Customer care numbers of Airtel, Glo, MTN, and 9mobile

Are you needing the assistance of your network provider and looking for the number to call hurriedly? Worry no more as I am going to show you the number of customer care for all four (4) networks in Nigeria.

Has your network operator just made you feel unhappy with its service? Or do you simply just want to call the customer care number of your network for assisting you to do something on your line? How can you easily contact your Glo, MTN, Airtel, or Etisalat/9Mobile customer care service? Today, we have got you covered!

All four (4) network providers in Nigeria provide strong support services to their customers every time. But, the big question is how can you know their number?

Well, in this article, I will show you the customer care number of MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile/Etisalat. So, keep reading, please.

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Why you need to know the official number of your customer care

Before I proceed to show you the official number of all four (4) networks in Nigeria, it’s very important to know why you should know the contact number of your network provider.

However, the top most reasons why you should know the official number of the network is when you want to make a request, complaint, or inquiry from customer care, isn’t it?

If it’s, then you should in the first place know that every number of customer care is toll-free (your airtime would not be debited during and after calling).

Now below are the four (4) networks in Nigeria and the official number of their customer care:

MTN customer care number

MTN is the oldest network provider in Nigeria. If you’re having any request, complaint, or inquiry to make, you can call MTN’s official number their customer care representative.

The official number of customer care of the MTN network is 180. Note that it only can be connected on an MTN sim card.

Now what if you don’t have an MTN sim card and you want to speak with their customer service representative, what number should you call?

However, you can call to speak customer care of the MTN network if you don’t have the sim card of MTN or your sim is having the issue of being unable to call any network. Thus, use this number:

08031000180, if you are within Nigeria, and add the calling code of Nigeria with it if you’re not in Nigeria.

Preferably, send a mail to an MTN email address at [email protected].

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Etisalat/9Mobile customer care number

If you want to contact the customer care of Etisalat/9mobile network, you can use the following ways and get in touch with them.

The official telephone number (toll-free) of the Etisalat network is 200. Now to call the customer care representative of the Etisalat network, kindly dial 200 on your mobile phone via your Etisalat sim card.

With the general or common telephone number of 9Mobile, everyone can call. It’s not like 200 which is only through an Etisalat SIM card that a call can be connected.

Whether you use the Etisalat network or not, you can call this and speak with the customer care of Etisalat provided that you are in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the general phone number of the customer care of the Etisalat network is: 0809-0000-200

If it seems like your calling is not getting received or picked up very fast while you cannot wait too long, you can in this way send an email to their address.

Now you may ask what is the email address of the 9Mobile network, right? Don’t worry, please the official email address of the Etisalat customer care representative is [email protected].

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Glo network customer care number

Glo network is one of the best network providers in Nigeria ever. Do you want to know how you can contact the customer care representative for assistance?

Glo customer care really receives the call of customers very fast more than other networks. Hence, it makes them the best one, in fact, number one!

Meanwhile, the official number to call customer care of the Glo network is 121.

Note that other types of sim cards cannot be used.

Thus, if you’re using Airtel or MTN sim card, you can still use the following number and you’ll not be charged for airtime for that. The number is 0805 002 0121.

Airtel network customer care number

The official number of the customer care of the Airtel network is 111 and 121.

If you have got any queries or questions to ask about your Airtel network, you can feel free to use any of the suitable ones for you.

However, use the following number to call them if you’re using the sim card provided by another network (Glo, MTN, or Etisalat): +234 802 150 0111.

Conclusion & more reading

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