What to do before proposing your wife to be in Islam

What to do before proposing your wife to be in Islam

What to do before proposing your wife to be in Islam

Making a successful marriage in Islam requires both partners to be on the right path. If you are not marrying a person that understands you, there is no way you will have joyous happy marriage. In this article, we will share with you some little pieces of advise to help you know what to do before proposing your wife to be in Islam.

Islam has been through many ways teaching us to carefully bring full of our intention when choosing a person to marry. First of all, you must not marry a prostitute, a disbeliever, etc. no matter what wealth they have. In any way, we should follow the rules and regulations guiding Islamic marriage.

Don’t follow or obey the rules of creatures and disobey the Creator’s rules. Everything in the world including human kind and jinn kind are a creatures of almighty Allah, the owner of the universe. Hence, anything we do like marriage, buying new things, building a car, etc., there must be Allah first.

Without following the rules guiding Islamic marriage rise from the proposal, courtship and down to the final nikkah makes some marriages become vague. In some cases, when Allah become angry as a result of excess disobedience of his rules and regulation about marriage in Islam, he may remove his Barakah (positive/prosperity) from such particular marriage or what that would come from it (may He not do this to us. Ameen.).

In this article, we will list and explain to you must have things that every Muslim mane or woman should do when proposing to someone or someone is proposing to you. Allah created every thing in the world in pairs. You alone is one pair, hence there must be someone who Allah created for you to pair up with you.

The best part in pairing with someone is that you can’t pair up with other person’s pair. That is to say, if Allah did not create him or her for you, no matter effort you put in proposing him/her, thing will fall apart.

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To know whether someone is right for you or who Allah created for you is the main aim of publishing this post.

Now, let’s start discussing what to before proposing your wife to be in Islam one by one.

Dua for marriage proposal in Islam


Dua to make or pray for proposing your wife to be in Islam is Istikhara. Istikharah itself is a word for requesting Allah to help one make a choice, that is, choosing the best of two things where one needs to choose one of them.

In Islam, marriage is termed Nikkah while engagement or proposal is Khitbah. It may be too late to make Istikhara dua when getting married, hence, the best time to do it is before engagement or proposal for Allah to guide you through.

What to do before proposing your future in Islam

Marriage is Islam is eternity, that is, one you have offered or accepted a dowry from someone, you have become a spouse of such person for ever. Nothing will disengage you except death. As a result of this, you have to make strong Istikhara dua.

Different sweet faces are everywhere nowadays, thus, it may be confusing to determine the true one, though, it is confusing to the Creator of face (Allah). Before getting engaged with someone in relationship or hand someone a proposal letter, ask God first to easy everything for you if such face is internally positive.

The word of note for you especially women is that you should be calm and don’t worry when someone who proposed to you is not returning because you can’t know what he has seen about you, this doesn’t mean that you are a witch or not beautiful. The man of your own is yet to come.

Maybe, he has been shown by Allah that you are not reserve for him, hence, if he force himself to marry you, he would encounter different hardships in his life on earth, bring him failures, diseases, etc. or experience a situation which will prevent him from doing a deeds of paradise if Allah likes him to be among a child of paradise.

You are reserved to someone who deserved.

Don’t commit adultery or change your practice or standing towards Islam in the name of forcing man to propose you be prayerful while requesting your Lord to merge you with someone who will care for you and your children hand your hand into aljanat (paradise/heaven).

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Creating a thing that is right and rewarding in the eye of Allah in Islam requires hard work and commitment. When proposing someone to marry, please remember to put Allah first and don’t demand for sex before marriage. Please remember not to obey what God created and disobey Him.

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