family list, what should you do step by step or do you think that it costs money before you can be allowed to do? Please read below for every detail and guide!!

As a matter of fact, *311*3*number# is the code that is used to remove number from the list of friends and family on Airtel network. To make this service enabled on your Airtel sim card, dial *311*3*0813646294#.

After dialing the code and doing what I showed above correctly, Airtel network will now send you a confirmation notification that your request is being successfully processed as shown in the picture above.

3. How To Check The Numbers On Airtel Friends And Family List

To check the numbers which you have added to your family and friends list, just dial *311*4#. Do not add one number for two times in order to let to be using this service continuously.

Also please note that it’s only Airtel number that can be added, otherwise your request will be unsuccessful. If you are not currently on smart connect, migrate to it and continue.

Migrating from any package to Airtel Smart Connect, dial *311# (note: terms and conditions apply). For more information and inquiry, please contact your network provider, Airtel by calling 111.

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