Best MTN data plan codes for 2021

In this article today, I am going to show and list to you all best USSD codes for data plan of MTN network and how you can subscribe for any MTN data bundle of your choice very fast step by step.

MTN data plan is available any time for subscribing and all MTN subscribers can subscribe to any MTN Data bundle. Importantly, MTN data plan can be subscribed on a daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and yearly basis.

The Top-up feature is a service that allows every subscriber of MTN network to set their data bundle on Auto-renewal or One-off purchase and to buy data plan for their friend(s).

  • Auto-renew Purchase means that your data bundle will auto-renew after expiry in as much as you are having enough airtime on your line
  • One-off Purchase means that your data bundle will not renew after expiry even though you are having airtime on your MTN line
  • Buy data for a Friend option allows you to buy a data bundle for another line with your current available airtime.

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Codes for the best MTN data plan in 2021

Now, below are the best USSD codes which you can use to subscribe for MTN data plan in 2021.

MTN data plan, ussd codes to subscribe for any MTN data plan, how much do MTN data plans cost in 2021, expiry date of MTN data plan, etc are now discussed and explain below step by step:

1Text 141 to 13124 hours 40MBN50
2Text 104 to 131 24 hours100MB N100
3Text 155 to 131 24 hours1GBN300
4Text 154 to 131 2 days2GBN500
5Text 156 to 131 2 days2.5GBN700
6Text 113 to 131 3 days200MBN200
7Text 102 to 131 7 days350MB + 350MB YouTube bundleN300
8Text 142 to 131 7 days1GB + 1GB YouTube bundleN500
9Text 143 to 131 7 days6GBN1, 500
10Text 103 to 131 14 days750MB + 1GB YouTube bundle N500
11Text 105 to 131 7 days2GB + 2GB YouTube bundle N1, 000
12Text 161 to 131 7 days450MBN120
13Text 106 to 131 30 days 1.5GB + 2GB YouTube bundle N1, 000
14Text 130 to 131 30 days 2GB + 4GB YouTube bundle N1, 200
15Text 131 to 131 30 days 3GB + 4GB YouTube bundle N1, 500
16Text 110 to 131 30 days 4.5GB + 4GB YouTube bundle N2, 000
17Text 147 to 131 30 days 6GB + 4GB YouTube bundle N2, 500
18Text 138 to 131 30 days 10GB + 4GB YouTube bundle N3, 000
19Text 107 to 131 30 days12GB + 4GB YouTube bundle N3, 500
20Text 116 to 131 30 days 20GB + 2GB YouTube bundle N5, 000
21Text 118 to 131 30 days 25GB N6, 000
22Text 117 to 131 30 days40GBN10, 000
23Text 150 to 131 30 days75GBN15, 000
24Text 149 to 131 30 days120GBN20, 000
25Text 118 to 131 30 days200GBN30, 000
26Text 162 to 131 30 daysAlways-On Data (15GB)N3, 000
27Text 163 to 131 30 daysAlways-On Data (45GB) N6, 000
28Text 119 to 131 2 months30GBN8, 000
29Text 118 to 131 2 months100GBN20, 000
30Text 138 to 131 2 months160GBN30, 000
31Text 133 to 131 3 months400GBN50, 000
32Text 134 to 131 3 months600GBN75, 000
33Text 115 to 131 6 months800GBN90, 000
34Text 138 to 131 1 year1TBN100, 000
35 Text 138 to 131 1 year2.5TBN250, 000
36 Text 138 to 131 1 year4.5TBN450, 000

Words of note about MTN data plan

Now, let’s continue reading for more important information!

If you are buying a data plan via SMS and it exits the pop-up menu, or it times out before selecting an option, the data bundle would be activated as One–off purchase. But, if you are buying the bundle via USSD you will not be able to proceed to buy the data bundle until you select an option of either one-off, auto-renewal or buy for a friend.

In addition to that, you will be able to opt in for Auto-renewal or renew the bundle by sending R+bundle code to 131.

For example, if you have an active 100MB daily bundle that is on One-off option, you will be able to renew it by sending R104 to 131.

You can also be able to deactivate or cancel auto-renewal of a data plan on your MTN line anytime by simply sending opt-out keyword as text message to 131.

How to subscribe for MTN data plan very fast

Meanwhile, the fastest channels that can be used to subscribe for best MTN data plan are:

  • USSD: this channel is simply need you to just dial *131*1# or *904# and select your preferred data plan
  • SMS: SMS channel of subscribing data bundle on MTN sim card is just simply send the data bundle plan keyword to 131
  • myMTNApp: simply send myMTN as text message to 5018 and receive a link to download MTN mobile app on your device
  • myMTN Web (official website of MTN Nigeria
  • MTN TopIt/VTU
  • Zigi (by chatting online with Zigi, MTN 24/7 customer care representative)
  • Facebook (Mobile Center)
  • GooglePay
  • JumiaPay

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The good news is that you can subscribe for multiple data plans on your MTN sim card buy please note that all the data plans purchased will have its own unique expiry dates.

Data bundle of MTN network in 2021

If you have multiple MTN data plans active on your line, the data plan with the least validity is used first. For example, if you have a 30-day bundle plan and 1-day bundle plan both subscribed and active on your line, then the 1-day plan will be used first before the 30 days plan.

MTN Nigeria as the top best network provider in the country, you as its subscriber will be able to enjoy 25%, 50%, 100%, and any other bonus offers you are eligible for on the network whenever you buy a data plan.

Bonus to have if you buy MTN data plan

Some of the bonus data bundles that may be given to you for free of charge any time you subscribe for MTN data plan include:

  • 100% 4G Upgrade Bonus: this offer is available only on select data plans from N15,000 and below beginning from month 1 to month 3 after upgrading your SIM to 4G.
  • 25% 4G Upgrade Bonus: you will be able to enjoy 25% bonus on every data bundle you buy from month 4 to month 6 after upgrading your SIM to 4G.
  • 50% Device Bonus: you will get 50% bonus on every data bundle you buy with a newly activated phone/device.
  • Double Data Bonus: you will be able to enjoy double data (100% data bonus) only when you buy select data bundles from N15000 and above.


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