How to check Glo tariff plan you are currently subscribed on

How to check Glo tariff plan you are currently subscribed on

Hey dear, please wait and let’s discuss something that seems to be small but gives people headache in our society today. In this page, we will show you method to use to check your current Glo tariff plan.

Recently, I published a content that discuses top best Glo tariff plans for calls and data bundle such as Glo Bumpa, Glo Bounce, Glo Yakata, etc with their migration USSD code.

Hence, I want to teach you in this article how to check the tariff plan you are presently subscribed to on Glo network.

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Knowing the current tariff plan which you are presently subscribed on is very, very important and some of the reasons why you may have to check are:

How to check the current tariff plan of your Glo SIM card

Are you using a Glo SIM card while you don’t know the tariff plan which it was currently being subscribed on? Do you now want to know how to check it using a USSD code?

To know or check your current Glo tariff plan, please carefully follow the steps below:

1. USSD code method

One of the fastest methods to use to check or know your current Glo tariff plan is by dialing a USSD code (#100#).

  • Gently insert your Glo SIM card in a mobile phone
  • Dial #100# and a pop up showing your current tariff plan will appear.
  • After dialing #100#, you will then receive a message from Glo “Dear customer, your profile is GBAM_PLUS …..”

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2. Dialing 121 method

You can also know the tariff plan which you are currently subscribed on with your Glo line by dialing 121 to call Glo customer care.

Any issue you are facing, if you contact Glo, then that is the end of that case.

You can even call Glo customer care to help you know your mobile telephone number, serial number, airtime balance, data balance, current tariff plan, etc.

Please follow the guides and instructions below to contact Glo customer care via 121 in order to know or check your current tariff plan:

  • Insert your Glo SIM card in a mobile phone
  • Dial 121
  • Choose from the options which will be calling out to you by computer
  • For example, ”what language would like to speak?”, then you know the answer, now press the option that corresponds to it
  • ”Why are you calling?”, press the option that matches with the reason why you are calling, for example, you are calling for request
  • Any time an available agent receive your call, firstly introduce yourself before everything, for example, my name is John and I am calling from Lagos state
  • Sometimes, an agent may let their caller know their name, hence, he/she may or not let you know his/her name
  • After that you will be asked to let him/her know the type of request you have to make
  • Then let him/her know that you want to make a request of checking your current tariff plan
  • Sometimes, for security purpose, you may be asked to call out your phone number, last time you loaded recharge and the amount it was, your full name, local government area, village name, etc.
  • If you correctly answer him/her, then he/she will now call out your current tariff plan, for example, ”dear valued customer, you are presently subscribed on Glo Bumpa tariff plan”
  • Happily, after the end of the call, Glo customer care will immediately send a text message to you SIM card detailing your active tariff plan.

How to check tariff plan of all networks in Nigeria

The notable network companies which are presently operating in Nigeria are only four and they are Glo, MTN, Airtel and Etisalat (9Mobile).

To know the USSD code to check the tariff plan of all networks in Nigeria, please carefully read the table below.

Network nameUSSD checking code


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