Top beautiful Islamic names and their meaning for boy and girl child

Many scholars has also proven that one is determined, characterized and even behave towards the meaning of his or her name. Hence, name is very important part of every parent. Here, we shall discuss top beautiful Islamic names and their meaning for boy and girl child.

Name is the first identity of a human being earth and also it is it Allah will use to call someone in here after.

As a parent, you want good things for your child, right? The first duty of every parent for their child is choosing a good name and give it to him/her. When naming a child, it’s very ideal to choose the one that is simple in order not to be mispronounced by people thereby avoiding altering its meaning.

Here, we have discussed top beautiful Islamic names that you can give to your baby boy or girlour child. In Islam, there are tons of beautiful names to pick out from. The name may be the name of proprohet/messenger, companion of prophets especially Muhammad’s, name of Angels or even the sub names of Allah.

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Allah has 99 different names that you can choose any one to give to your child. Hence, any name out of Allah’s 99 names is halal to give to a child except Allah (God).

You can also give any 99 name of Allah to your baby girl child but remember to change the suffice of it to NAH, for example, Moomin to Moominah. However, some scholars argue that it’s not good to name a child with Allah name without prefixing with Abdul, hence, Moomin should be converted to Abdul Moomin.

Moreover, you can also name yours child with your native language but make sure it’s good meaning, for example, Ojochegbe, which means Thank God or Hamid/Hamidah in Arabic. In Islam, you can give any name to your child but consider the meaning and etymology of it first.

Top best Islamic names and their meaning for your baby child

Don’t give negative name such as devil, thunder, gun, divorcer, and the rest to your baby because it would work directly or indirectly in his/her life on earth and hereafter. For instance, what if you give thunder to your child and start behaving like that, will you be happy? Note that thunder is a very evil thing that has no friend.

In Islam, there are so many names forbidden to use as a name, some are Firaoun, Hamana, fire, snake, scorpion, etc. But you can give Muhammad or Isa to your child because they are a property of Allah who did good deeds which people like to copy their lifestyle and behavior up till now.

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Now, let’s start looking at the list and explanation of top best beautiful Islamic names and their meaning which you can give to your baby boy/girl child for this 2022.

S/NNameMeaningType of child
1.LeilaA girl’s name, Lay-La, is derived from the Arabic word for night and can be used as the singular form of the word. It is also derived from the night of power, leiletl Qadr.Girl
2.HananHanan is both a Muslim name, meaning ‘mercy or compassion’.Girl
3.KamalA boy’s name meaning perfection, beauty and completion. It is derived from the word Kamal-Al Din which means the perfection of religion.Boy
4.HadiAnother one of the “Blessed names of God”, Hadi means “who gifts” and is a name given to boys.Boy
5. NimaahNimaah means ‘blessing’ in Arabic.Girl
6. Ka-ReemPronounced Ka-Reem, the name means generous and is given to boys. It is both a common word in the Arabic language and a deeply meaningful Islamic name.Boy
7.HaniyaHaniya means ‘happy.’ It is a perfect choice for parents looking for an easy name.Girl
8.AmalA name given to girls, Amal is the Arabic word for “hope”.Girl
9.DaleelGuide, mentorBoy
10.RabiaLet your newborn grow into a lighthearted and cheery girl by naming her Rabia, which means ‘breeze.’Girl
11.AyaIn Arabic it is a Quranic name derived from the word which means “verse”. It is not only “Quranic verse”, but holds the connotations of “miracle” and “existence of God”.Girl
12.FaheemPerceptive, understanding.Boy
13.Aamira The name Aamira originated from the Urdu language and means ‘prosperous,’ and ‘full of life.’Girl
14.RaghibAspiring, seekingBoy
15.AdnanOne who settles for a long time in a place, paradise.Boy
16.AakifahAakifah means ‘a woman who dedicates her life for Allah’ or ‘a lady who worships Allah in solitude.’Girl
17.AafiaAafia is one of the popular names among Muslim girl names. It means ‘healthy,’ ‘beautiful,’ or ‘kind.’Girl
18.HusniHandsome, good.Boy
19.AabidahAabidah means ‘worshipper’ in Arabic. It is a traditional name and is perfect for religious families.Girl
20.AeeshaThis name is a version of the Arabic name ‘Aisha.’ It means ‘alive and well,’ and ‘living prosperously.’ Importantly, the youngest wife of the Propet Muhammad is named Aeesha.Girl
21.JameelBeautiful in appearance or behavior.Boy
22.AlimaAlima, meaning ‘educated or intellectual,’ is one of our favorite names in this list, solely because of its etymology.Girl
23.FaizahFaizah, an exquisite sounding name, means ‘victorious or winner’ in Arabic.Girl
24.KazimOne who controls their anger and doesn’t act upon it.Boy
25.Ghania Ghania is a Quranic name, meaning ‘rich,’ prosperous,’ or ‘self-sufficient.’Girl
26.HakimahThe Urdu name Hakimah means ‘wise’ or ‘judicious.’ It is also a name for a ‘ruler’ or ‘queen.’Girl
27.MajdHonor, distinction.Boy
28. RashidaRashida means ‘righteous one’ or ‘one who knows her way.’Girl
30.MuhsinDoer of good deedsBoy


Give your child a name with pure heart. Don’t give a negative name to your because his/her is not being good to you.. Giving the right and positive name to him/her will let her appreciate when he/she grow up.

Hope this article has helped you know top beautiful Islamic names and their meaning that you can give to your baby boy or girl child? Please let’s hear what you may have to say via the comment section.

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