Reasons why God is not answering your prayer (s)

Reasons why God is not answering your prayer (s)

There are some characters about human beings that confuse me but I don’t know if they also confuse you. One of them is expecting quick answer to their prayer from God. Many human beings complain why their prayers are not easily being answered. In this article, we will discuss top reasons why God is not answering your prayers(s).

Are you regularly ask yourself ‘”Oh God, why me”? Here are the reasons why God is not responding to your prayers and crying.

Human beings don’t remember what God did for them when they didn’t ask or pray for but remember and get frustrated when they are facing difficult moment.

How many years have you been praying? Why are you getting frustrated as it has not been answered? Did you know that they are some people who had prayed for twenty years or even more before God answered them?

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Remember the story of Prophet Moses (Musa) whose his major problem is Pharaoh. Do you remember how many years he had prayed before God answered his prayer? When meeting the red sea, the children of Israel became disappointed and started complaining unto prophet Moses.

Prophet Moses just pray to God, then the Lord order him to bit the red sea with his stick. Immediately he did that, a path was created for them to pass.

The Pharaoh, Haman, and their army in chariots pursuing the fleeing children of Israel drowned in the Red Sea as the parted water closed up on them. The Pharaoh’s submission to God at the moment of death and total destruction was rejected but his dead body was saved as a lesson for posterity.

Scholars revealed that prophet Moses had been praying more than forty years when God resolved his problem. Now, the question for you is; who are you that can’t wait for the time which your maker destined for your prayers to be answered?

Perhaps, if you want to know more why your prayer (s) are not quickly being answered, then keep reading.

Here are the top ten (10) determinable reasons why God is not answering your prayers. Are you interested to read them and their explanations now? Let’s get in the game!

Reasons why your prayers are not answered

  1. Wrongly using your tongue
  2. Don’t have mercy on others
  3. Piling up the window/orphan’s property
  4. Committing crimes and other anti social things
  5. Not appreciating what God has done for you before
  6. Breaking bonds between two or more people
  7. Not keeping the agreement
  8. Consuming lawful food
  9. It is not the right time
  10. You are not worth it.

1. Wrongly using your tongue

When it’s come to praying a prayer which God loves to quickly answer, our tongues makes things turn opposite. If you are praying to God, pray from pure hearth, don’t get filled of what your fellow human being had wrongly done to you. Because when you harbor resentment, offense, bitterness, or anger toward another person, God will not answer your prayer.

Keep you tongue free from speaking lawful things. Don’t bear a witness of what you didn’t observe with your naked eye. Also, don’t use your tongue to block ways or devalues the position of your fellow human being.

In Qur’an, Moslems are advised to keep quite when they don’t have important things to say, else, they would have bad records in their file. Every time, throughout your life, there are angels that God created for us to Guide us. Hence, once, you commit evil thing, they record it immediately.

If you are praying to God while you are not detecting sign of an answer to your prayer, remember to check the way you use your tongue. If you know that you are misusing it, then try and correct your mistakes. Definitely, God will answer your prayers.

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2. Don’t have mercy on others

If you don’t have mercy on others, there is no way your prayers would be answered. To let God answer your prayer, first, pray for others.

In fact, there is a saying that says “anything you wish others must first happen to you before it happen to them”. If you want your prayers to get quick answer, use your tongue wisely.

God knows the negativity of tongue that is why . He warns His servant very much. It is one of the organs that God warns human being to be careful with, the other being the the private part, eye, ear, leg, hand, etc.

If you use your tongue to spy or back bite your brothers and sister, God will not answer your prayers because your tongue says what God Himself forbids us to do.

3. Piling up the window/orphan’s property

Another reasons why the prayer (s) of many people don’t get answer is as a result of their act of piling up the property or wealth of window or orphans and claim it as their personal belonging. If you do this, God will not stay at your back.

