Top five websites to buy dollars from in Nigeria very fast.

Dollars is not a Nigerian currency but people are using it more than how they use Naira because of it global acceptance. However, Dollars is easy to get than Naira, here, we will discuss with you the top five websites to buy Dollars from ONLINE in Nigeria in 2022.


People especially Nigerians have been changing and converting their savings in bank accounts into Dollars for making them earn huge benefits as the price of the Dollar is unstable.


Presently, the price of one Dollar to Naira in the ration is N570. Meanwhile, it’s N360 as of 2021, which means, those that bought it since 2021 will earn huge benefits when they are selling.


If you are interested to know the top best websites that can be used to buy Dollars from Naira in Nigeria online, then continue reading as here is the right place.


To buy Dollars online in the comfort of your home using a laptop or phone, make sure that you are going to use your Nigerian bank account to pay, provide your USD bank account details (domiciliary account or domiciliary account) to the website and your fund will be transferred to it immediately.


Dollars is basically a USA-based currency used as an exchange for buying goods and services across every country in the world including Nigeria. You can make a huge profit by simply buying and selling Dollar currency as the price of it is not stable.


What you are to do is just simply buy dollars from any of your chosen websites listed below anytime you hear news of rising in the price of Dollars.


You can also sell your dollars online when the price of the dollar got risen or you are broke and want to have money to do other things. For now, as of March 2022, the price of one Dollar is 570 Naira in Nigeria.


Now, let’s explain the top best websites that can be used to buy dollars in Nigeria for 2022.


Top 5 best websites to use to buy dollars online in Nigeria


  1. WorldRemit.
  2. Small World.
  3. Remitly.
  4. AbokiMart.
  5. KiaKiaFX.


1. WorldRemit



WorldRemit is a website that one can use to buy or sell Dollars in Nigeria using Naira. They offer better exchange rates and lower fees than most conventional banks and money transfer services.


They are not based or headquartered in Nigeria but their currency transfer service is available everywhere. We recommend them because they have been in currency business since decades.


You can use WorldRemit to send money to over 130 countries worldwide and choose from over 70 currencies.


Please visit their website for more information:


2. Small WorldFX


Website to use to buy Dollars in Nigeria


Small WorldFX is a regulated financial services company handling more than 1 million transactions a month.


Hence, it is the right website to use to buy your Dollars from in Nigeria for 2022.


The Small WorldFX advanced technology ensures your money is protected and sent safely every time you buy dollars from them.


You can use their service via their mobile phone or website.


  • Mobile app: IOS and android.
  • Website:


3. Remitly


Do you want to buy US Dollars in Nigeria from the comfort of your home using a phone or laptop and Naira? Remitly can help you buy Dollars and send them directly to your domiciliary bank account in Nigeria.


You can buy as little as $3.99 using any bank account in Nigeria such as UBA, Access bank, Zenith bank, etc. But please note that before you can buy Dollars from Remitly, you must create an account.


  • Website:
  • Mobile app: Android and IOS.


4. AbokiMart




AbokiMart is another website among the list of top five best websites to buy Dollars online in Nigeria. They let you make your payment transfer, then get your Dollar in your domiciliary account in minutes.


Do you want to start doing Dollar exchange business? AbokiMart can give you the freedom to choose from hundreds of trusted and verified currency dealers.


They have successfully created a marketplace for the exchange of foreign currency online at competitive rates.


Abokimart website?


5. KiaKiaFX

Last but not the least, you can buy your US Dollars with confidence using KiaKiaFX. They have a highly secure automated online payment system and they are mostly rated as one of the top best websites which can credit your Dollar instantly into your bank account or third party immediately after your successful account registration and payment.


KiaKiaFX Market Place gives you the opportunity to set your price on whatever currency you wish to sell or buy:


  • License: KiaKiaFX is duly registered.
  • Mobile app: available on IOS and android.
  • Website:




Do we hope this article has shown you the top five websites that can be used to buy Dollars in Nigeria? Which website did you think is the best for buying dollars in Nigeria and why? Please let’s know your answer via the comment section.


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