How to migrate to Airtel Binge plan very fast

The Airtel Binge data plan is a data plan designed by Airtel network limited for the subscribers who need a large amount of data bundle. In this article, I will show you how to migrate to Airtel Binge plan step by step.

One of the best things which I like about Airtel Binge plan is that whether the data have been fully used or not, when you exhaust this data even before the 24 hours limit, you can still re-subscribe.

Airtel Binge plan is also called Airtel download bundle. It can be used on all apps and devices like Android, iOS, tablet, and laptop.

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Airtel Binge data plan

According to Airtel, Binge data plan is a plan specially designed to satisfy customers heavy data needs. For example, if you want to download a movie, watch a series of videos or stream an online class, just simply buy Airtel Binge data plan.

1N300 Binge PlanN3001GB1 Day*141*354#
2N500 Binge PlanN5002GB2 Day*141*504#
3N1,500 Binge PlanN15006GB7 Days*141*1504#

Airtel Nigeria has just introduced a new data plan which is called Airtel Binge plan. Airtel Nigeria has been in a nation wide manner known as the best network provider for the Nigerians and some other countries in the world at large.

Even if you subscribe for 4GB or 3GB on your Airtel line by dialing *141#, it easily get used up and you are not a new subscriber that have experienced, hence other subscribers have complaint very much to Airtel and that is why Airtel created Binge data plan for them to enjoy.

With respect to this, Airtel just introduced a new Data bundles plan on the internet for its users called the Binge Data. Airtel Binge data plan categorized into three types and they are explained below:

  • 1GB Airtel Binge data plan for 300 Naira which will last for 24 hours
  • 2GB Airtel Binge data plan for 500 Naira which will last for 2 days
  • The last plan is 6GB for 1, 500 Naira which can last for 7 days

How to subscribe for Airtel Binge data plan

For you to successfully migrate to or subscribe for Airtel Binge data plan on your Airtel line, just simply follow the step by step instructions below:

  1. Firstly, gently insert your Airtel SIM card to a mobile phone
  2. Visit or open the menu application for dialing number
  3. Then dial *141# to access Airtel Data bundles menu and Send
  4. Select the number that corresponds to Buy a Binge Plan and click Send
  5. Choose either 2GB for N500 or 1GB for N300 by inputting the corresponding number according to your preference and click send.
  6. After everything, click on the OK button to confirm your request
  7. Make sure that your airtime is the original one which is loaded with Airtel normal recharging code, *126#.

The good news is that after you have used up your Airtel Binge data plan bundle, you can subscribe for more airtime again and again or re-subscribe for the same bundles as many times as you want provided that you have the means (enough airtime).

For example, if you want to download a 4GB application or game, you can just use 1, 000 Naira to buy Airtel Binge data plan. To do that, simply dial *141*504#.

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Code to subscribe for Airtel Binge data plan bundle

How to subscribe for Airtel Binge data plan bundle

Airtel Binge data bundle has three different plans which are available at N300 for 1GB, N500 for 2GB and N1, 500 for 6GB which lasts for 1 day, 2 days and 7 days respectively.

To subscribe for N300 Airtel Binge data plan bundle, the USSD code you should dial is just *141*354#.

It is very easy to subscribe for Airtel N500 Binge plan and get 2GB, simply dial *141*504#.

The code to subscribe for N1, 500 Airtel Binge data plan bundle is *141*1504#. Please note that you will be credited with 6GB data bundle and it will last for seven days.

How to subscribe for 5GB on Airtel network

Subscribing for 5GB data bundle on Airtel network always costs N5, 000 because one GB is N1, 000. Now, I am going to show you the logic that you can use to subscribe for 5GB data bundle using Airtel Binge data plan.

Firstly, you subscribe to the 500 Naira/2GB Binge Bundles, then subscribe again for 500 Naira/2GB Binge Bundles and finally subscribe for N300 and get 1GB which will at the end sum up to 5GB per N1, 300.

How to check the balance of Airtel Binge data plan bundle

The USSD code to dial to check Airtel Binge data plan bundle balance and expiring date is *140#, after dialing the code, Airtel will then send an SMS message detailing you your data balance and the time or date it will expire.

Alternatively, you can dial *141#, then select 6 and finally click on send.


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