How to create Jumia account & make your first order in under 10 minutes

by Abdulrazaq
How to create Jumia shopping account and make your first order.

In this article today, we shall show you how to create an account on Jumia in order to be able to make an order of anything you want to buy online by yourself and or for others.

Technology has made shopping easier and convenient for every body. You don’t need to stress yourself anyway.

With Jumia online shopping mall, you can order anything you want with your mobile phone or laptop and the ordered products will be delivered to you within two days.

However, in some cases, products get received in the same day of making their order.

Now you may ask yourself this question:

How to create Jumia shopping account and make your first order?

Answer to your question is already being discussed in this article. We’ll also teach you how to make your first order!

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To create Jumia shopping account by yourself in order to make every order with your smartphone, please follow the steps below.

  • Click here to get started with your Jumia account creation
  • After the page load successfully, you’d see the provided spaces in which you are recommended to put in your details as specified correctly.
  • Write your First name (father’s name), last name (your own name), your email address (correct and active one), then password and finally your Telephone number.
  • Please remember to provide true and correct information of your self
  • If you don’t want to receive regular updates (newsletters) from Jumia, then unmark the box which near the text I want to receive Jumia Newsletters with the best deals and offers as shown in the picture below
How to create Jumia account in order to buy something online successfully

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How to get an account on Jumia

Apart from the method shown above, you can also create Jumia account with your Facebook account.

You should be continue reading to know how you can link your Facebook account with Jumia.

Note: by agreeing to create a Jumia account with your Facebook account, Jumia will be free to fetch the information you provided on your Facebook account.

E.g, Jumia will fetch the following details (Date of birth, your last name and first name and finally your password) from Facebook’s database.

To register a Jumia account with your Facebook account, please click REGISTER WITH FACEBOOK.

How to place an order online correctly

After you’ve created your Jumia account, you’d now think how to place an order, right?

How to place an order on Jumia is what we’re going to right now for you.

Below are the steps you should follow to place an order on Jumia:

  • Login with your email address and password you used to create a Jumia account
  • Mark the square beside the text Remember me so that you’ll not be asked to provide your login details when ever you want to login to your account with that device
  • As it’s seen in the picture above, you can log in with your Facebook login details if you created your Jumia account with your Facebook account.

When you are logged in successfully, you can then search for any product you would want to order.

You can order anything you like at the comfort of your home right with your phone or laptop.

Shop anything you like on Jumia online shopping mall.

Select from the recommended products which Jumia fixed for you or Search a product by your self as described earlier.

Any product you wish to order or buy, click on it and then click add to cart as it’ll display on the next screen.

After you’ve added a product to cart, you can continue to check out.

Click proceed to checkout and provide your location which you want the order to be delivered to etc.

Provide your valid Telephone number and email address for commination purpose.

Note: there is a fee that is called shipping fee and it differs from location to location.

That is, if your location is far, your shipping fee will be higher. However, as a big fan of our blog, Jumia won’t charge you high.

To benefit this offer, please click here.

Note: by clicking our link, Jumia will deduct 35% for you.


  • Please note to ask us any question you may have to ask
  • Use a valid email address so as to get reachable
  • Do order a product that has many reviews and ratings
  • While you have ordered a product, wait patiently until it get delivered to you
  • In case the product you didn’t order get delivered to you, follow the step-by-step guides showed in this article by clicking here

You may need to download Jumia mobile app. It’s free, fast and easy.

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