Your website’s name is a domain. Anything you see after a protocol sign of a website is its domain name. And after the domain name, the next thing is domain extension.

Domain extension (also popularly called TLD) can be anything. Depending on your business category and the type domain name registration that is registering your website, you can opt-in to buy a unique domain extension.

Domain extension can be .com, .org, .ng, .edu, .gov, etc. As we have said, domain extension you should choose is ideal to relate to the category of your business, for example, if you have an e-commerce website, then .shop or .delivery TLD is good to use as domain extension.

Many SEO experts have revealed that website’s performance sometimes depends with the type of its domain extension. Additionally, they said that the less in price the domain extension is, the less the domain will perform in terms of loading, ranking and more.

Thus, we advise you not to too much choose a domain extension that is too cheap. .com domain extension is the most widely used one. Hence, we recommend you to buy it for your domain. Or get in torch with us for more recommendation. We are a website developer and designer since decades, we will help you turn your dream into reality.

The types of domain name extensions include; Generic top-level domains (gTLD), Country code top-level domains (ccTLD), sponsored top-level domains (sTLD), test top-level domains (tTLD), Geographic top-level domains, Brand top-level domains, and many more.

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Today’s article will discuss with you the list of all types of domain extensions and their examples this year.

Now, let’s start.

List of all domain name extensions and their examples

#Domain’s extensionDomain extension’s meaning refers to commercial. It is the most popular and commonly used type of top-level domain for businesses, websites, and email. is a domain extension which stands for organization. It is created for nonprofit organizations. domain extension created for governmental body. It can be used by governmental agencies, programs, cities, states, towns, counties and more. means network. This is created officially for institutes that involved in network technologies such as an internet service provider or an infrastructure company. refers to international. It is meant for organizations, offices, and programs endorsed by a treaty between two or more nations. is created for military bodies such as police, navy and other military forces.
7.cheapOnline retailers, discount sites, overstock sites, businesses who sell bulk products at discounted prices, bargain hunters & frugal-living bloggers
8.churchChurches, youth organizations, spiritual communities, religion-based organizations, anyone who publishes spiritual or religious content
9.coachAthletic organizations, personal trainers & coaches, business, life, & health coaches, school & community club coaches or tutors, affordable travel, airline, train, car, or other transportation companies
10.dealsDiscount sites, bargain hunters, coupon sites, coupon pages. coupon-themed guides, directories and blogs
11.engineerComputer and software engineering companies, civil, electrical, mechanical, and architectural engineering companies, environmental, chemical, geotechnical, and bio engineering companies, engineer training or educational institutions, railroad engineers
12.collegeFor college or educational body.
13.educationColleges & universities, public schools, PTAs & other school groups, education research organizations, any organization focused on educating its audience
14.faithFor religion and Churches
15.galleryGalleries, professional photographers, camera and equipment retailers, photo studios & photography schools, wedding and specialty photographers, anyone who wants to share photos online
16.healthcarePrimary/secondary care physicians, hospitals & clinics, healthcare insurance providers & brokers, company HR/benefits departments
17.infoNews, magazine or blog website. It stands for information
18.lifeWellness and health experts, charities, coaches & personal development enthusiasts, lifestyle bloggers, anyone who wants to share personal stories
19.givesPhilanthropic organizations and foundations, charities, nonprofits, corporate giving initiatives, volunteer organizations
20.jobsFor websites with job opportunities and job listings
21.menuFor hotel and restaurant website
22.navyNaval training schools, navy supply stores, military recruiters, credit unions, navy members and veterans
23.plumbingPlumbers & plumbing repair businesses, plumbing departments within home supply stores, contractors/subcontractors
24.rentalsReal estate brokers/agents, city guides, college housing centers, & community centers, vehicle, equipment, or entertainment/event rentals, property managers, condo/apartment developers
25.sciencescience-related websites or blogs
26.showTicket sale/resale sites, performance halls, music clubs/bars, streaming video services, movie review sites, travel sites & city guides
27.townTravel agencies, resources & services, local business associations, city guides & resource sites, transportation businesses, hotels, hostels, lodging, etc.
28.voteIt is for democratic elections and campaign websites. And must be used in a political/democratic process.
29.worksContractors, distribution companies, appliance wholesalers & service, auto/boat/heavy equipment businesses, companies with solution based products or services
30.africaA business that predominantly run in Africa or a services that are purposely deserved for Africans
31.asiaThis is a domain extension for companies, organizations, and individuals based in the region of Asia, Australia, and the Pacific
32.ngA domain extension for Nigerians
33.berlinThe domain must have a connection to Berlin, Germany for example a company based in Berlin or a person from Berlin etc or .technologyTech-focused businesses & tech startups, businesses that sell to tech companies, developers, coders, programmers, computer retailers, technology blogs, news sites, & review sites, hardware & software companies, R&D companies, tech product manufacturers
35.surgeonsThis is connected with Surgeons, primary/secondary care physicians, hospitals & clinics, healthcare providers, insurance providers
36.supportIT/Tech support services, social services, customer service & support departments, independent consultants & consulting firms, staffing services
37.radioFor Radio station website
38.ltdPrivate companies, limited by shares, limited companies, businesses with “limited” or “LTD” in their names, specialty products and services, businesses that sell limited-quantity products
39.liveLive streaming sites, entertainment/music venues, news sites/blogs, ticket sale/resale sites, video production companies
40.groupThis is recommended for a groups based on hobbies or interests (running, crafts, gaming), group-based businesses (medical practices, law firms, financial advisors), professional associations, support groups


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