Airtel unlimited data plan 2022 and how to subscribe

Airtel unlimited data plan 2022 and how to subscribe

Are you searching for the USSD code that you can use to subscribe for the latest 2022 Airtel unlimited data plan for your phone, laptop or computer? In this post we will list, explain and show you how to subscribe for all Airtel unlimited data plan bundles.

Airtel Nigeria Networks Limited is a leading telecommunications services provider founded in 2001 currently headquartered in Lagos state. In the history of Nigeria, Airtel was on August 5, 2001 became the first telecommunications service provider to launch commercial GSM services in Nigeria.

As Airtel has come into telecommunication business since decades, it knows what people want and don’t, hence, gifting data plan to its customers is what that makes them happy as they use internet for free of charge. Every year, Airtel introduces new data plan bundle.

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Now, let’s start!!

Airtel monthly unlimited data plan in 2022

Now, for this year, 2022, all the recently introduced Airtel unlimited data plan bundles and how you can subscribe for them using USSD code or fastest methods have been compiled in this very post. To subscribe for normal Airtel data plan, simply dial *141#.

Airtel monthly unlimited data plans were just designed for you! Hence, you can get 10 Airtel Unlimited data plan for N10000, 15 for N15000 and 20 for N20,000 and start enjoying the unlimited data for life everywhere you live valid for 30days.

To get started, just simply:

  • Dial *462*10# for buying N10, 000 Airtel unlimited data plan valid for 30 days
  • To buy N15, 000 Airtel unlimited data plan, just dial *462*2#
  • Last but not the least, dial *462*20# to subscribe for N20, 000 Airtel data plan valid for one month
  • For more information, please visit any nearest Airtel shop if you think you will can’t do it yourself

Most interestingly, Airtel unlimited data plan can be shared with colleagues, friends, and family members.

Airtel unlimited data plan to browse on Opera Mini

As the name of this Airtel unlimited data plan implies, if you subscribe for it, you will only be allowed to browse on Opera Mini web browser and chat on some social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, etc.

Subscribing for Opera Mini data plan on your Airtel line, first of all, you will get 600MB for N100 which lasts for one week.

To subscribe for Airtel unlimited data plan in order to browse for free of charge on Opera Mini in 2022, simply dial *885*3# or send WOB which means ”Weekly Opera Bundle” inform of text message to 885.

In the same vein, if you want to check the balance of your weekly opera bundle’s Airtel unlimited data plan, just dial *885*0#.

Airtel unlimited data plan for 100 Naira

This Airtel unlimited data plan gives you 100MB while you pay N100. To subscribe, the USSD code to use is *141*100#.

Another 100 Naira Airtel unlimited data plan is weekend plan where you buy data bundle which can only be used on Sunday and Saturday only.

With Airtel unlimited weekend data plan, you get one gigabyte (equivalent of 100MB) to browse from Saturday at midnight to Sunday at 11:59 PM for the cost of 100 Naira.

Glad to subscribe for Airtel unlimited weekend data plan on your line with N100? If yes, then just simply dial *473# and follow the prompts.

Airtel SmartTrybe unlimited data plan

SmartTrybe is one of the best packages which was designed by Airtel network limited in order to give huge data bundle to its subscribers.

To be able to enjoy Airtel SmartTrybe unlimited data plan, you must be an existing subscriber of Airel SmartTrybe package or migrate to it now by dialing *312# and reply 1.

When you are successfully migrated to Airtel SmartTrybe, your unlimited data plan offers which you will enjoy are:

  1. 500MB for 25naira
  2. 1.5GB for 50naira

You can also dial *688# and reply ‘3’ in order to subscribe for an unlimited data plan which you can use to do Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, WhastApp, etc. and use to browse or download games, music or videos on Opera Mini web browser.

To check the unlimited data balance which was purchased with *688#, just simply dial *885*0# or *140#.

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Airtel unlimited data plan for social media in 2022

Airtel unlimited data plan for social media in 2022

Subscribing to Airtel unlimited data plan for social media stuffs, you will be only allowed to connect with your loved ones through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, etc. and also can be able to use your data to browse on some web social media-like browsers like UC browser or Opera mini.

Hence, this type of unlimited data plan is known as the Airtel All Social data bundle plan.

To subscribe for Airtel All Social data bundle in order to have unlimited data plan on your SIM card, please follow the instructions below:

  • First of all, load a minimum of N100 recharge card using *126*recharge card PIN#
  • Dial *948#
  • Reply 1 to proceed
  • Now, you are done. Thus, shortly, you will see a popup message notifying you that your request was successful.

Airtel monthly data plan for 2022

The list of all unlimited Airtel data plan bundles in 2022 which last for 30 days, one month are discussed below with their respective subscribing USSD code.

Airtel monthly data plans are plans that can last for thirty days. After one month of your subscription, your data bundle will be wiped off even though you didn’t use it up and Airtel will not be responsible to refund it to you in any way.

Now, Airtel monthly unlimited data plan bundles with their respective price, data allowance, validy day (30 days, one month) and USSD code to dial to subscribe for them are shown in the table below:

PriceData AllowanceValidity DaysUSSD CODE
N1,0001.5GB + 2GB YouTube Night Streaming30 Days*141*1000#
N1,2002GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming30 Days*141*1200#
N1,5003GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming30 Days*141*1500#
N2,0004.5GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming30 Days*141*2000#
N2,5006GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming30 Days*141*2500#
N3,00010GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming30 Days*141*3000#
N4,00011GB + 4GB YouTube Night Streaming30 Days*141*4000#

Note: to subscribe for any Airtel data plan, please dial *141# via your Airtel SIM card. It is free, fast and secure. For more information, you can contact Airtel customer care on 111 or visit their website at

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Airtel unlimited weekly data plan and how to subscribe

PriceData AllowanceValidity DaysUSSD CODE
N5040MB1 Day*141*50#
N100100MB1 Day*141*100#
N200200MB3 Days*141*200#
N3001GB1 Day*141*354#
N300350MB7 Days*141*300#
N500750MB + 1GB YouTube Night Streaming14 Days*141*500#
N5001GB + 1GB YouTube Night Streaming7 Days*141*502#
N5002GB2 Days*141*504#
N15006GB7 Days*141*1504#

Three types of Airtel unlimited data plans and their subscription code

Unlimited data plan nameSubscription USSD code
Unlimited 10 with N10, 000*462*10#
Unlimited 15 with N15, 000*462*2#
Unlimited 20 with N20, 000*462*20#

You can also get 6GB For N1500 by loading your line with N1, 500 recharge card and dial *141*1504# on your phone dialer menu.

Please note that there are a lot of affordable data bundles distributed weekly by Airtel Network, thus, to get an updates about every Airtel unlimited data plan in 2022, subscribe to our newsletter today.

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