Political parties in USA: their roles, how many they are, etc.

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Today, United States of America (USA) is a multi-party nation. Indeed, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in USA are the most powerful. In this article, we will discuss political parties in USA.

The United States of America (USA) has two categories of political parties; electoral and non-electoral party.

Electoral political parties in USA are a party that generally do nominate candidates for election while non-electoral parties do not but they otherwise function similarly.

In recent U.S. political history, political behavior correlates with the urban–rural political divide; whereby more voters living in urban areas gravitate towards the Democratic Party, voters living in more rural areas gravitate towards the Republican Party, whilst suburban electoral districts are battleground marginal seats which also influence the outcomes of battleground swing states in the Electoral College system of United States presidential elections.

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List of all political parties in USA

The First Political Party in United States featured the “Federalist Party” and the “Anti-federalist Party” which then became known as the “Democratic-Republican Party” and was sometimes called “Jeffersonian Republican”.

Now, the following are the discussions of US political parties!!

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Two major political parties

The two major political parties in United State of America are:

  • The Democratic Party: This is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States. It was founded in 1828 by supporters of Andrew Jackson, making it the world’s oldest active political party.
  • The Republican Party: Also referred to as the GOP, is one of the two major, contemporary political parties in the United States, along with its main historic rival, the Democratic Party.

Political parties represented in state legislatures

Party name Year founded
New Progressive Party 1967
Popular Democratic Party 1938
Citizens’ Victory Movement 2019
Puerto Rican Independence Party 1946
Project Dignity 2019

Parties represented in Puerto Rican legislature

Party name Year founded
Libertarian Party 1971
Vermont Progressive Party 1981
Independent Party of Oregon 2007
Independence Party of New York 1991

Parties that are not represented in Congress, state legislatures, or territorial legislatures

Party name Year founded
Green Party of Alaska 1990
Green Party of Rhode Island 1992
Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party 1944
United Independent Party 2014
Washington Progressive Party 2002
Aloha ʻĀina Party 2015
American Freedom Party 2009
American Independent Party 1967
American Solidarity Party 2011
Approval Voting Party 2016
California National Party 2015
Charter Party 1924
Christian Liberty Party 2000
Citizens Party of the United States 2004
Conservative Party of New York State 1962
Constitution Party 1992
Ecology Party of Florida 2008
Freedom Socialist Party 1966
Grassroots—Legalize Cannabis Party 1986
Alliance Party 2019
Green Party 2001
Humane Party 2009
Alaskan Independence Party 1978
Independent Party of Delaware 2000
Independent Party of Florida 1993
Independent Citizens Movement 1968
Independent Greens of Virginia 2005
Justice Party 2011
Labor Party 1996
Legal Marijuana Now Party 1998
Liberal Party of New York 1944
Green Mountain Peace and Justice Party 1970
U.S. Marijuana Party 2002
Moderate Party of Rhode Island 2007
Natural Law Party 1992
Peace and Freedom Party 1967
United States Pirate Party 2006
Oregon Progressive Party 2007
Progressive Dane 1992
Prohibition Party 1869
Reform Party 1995
Rent Is Too Damn High Party 2005
Serve America Movement 2017
Party for Socialism and Liberation 2004
Socialist Party USA 1973
Socialist Action 1983
Socialist Alternative 1986
Socialist Equality Party 1966
Socialist Workers Party 1938
Sovereign Union Movement 2010
Tea Party of Nevada 2010
Transhumanist Party 2014
United Citizens Party 1969
United Utah Party 2017
Unity Party 2004
Women’s Equality Party 2014
Workers World Party 1959
Working Class Party 2016
Working Families Party 1998

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List of all non-functioning political parties in USA

In United States of America the following political parties are not functioning, hence, they are regarded as a historical parties.

