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How to give sadaaqah in Islam (the recommended ways)

How to give sadaaqah in Islam (the recommended ways)

As the month of Ramadan is approaching, Moslems are advised to enhance the way they carried out their act of worship of Allah to the next level in order to secure a land and apartment (paradise) in here after. One of the best ways to show act of Ibadah is cherishing and giving sadaaqah to other people who are in need. If you have two things, give one as a sadaaqah to your neighbor who hasn’t got it, it is a rewarding deed in Islam.

Do you want to know how to give sadaaqah in Islam in a recommended ways? Here, we have discussed using Qur’an, Ahadith and according to Islamic scholars of our time. In any ramification, sadaaqah is an Arabic word which means charity in English. It is an act of giving out your food, property, money, cloth, etc. to orphans, widowed, poor men/women, etc. because of God.

There is one known Zakkah, a compulsory charity given out after successful fasting in the month of Ramadan. This is one which every body only do. perhaps, it is not only after Ramadan that a Moslems should give out sadaaqah in a year. Anything that is meant for sadaaqah can never be small. Even a piece of dates (dhabino) can be used to give out to others in form of sadaaqah.

The important thing to know about giving out sadaaqah in Islam in a recommended way is doing it while not letting others to know. Do not give sadaaqah in public, perhaps, if you give out something to some one in public with an intention to be respected and hailed, that are only your reward, hail and respect, hence, you won’t expect any reward from Allah in hereafter.

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The best time to give sadaaqah is this month of Ramadan. May Allah ease it for us and make us among who will carry it out in a right way and gain the right reward. Now, let’s list and explain how to give sadaaqah in Islam in a recommended ways one by one.

How to give sadaaqah in Islam for anything

In Islam, sadaaqah can be given for many reasons. Most commonly reasons why Moslems give out sadaaqah is to supporting medical care of their brother or sister who is facing an illness, supporting the construction or renovation of a place of worship, Masjid, helping an orphans, windowed, etc. If you want to give sadaaqah in a way that Islam instructed and don’t break Islamic law thereby assuring the presence of the rewards in the here after, then here we will discuss and explain everything with you one by one.

Before you give sadaaqah to your brother or sister in Islam for taking care of her illness, it is instructed in Islam to pray or say some pieces of prayer. The dua in Islam for giving sadaaqah to an ill person is pasted below:

”Al-hamdulillahi alladhi afani mimabtalaka bihi wa faddalani ala kathirin mimman khalaqa tafdila”

Meaning in English: Praise to be Allah who had saved me from what  he had afflicted you with, and for honouring me over many of his creations.

Importance of giving out sadaaqah

Giving out sadaaqah as often as possible relieves poverty and calamity. Please this doesn’t imply that the receiver(s) of your sadaaqah will inherent your calamities and worries. Indeed, there are many benefits of giving out sadaaqah, hence, it is not until you are bombarded with calamity before you decide to give sadaaqah as it is recommended to be given out every time.

Sadaaqah can help you in overcoming the plans of your enemies or prevent you from entering the trap of your enemies. It’ll help guide to the straight path and make you become successful in everything you engage yourself doing.

Although there are many methods of giving sadaaqah, that is to say that it is not only money, property, money, etc. that can be used to give sadaaqah. The best way to give Sadaqah is any way you can, be it a smile, an act of compassion, or a donation made to a worthy cause. You can donate Sadaqah to orphans in your neighborhood especially those in need.

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Types of sadaaqah

In Islam, every act of financial expenditure you encounter is classified as Sadaqah, thus sadaaqah is divided into two categories; Sadaaqah Wajibah and Sadaaqah Nafilah. From this view, we may have 17 different types of sadaaqah and they are:

  • Making a dua.
  • Spreading knowledge.
  • Giving advice.
  • Smile at brothers and sisters in Islam.
  • Helping others.
  • Sparing time for others and worship.
  • Playing with children.
  • Patience in difficult times.
  • Giving good advice to friends and family.
  • Staying away from doing evil deed.
  • Talking gently to others.
  • Forgiving others.
  • Giving respect to every body.
  • Do not feeling jealous/envy of others.
  • Visiting the sick.
  • Removing harmful things from the road.
  • Giving directions to travelers.

Who should we give sadaaqa to in Islam

In Islam, there are loose rules guiding the type of people who we should give Sadaaqah. Perhaps, first of all, make an intention to give sadaaqah with no expectation of having anything back from the receiver of your sadaaqah because it is an act of kindness intended to provide aid and support to anyone in need.

You can give sadaaqah to your family as it is a voluntary charity because the sadaaqah itself does not have to be financial or material as we explained earlier, if you smile at your family, you have already given a sadaaqah.

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Now, how to give sadaaqah in Islam, please let’s look the list below carefully:

Guides in giving out sadaaqah

  1. Choose a property which you want to give as sadaaqah.
  2. Don’t let others take anything from it or give it another person who you didn’t mention his/her name.
  3. Don’t let others know that you kept it to give as sadaaqah.
  4. Do not ever let others know that it’s you that give him/her sadaaqah.
  5. A sadaaqah can never be small in quantity, anything you have is enough to use as sadaaqah.
  6. Do not criticize him/her/them with what you gave out as sadaaqah.
  7. A sadaaqah giver should not be proud.
  8. Always give your sadaaqah in private and don’t let others know when you are giving especially the one that involves in money, food or property.


Here is the brief explanation of how to give sadaaqah in Islam in a recommended ways. If you know other ways a sadaaqah in Islam should be given in order to earn a huge reward for this month and other eleven months, please suggest them to us via our contact form or click here to send me a mail.

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