7 Best Universities In Nigeria That Admit Candidate With Low Jamb Score

7 Best Universities In Nigeria That Admit Candidate With Low JAMB Score.

Do you want to get an admission into a Nigerian University but you have confused and thought about your low Jamb Score?

Stop be wondering, in this post, you will know 7 best Nigerian Universities that admit low-scored Candidates.

Scoring very high in JAMB by candidates has been a difficult task. I.e, is hard for JAMB candidate to score high in utme examination.

And in Nigeria, the candidate who scored very high in UTME examination is the one who can stand a chance of gaining the admission into any Nigerian universities.

We are here today to show you some best Universities in Nigeria that will admit you with low JAMB (or UTME) score.

Top 7 Best Universities That Admit candidate’s With Low Jamb Score In Nigeria

If you score low in your JAMB exam, don’t lose hope because you can still gain admission into some best Nigerian University.

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Below are the list of best Nigerian universities that admit candidates who did not score very high in JAMB Examination..

They are:

  1. University of Lagos, Lagos state
  2. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Katsina state
  3. Obafemi Awolowo University
  4. University of Ilorin, Kwara state
  5. University of Nigeria (UNN), Nsukka
  6. Federal university of Technology, Minna, Niger state
  7. Bayero university, Kano, Kano state

As you can see, above are the list of universities in Nigeria that give admission to candidates with Low Jamb score and they are reccomendrd as the best University ever.

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Now, you may be wondering about the cut-off mark set by JAMB for all Nigerian universities.

Yes, the cut-off mark is always set by JAMB for every institutions in Nigeria _University, Polytechnic and College of Education (COE).

And it is true that no institutions will can admit candidates who did not score higher than the set cut-off mark.

Conclusion Of 7 Best Nigerian Universities That Offer People An Admission With Low JAMB Score

Candidate who aspires to study in any Nigerian universities must have a JAMB score that is above the cut-off mark set by jamb for every university.

But, the list of the universities which we had shown for you above in this post do admit candidate with either low/high JAMB score.

The truth of the matter is that competitive university does not admit candidates because of the one or more reasons especially those who scored very low in JAMB.

That is to say, if you want to study competitive course in Nigerian University, then you must have Scored very high and competitively in JAMB Examination.

Note that Competitive courses are the courses which everybody wants to study.

Candidates may wonder why JAMB/school didn’t admit them while they scored very high in JAMB. If you are a such candidate, then you need to read one of our posts by clicking here to know the 8 things why they didn’t admit you.

There are many reasons why JAMB/school didn’t admit you.

However, scoring high in JAMB is not the first and most causative.

Candidate may scored very high in JAMB examination though didn’t gain admission.

Best Schools in Nigeria For Engineering

From the list we showed you above (earlier in this article), all of those universities are best for Engineering courses.

As a university aspirant, you need to do several duties.

If you want to be a student of any of the 7 universities listed above, you should be ready to:

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