God doesn’t like cheating. Don’t cheat your fellow human being. Even though it is an inheritance, there are rules that guide how to share it. Don’t take all of them to your own.

Verily, if you are involved in this act, there are punishments and signs for you that God doesn’t like it. First, He will remove blessing from anything you do, secondly, you will face difficulty in this world and hereafter.

4. Committing crimes and other anti social things

Crimes and other anti social behaviors such as drinking alcohol, sleeping with people who are not your spouse, initiating other thing to worship beside God, etc. also do hugely contribute to why your prayers are ignored answered.

Stop committing what that are forbade to be committed. You yourself know what is good and what is not, so don’t wait till someone tell ”Hey, MR. man, stop what you are doing. It is wrong”. Sometimes, it is not rare to see people that would tell you such thing nowadays but it is easy to find people that would encourage you to do bad things.

There are some people who God is with them every time. God listens to do for them anything they pray for. What are the example of such people? There are the people who do good deeds, say truth, believes in God no matter what condition they find themselves and they also have patient.

5. Not appreciating what God has done for you before

Appreciation matters. God doesn’t need any help but anything needs His’. If He has done something for you, either it is negative or positive, thank Him, honor Him, appreciate Him, etc.

If bad thing has happened to you, believe that it is a fate, hence, don’t cry out to anybody but first, thank your Lord and pray to Him to stop giving you such difficulty time or issue as you can’t afford.

God knows all conditions that you are facing. He is testing you. If you keep appreciating Him, He will remove all those difficulties from you completely.

6. Breaking bonds between two or more people

If you are a type of person that breaks the relationship between people, God will hesitate to answer your prayers. Don’t be a type of person that becomes sad when they see two people that co-operate and do things in common.

This type of person can use physical talk to break the relationship between two or more people. For example, they visit one person and discuss bad things of another person, then go to another person and discuss the opposite.

If you are condemning other person in his/her absence, you are disobeying the rule of God. Your prayers will not get an answer as a result of this.

7. Not keeping the agreement

Everybody wants his/her own prayers to be answered while most of them don’t know the prerequisite of it. There is nothing you can have to gift God in order to answer your prayer.

To let God’s eye face at you, you have to exclude yourself from negative things that people engage themselves in. I am not discouraging you not to join club or meeting.

Nowadays, people do somethings between themselves as if they are dealing with animal. If it is not like that how can a person carry gun and shut his brothers and sisters?

All these are a satanic acts. For you to be on the saver side, exclude yourself from it. Try to be respectful to your elders and remain steadfast to others.

8. Consuming lawful food

Another reasons why God is not answering your prayer is lawful food or water you are taking in. Food must not always be physically lawful before we call refer it to as lawful. Here, what we mean by lawful food is the source or origin of the food.

Before you consume any food, you have to first of all verify its origin. How was it come about. Was it gotten in a legal or illegal way?

For example, if you have earned money in an illegal way and use it to buy food, then that food is authomatically lawful, hence, eating it will not enable God answer your prayer (s).

Being a type of person that eagers God to quickly answer your prayer, don’t eat and drink anyhow food.

9. It is not the right time

God’s time is the best about everything in life. If the time that God intended for you to have or do something hasn’t reached, there’s no way you can make it successful yourself.

And if you don’t believe in fate, it’s an offenc if you try to make it in an illegal way.

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10. You are not worth it.

Last but not the least, God is not answering your prayers because He knows you are not worth it. Yes. There are some kinds of prayers that seems like you are playing with God if you pray for it.

For example, when you go to the well or stream and pray to God to take water to your mouth or base. How could this type of questions get an answer?

God knows the type of questions He answers. However, anything that God does is righteous. Let’s assume, you are praying to God to make you become a president of united states while you don’t have any qualification, you can judge/answer this prayer yourself.

It’s very important to know that work and prayer coexist to yield result. If you do one and leave the other, i.e, you only pray but don’t work, God will not answer you.

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