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Top consequences of being a cultist (list & explanation)

Here are the top consequences of being a cultist

Since the activities of a cultists in the society are mostly tend to be antisocial, their lives are at risk as they are always targeted to be prosecuted by security agencies. In this post, we have listed and explained top consequences of being a cultist.

Cultism is the system of the involvement of two or more people who agree together to privately or publicly carry out ritual practices, antisocial activities, initiate certain policies for themselves and many more. People who engage in cultism are known as cultist.

Here are the top consequences of being a cultist.

Consequences of being a cultist

  • Addiction of drug
  • Breaking the rules and regulation
  • Loss of lives and property
  • Violence between people in the society
  • Make parents become childless
  • Increase in exam malpractice
  • Avoid stranger to come to a place
  • Something become expensive
  • Increase in frequent imprisonment of youth
  • Lack of respect

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#1. Addiction of drug

Addiction and misuse of drug is one of the consequences of cultists. They take hard drug which they believe that it’ll make them exhibit some extraordinary characters.

The addiction of drug by cultists always done when they want to go out to carry out anti social activities such as robbery, rape, fight, etc. Once they have addicted the drug, human blood would become valueless in their eyes. They can kill anybody who attack them while carrying out what they go out for.

Some of them don’t even care about their lives. In conclusion, drug addiction is one of the top consequences of being a cultist.

#2. Breaking the rules and regulation

The existence of cultists in the community/nation nowadays makes the rules and regulations disobeyed. They don’t want to follow the rules and order and they also don’t allow those that are obedient to continue to obey the rules.

For example, if the law has been ordered that no body should be seen outside after 10PM, then they would make 10PM the time they start coming out. While coming out, they come with weapon to harm anybody who’ll ask them why they come out that time.

Unfortunately, some of them may be killed by security agencies for coming out during the restricted time.

#3. Loss of lives and property

In the event of crisis/protest which was formed by cultist, both cultists and non cultists members are killed. It is not good to be a cultist. One of the consequences of being a cultist is loss of lives and property.

Cultists highly want violence like fight, protest, etc. in the society, because it is through that they can bring out their weapon to use.

#4. Violence between people in the society

Any place that there are two or more cultists, different types of violence can never easily leave from that place. Since violence is one of the things which cultists mostly like, they try to turn the small case between them and other people into the big case.

They don’t easily forgive. They take deep action on the small issue even though they remember that their lives is one. They don’t care about the type of person they want to fight with.

They can receive money from one person to kill their friend, business partner, rival, etc. They don’t care about the amount of money they receive. Some of them cause violence on credit.

#5. Make parents become childless

Parents who have children may become childless as a result of cultism. That is why is good to train your child the way they should. Don’t let them associate with bad company. Don’t let them decide on their own while they are in their teen ages.

It is the group of people who didn’t get parental support from their parents become cultist, robber, killer, kidnapper and other types of anti social activities today.

#6. Increase in exam malpractice

Cultists in schools don’t study their book. Hence, they they are involved in examination malpractice in order to pass exam. Every school administrator should be cautious about their students’ welfare.

They should be test and assignment in the school everyday in order to determine the students who study their book. Every school should have dressing code and students welfare department to make sure every group of student is respected.

#7. Avoid stranger to come to a place

A community where there a lot of cultists scares visitors to come in. A society can’t develop on its own without receiving visitors. It is visitors bring development and innovation to a place.

To avoid visitors to come to a place as used here means, people in other states or countries may become fear to come to place for establishing business or other innovations which bring development where a lot of cultists are located.

There is one big community I know that houses many cultists. Unfortunately, till now, it hasn’t welcomed positive changes like establishment of bank, companies, schools, etc. since I knew it. Because their youth are allergic to development.

Everyday, they must be killing, kidnapping and many other anti-social activities in that community. In conclusion, being a cultist is disadvantageous.

#8. Something become expensive

Cult members are involved in carrying out antisocial activities which make them earn money in a quick way. Most of them are involved in robbery, kidnapping, killing, etc., hence, they don’t value money.

Once they succeed in any action, they go out to the market and buy everything they need. They don’t care about the expensiveness of anything they like to buy. Sometimes, most of them don’t negotiate the price with the seller.

#9. Increase in frequent imprisonment of youth

Currently, there must be a news about the imprisonment of cultist in different communities across the country. Hope you too are reading the news about that.

Most of them are sent to life imprisonment in the process of their attempt to kill other person. Due to the hard drug they are engaged in addicting of, their imagination is not dynamic, it changes every time, hence, they may through playing and kill other person.

#10. Lack of respect

Most of the people who are a cultist today are in the youthful age, though, they don’t respect their elderly ones. They strive to harm anybody they have violence with even though that person can give birth to them.

In some places, they are killed with their own weapon in a situation whereby a the person they are fighting with is stronger than them. There is one of then bad event I had ever witnessed where a cultist wanted to kill an army with weapon as he assumed that an army was not with any weapon. Guess what had happened? An army killed him with his own weapon and put his copse on top of his car.

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