How to load Airtel recharge card (3 methods that work)

In this article we’ll show you how to load the recharge card of Airtel with three (3) different ways or methods. So, please keep reading as I am going to show you everything step by step.

Airtel NG (Nigeria), as you may know, is the biggest network provider in Nigeria. It has been anticipating and providing network for Nigerians for several years.

Airtel usually provides sixteen (16) digits number as a recharge card pin for its users in Nigeria, presently.

Are you here to want to know how to recharge your bought Airtel recharge card? You are in the right place. In this article, you will know three (3) ways you can use to recharge your Airtel SIM card.

Currently, Nigerian Airtel recharge card businessmen and women print scratch-able paper recharge card, thus you may accidentally over-scratched its pin.

That’s why we are here. If you over-scratch the pin of your Airtel recharge card, you still have a chance to load at the end of this article.

You may unintentionally over scratch your Airtel recharge card, now, how may you load or use it? Do not wonder, that is why the second and third method of recharging your Airtel recharge card are here.

If you are a new user of Airtel, you may not know the code to load your recharge card when you had bought it in the first time, the second and third method discussed in this article would be helpful. So, do not hesitate to read them fully!!

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Three (3) Ways To Load Airtel Nigeria Recharge Card

Below are the three (3) ways to load or recharge your Airtel recharge card.

Meanwhile, you can still know the number of the person who Criminally recharged your Airtel Nigeria network LTD’s recharge card by clicking here

  1. Load your Airtel recharge card with code
  2. By calling Airtel customer care
  3. Send email to Airtel Nigeria customer services

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The first method to load your Airtel recharge card is by using the recognised code. The second and third method is how you can load your Airtel recharge card electronically (on-line).

Note: By loading your Airtel recharge card electronically, your recharge card serial No will be requested.

1. By loading with code:

How To Load Airtel NG Recharge Card

Airtel Nigeria Network Ltd provides sixteen (16) digits number of pin of recharge card for its users, currently. The Airtel Nigeria’s users can load their recharge card by using different codes.

However, below is the normal or direct recharging code for loading Airtel recharge card: *126*. Scratch your bought recharge card if it is the scrath-able one or unpin it if it is the pined one you bought.

Then dial *126*pin# and press or click send button.

  1. E.g, *126*1656094686842473#.

Note: Make sure that the Airtel SIM card which you wanted to load the recharge card to is inserted in the phone and input the pins carefully.

How To Use Airtel Card By Calling Customer Care (2nd method)

This method of recharging Airtel recharge card is very simple for the new users. Those who don’t know the code to load Airtel recharge card, *126* with recharge card pins can now load it online with the aid of Airtel customer service.

By calling Airtel customer care to assist you to load your Airtel recharge card, you need to follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Dial 121
  • Then press 5 to enable you speak with them directly
  • If the call connected successfully, the customer care representative will now ask you how may he/she help you.
  • Then tell him/her that you want to load your Airtel recharge card
  • He/she will request you to call out the serial number fo your recharge card.
  • Then call it out for him/her

Success!! After the end of call, your SIM card will be credited with the amount of your bought recharge card directly.

Note: The Airtel SIM card which you want to load the recharge card to should be well inserted in the phone and also make sure that it is through your own Airtel sim card you call the customer care with and do not call out the wrong serial number of recharge card for the customer care representative.

If you follow these procedures correctly, your recharge card will be loaded for you by the customer care electronically (on-line).

Furthermore, do not call out your recharge card pin for customer care representative on call until you are told to call out so.

3. How To Load Airtel When In Group Of People (Public)

This method is very similar to the number 2 and simpler than that the first method. It’s simpler because if you are in public or in a noisy environment (place), you cannot use the second method because your voice must be audible for the customer care representative and you must hear him/her.

When you are in a noisy place or in public, this method is ideal or good for you.

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Just open your email app and send an email to Airtel Nigeria customer care. Use the following for the sample of your email message.

Or if you have not got an email address presently, you can create one today (very quickly) by visiting here.

  • Input your Airtel number in an email subject box
  • Write the message to them
  • Include the pin and serial No of your Airtel recharge card in the message
  • The reason why you want to load through that method (electronical method)

Note: Do not include illicit message in your mail in order not for it to be in spam folder.

You can write the following in your email message if you do not know what to write to the Airtel customer care for assistance in loading your Airtel recharge card.Email subject»»» My Number is +2349024134682

To»»» [email protected]
Message»»» Hello sir/madam, I bought the Airtel recharge card recently to load to my number (+2349024134682), and I mistakenly overscracthed four pins and the remaining pins that I can know are the following: 165609468–32-7- and its serial No is 202597386463387158077. Please i want you to help me load it to my Sim card automatically within the next short moments because i want to use it urgently. The amount of the recharge card is #500.


Above is the message you should mail Airtel Nigeria customer care services.

If you mail that you don’t know the code to recharge, the customer care representative will reply to you with the code for future loading of your recharge card with yourself and your sim card will be credited with the amount of your bought Airtel recharge card.

Which method do you use or which one works best for you?

Let me know how you feel in the comment box and then share it with your friends on facebook, whastapp and other channels you can do.

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