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Top Best Android Phones In 2021 Below 25K Naira

Best Android phones in 2021

Are your planning to buy new small Android phone for a low budgets or you have not got so much money? In this article, I will show you top best twelve (12) different Android phones which is below 25K Naira that you can buy in 2021.

What does 25K mean? N25K refers to twenty five thousand Naira (N25, 000). If you have N25K, then that means you can buy an android phone in 2021.

If you’re buying small Android phone for small budget like doing Facebook or whastapp, then I will show you the cheapest and best ones today.

Tecno, one of the best phone manufacturers in the world and in Nigeria even has android phones that their price is less than N25K talkless of itel that is being known for producing cheap phone.

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However, the list of some notable phones in the world and in Nigeria are:

  • Oppo
  • Apple/iPhone
  • Tecno
  • Infinix
  • Itel
  • Nokia
  • Samsunguu you think you’ll be it
  • Huawei, ETC.

For the purpose of this article, I will not say anything from now on but I will be showing you the list of top best android phones in 2021 which their price is below 25K Naira.

Note: this article is reader-supported, thus I may at no extra cost to you get a commission if you buy some products while reading this article. When planning to buy any thing, please go for the one that has high rating and positive reviews.

Top Best And Cheapest Android Phones In 2021

Top best and cheapest android phones in 2021 are as follows and their description or details.

Note: this article contains some links which tend to give a commission without giving you any extra charge if you buy any product upon clicking them.

1. Itel P15

Itel p15

Itel P15 is one of the best android phones that is best and cheap in Nigeria in 2021. Below are the features of this mobile device:

P15 has feature of: 5.0 HD+, 5.0MP Front Camera With Flash, 1GB RAM + 16GB ROM, Fingerprint, 4000mAh Big Battery.

Itel P15 (it P15) can be black, blue or gold in color. Although, when you’re buying it you can choose any color you want. The price of Itel P15 is N24, 000 (twenty-four thousand Naira).

2. Itel A36

Itel A36 is similar to Itel P15 but it’s one way better than P15. A36 has face ID and it’s android 9 Pie. The following are its all features:

5.5 HD+ Screen, 1GB RAM + 16GB ROM, Android 9 Pie, 3020mAh Battery, 5MP + 5MP Camera, Fingerprint + Face ID.

Itel A36 is the best and cheapest phone. Presently (at the time of writing this article), its price is N24,490 (twenty-four thousand, four hundred and ninety Naira).

To buy this phone, go to phone shop where they sell them and ask for Itel A36, meanwhile, you can buy it on Jumia website and get it today.

3. Techno POP 2F (B1F)

Another smartphone phone which is best and cheap below N25k (twenty-five thousand Naira) in 2021 in Nigeria is Tecno POP 2F. Features and characteristics of this phone are listed below:

Tecno POP 2F (B1F) is a 5.5 HD Android 8.1, it’s16GB ROM + 1GB RAM, 8+5MP Beauty Camera, Fingerprint, Face ID and 2400mAh Battery.

It’s has the color of: white, black, gold, champagne gold and lots more. This phone is available in the physical store and online store like Jumia and or konga.

Its price is N24, 200. You should click here to order it on Jumia or go to phone store now if you want to buy.

4. Tecno F1

Tecno F1 is an F series smartphone founded by Tecno. This phone was fully launched in October 2020 and it’s still one of the best and cheapest phones in Nigeria in 2021.

The following features belong to Tecno F1:

5 HD camera, Big Screen, 8gb Rom + 1gb Ram – 5mp + 2mp Camera – Android 8.1 Oreo and 2000mah Battery.

The good news is that Tecno F1 is not too cost as you may think. Presently, it costs roughly 23, 100 Naira.

5.Tecno POP 3 (BB2)

Tecno POP 3 also known as BB2. Its features are:

5.7 in inches-screen, 16GB ROM + 1GB RAM, 8MP + 5MP camera, Face ID and best quality 2, 800 mAh big battery. Presently, you can buy it at a price of N25K (twenty-five thousand Naira).

6. Infinix Hot 3 (X554)

5.5-Inch IPS LCD (2GB RAM,16GB ROM) Android 5.1 Lollipop, 8MP + 2MP Smartphone and 3, 000 mAh battery.

The price of this infix phone is N26, 000 and you can buy it in phone store or online on Jumia.

7. Samsung GALAXY S5 Mini

This Samsung smarthphone is very cheap and best that you should buy if you are planning to buy phone while not getting a lot of money.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini has come with the following features: 16GB (ROM) and 1GB (RAM) storage + 4.5inch, Dual Cameras (front and back), 3G or 4G internet connectivity and the good thing about it is that it’s come with 3, 000 mAh battery.

If you are a tech person (who operates computer expertly), then you may order it on Jumia website and it’ll be delivered to your location within twenty-four (24) hours by clicking here.

However, if you cannot order it by yourself and also fear to let another person like me help you order it, then go to any phone store which is nearest to you and buy it by yourself.


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