The USA non-functioning political parties are one hundred and nine (109) in number as of 2022 and they are:

# Political Party Name
1 A Connecticut Party
2 America First Party
3 American Labor Party (1932)
4 American Labor Party (1936)
5 American Party (1844)
6 American Party (1924)
7 American Party (1969)
8 American Republican Party (1843)
9 American Vegetarian Party
10 American Workers Party
11 Anti-Administration party
12 Anti-Masonic Party
13 Anti-Monopoly Party
14 Black Panther Party
15 Boston Tea Party
16 Citizens Party
17 Communist League of America
18 Communist Workers Party
19 Connecticut for Lieberman
20 Constitution Party (1952)
21 Constitutional Union Party
22 Covenant Party
23 Democratic-Republican Party (1792)
24 Democratic-Republican Party (1844)
25 Farmer–Labor Party
26 Federalist Party
27 Florida Whig Party
28 Free Soil Party
29 Freedom Party of New York
30 Grassroots Party
31 Greenback Party
32 Greens/Green Party USA
33 Home Rule Party of Hawaii
34 Illinois Solidarity Party
35 Independence Party
36 Independence Party of America
37 Independent Grassroots Party
38 International Socialist Organization
39 Labor Party
40 Labor Party of the United States
41 Labor–Farm Party of Wisconsin
42 Law and Order Party of Rhode Island
43 Liberal Party
44 Liberal Republican Party
45 Liberty Party
46 Marijuana Reform Party
47 Marxist–Leninist Party, USA
48 Minnesota Farmer–Labor Party
49 Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
50 Modern Whig Party
51 National Democratic Party
52 National Party
53 National Renaissance Party
54 National Republican Party
55 National Socialist Party of America
56 National States’ Rights Party
57 National Union Party
58 National Woman’s Party
59 New Alliance Party
60 New Jersey Conservative Party
61 New Party
62 New Union Party
63 Nonpartisan League
64 Nullifier Party
65 Opposition Party (Northern)
66 Opposition Party (Southern)
67 Patriot Party
68 People’s Party (1892)
69 People’s Party (1971)
70 People’s Party (Utah)
71 Personal Choice Party
72 Populist Party (1984)
73 Progressive Democratic Party
74 Progressive Party (1912)
75 Progressive Party (1924)
76 Progressive Party (1948)
77 Proletarian Party of America
78 Puerto Rican Nationalist Party
79 Puerto Rican Socialist Party
80 Radical Democracy Party
81 Raza Unida Party
82 Readjuster Party
83 Red Guard Party
84 Republican Moderate Party of Alaska
85 Silver Party
86 Silver Republican Party
87 Single Tax Party
88 Social Democracy of America
89 Social Democratic Party
90 Socialist Labor Party of America
91 Socialist Party of America
92 Southern Party
93 Southern Rights Party
94 States’ Rights Democratic Party
95 Taxpayers Party of New York
96 Toleration Party
97 Traditionalist Worker Party
98 U.S. Labor Party
99 Unconditional Union Party
100 Union Party
101 Unionist Party
102 United Christian Party
103 Whig Party
104 White Patriot Party
105 Workers Party of America
106 Workers Party of the United States
107 Working Men’s Party
108 Working People’s Party
109 Youth International Party

Non-electoral USA political parties

As we told you earlier, there are two types of political party in USA; electoral and non-electoral political party.

Non-electoral party can’t be used to protest for any political election and they are shown below:

Political party Year founded
African People’s Socialist Party 1972
All-African People’s Revolutionary Party 1968
American Nazi party (remnants) 1959
Black Riders Liberation Party 1996
Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism 1991
Communist Party USA 1919
Communist Party USA (Provisional) ___
Democratic Socialists of America 1982
Freedom Road Socialist Organization 1985
Forward Party 2021
International Workers Party 1974
Movement for a People’s Party 2017
National Socialist Movement 1974
New Afrikan Black Panther Party 2005
New Black Panther Party 1989
News and Letters Committees 1955
New York State Right to Life 1970
Our Revolution 2016
Progressive Labor Party 1961
Revolutionary Black Panther Party 1992
Revolutionary Communist Party, USA 1975
Social Democrats, USA 1972
Solidarity 1986
Spartacist League 1966
World Socialist Party of the United States 1916


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