Top gospel singers in USA

Do you want to download American gospel songs? In this article, we will list and discuss with you top best gospel singers in USA for this year (2022) and how to get their songs.

American gospel singers are a singers born or raised up in USA before they started gospel singing. Or they relocated to USA for education, gospel singing career, marriage, other business etc. If you are having an event and need an American gospel singer, here we have listed them to you for you to select the one of your choice depending on their location, fame, expertise, booking price, etc.

USA gospel singers are the greatest gospel singers in America ever. In some cases, most gospel singers don’t demand a lot of money as their main aim is to praise God’s name and honor Him through their singing. However, according to Forbes, the average earning of gospel singers in the US range from $18,720 to $141,440 , with a median salary of $71,575.

Being the largest nation, United States of America (USA) houses black male and female gospel singers. Here, is their names and more important information about them.

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Now, below are the name and more details of top gospel singers in USA for 2022.

Who are the most popular gospel singers in America in 2022

  1. Kirk Franklin

Kirk Dewayne Franklin is an American Christian song (choir) director, gospel singer, dancer, songwriter and author born in Texas USA on 26 January 1970.

He is a gospel singer currently based in USA. He is happily married to Tammy Collins, a former make-up artist. According to (external link), the net worth of an American gospel singer Kirk Dewayne Franklin is $8.5 million as of 2022.

Since 2019 till date, the most listened Kirk Dewayne Franklin‘s gospel song through America is ”Love Theory”. However, some of the most popular Kirk Dewayne Franklin‘s gospel songs and how to download are shown below.

  1. CeCe Winans

Another American gospel singer among the list of top best gospel singers in USA this 2022 is Priscilla Marie Winans Love who is also professionally known as CeCe Winans. She was born on 8 October 1964 in Michigan, United States.

CeCe Winans is purely a Christian by religion and she is presently married to Alvin Love since 1948. Many sources especially, the net worth of CeCe Winans as of 2022 is $8 million.

Beside gospel singing, CeCe Winans also offer gospel public speaking services. Hence, if you are having an event like weeding, birthday, house opening, etc., you can book her service. She professionally speaks about the topic ”Faith & Religion”.

Some event organizers that have booked her say that her booking price for speaking at an event ranges from $50,000 – $100,000. After she has married, she has handled everything to her husband, hence, her husband, Alvin Love is presently her manager.

Now, let’s show you most listened CeCe Winans‘ gospel songs, year they were released and link to website that you can download them from.

  • Title: believe for it | date released: March 26, 2021 | Download from link).
  • Title: Goodness of God | year released: 2021 | download from link).
  • Title: why me Lord | date released: 2022 | download from link).

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  1. Donnie McClurkin

Here is an American gospel singer and minister, Donnie McClurkin born in South Carolina, United States on 9 November 1959. He is a a fluent USA gospel singer but around some days in 2018, there was a news that he had throat cancer which we still can’t believe.

Donnie McClurkin is the most awarded gospel singer in the USA and the world at large according to Wikipedia. He has won three Grammy Awards, ten Stellar Awards, two BET Awards, two Soul Train Awards, one Dove Award and one NAACP Image Awards.

Presently, Donnie McClurkin is still alive living his home. He has neither died nor felt a sick. He only got fatal accident last year but he survived it.

  1. Tasha Cobbs

Natasha Tameika Cobbs Leonard is female American gospel musician (songstress) and songwriter born in Georgia, United States on 7 July 1981. She was in 2017 get married to Kenneth Leonard. They celebrated to the birth of their first son in 2022. Saying ”More Than We Could’ve Prayed For After a difficult journey to parenthood”.

 Songstress was born into a noble family of Mr and Mrs Fritz Cobbs and Bertha Cobbs, mother and father, respectively. Bishop Fritz Cobbs who is her father was the founding pastor of Jesup New Life Ministeries and Kingdom Builders Fellowship.

Presently, Tasha Cobbs is now one of the pastors serving at dReam Center, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Top best most listened and downloaded gospel songs which were released in 2017 are

  1. Yolada Adams

Yolanda Yvette Adams is an American gospel singer, actress and author. She is very famous with her songs; “Open My Heart,” “Still I Rise,” “The Battle Is The Lord’s”, “Never Give Up”, etc.

According to, the net worth of Yolanda Adams is $8.5 million. She majorly makes her wealth through gospel singing, record/song producing, TV acting, radio personality, songwriting, etc.

Yolanda Yvette has a daughter called Taylor Ayanna Crawford who she gave birth to Timothy Crawford, her former husband. Presently, she is 60 year born on 27 August 1961 in Texas. As she grew up, she was sent to Texas Southern University where she gained her bachelor degree.

Her most listened gospel songs, year they were released and how you can download them are shown below:

  • Title: Open My Heart | year released: 1999 | download from link).
  • Title: Still I Rise | year released: 1998 | from from link).
  • Title: The Battle Is The Lord’s | year released: 1993 | link).
  • Title: Never Give Up | Year released: 2001 | download from link).

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Gospel singers are a type of singer that praise and give thanks to God and Holy Spirit through singing. Sometimes, most of them were being undergone as they mostly learn it through choir program in their Church. They can be booked and invited to an event for gospel public speaking.

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