Family planning

Have you just come across the word family planning? I will show you the definition of family planning in this article and everything about it right now.

You may know the meaning of family only but if planning has combined with it, you cannot know, right? Does family planning refers how to plan for your family? What does it really mean and how to use it.

Family refers to the husband, his wife and his children while planning on the other hand is the process of making things to occur or not to occur.

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What Is The Definition Of Family Planning

Family planning is the system of controlling child birth in female or male human being. That is, anything you do artificially to prevent yourself or partner from giving birth to a baby is called birth control.

It is also mean as a system by which a couple (husband and wife) determine the number of children they want to get and when they want.

Without family planning, the population of a nation or country can rise in an indiscriminate manner and may not be able to match the available food, hence, famine and death can be resulted.

Why Do Couples Are Doing Family Planning

Why parents do family planning or birth control? Couples are doing family planning because of the following reasons:

Many parents or couples decide to have a few number of children so that they can be able to cater for their education, feeding, clothing, medical care and lots more.

It is very preferable and ideal to do family planning rather than doing abortion or termination of living life. Most importantly, if family planning is expertly carried out, the issue of getting unwanted pregnancy is prevented.

Now, I am going to show you how to do family planning carefully without breaking any important system in human health.

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Methods Of Family Planning

Family planning or birth control can be done successfully with the help of the following methods.

Do you want to control your child bearing or do you want to do birth control? By using any of the methods below, you will know more. As you have just read the definition of family planning, please read the following for its methods.

Methods of family planning are:

1. Diaphragm method

Diaphragm is a contraceptive device consisting of a flexible cup and it is used to cover the cervix during sexual intercourse.

Diaphragm is a rubber protective cup worn by women. It must be inserted into the vagina in order to block sperm from entering the uterus and into the fallopian tube where they may bring about the fertilization of the ovum.

This method of family planning or birth control is very reliable. Importantly, diaphragm doesn’t cause any harm to human system.

2. Withdrawal method

By using withdrawal method to control child birth or family planning, man is needed to be pulling his penis out of the woman’s vagina before he ejaculate spermatozoa.

This method is not reliable because some sperm cells or spermatozoa may get released without the notice of man. That is, if you’re not very smart, you should not use withdrawal method for family planning or child birth control.

3. Rhythm method

To avoid getting pregnant, a woman should not have sex with a man during her fertile days. I.e, days mid way between her menstrual periods which usually starts ten (10) days after the first day of menstruation.

Safe period or rhythm method is not reliable to use for birth control or family planning as ovulation can take place at irregular intervals.

4. Use of sheath

This sheath is refers to the condom which the man wears over the penis before sexual intercourse.

A man who wear condom cannot get woman pregnant as the spermatozoa ejaculated by him will be stored in a it.

This method works very well in preventing pregnancy and most importantly it protects the man against venerable diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhoea and aids.

5. Spermicidal cream

A spermicidal cream or tablet (spermaticide) is one that kills sperm or spermatozoa. Woman should apply it right inside her vagina 5 to 10 minutes before sexual intercourse.

During orgasm and ejaculation, the sperm discharged are killed by the spermaticide, hence pregnancy is prevented. This method is not very reliable except it is used with condom.

6. Injection

There are some injections which contains hormones and can prevent ovulation. This type of injection should be given to the woman every three to six months.

Family planning or birth control’s injection should be given to the woman by a qualified medical doctor because it’s got side effects.

Injection is the surest ways of family planning and it is very useful to couple who want to control their child birth.

7. Intra uterine device

Intra uterine device may be either a plastic coil or loop that is inserted into the uterus of the woman. This service should be done by a qualified doctor.

Intra uterine device prevents fertilization or the implantation of the zygote in the uterus. It should be left in the uterus until it is necessary to be replaced or removed.

If intra uterine device is well inserted, it’s very reliable to control child birth.

8. Contraception pill

Contraceptive pill is a tablet which should be taken daily by the woman. It contains hormones which prevent ovulation.

This tablet should be prescribed by a qualified medical doctor. It is very effective and must be accordingly used to the prescription in order to obtain good result.

9. Abstinence

Another way to do family planning is abstinence. That is, two couples should be separated completely from having sex.

If you are not capable to use any of the methods which I have listed here on how to control child birth, then abstain from your partner and stop having sex with her. This method is free of charge and it’s very, very reliable.

10. Sterilization

Sterilization must be done in an agreement of two couples who do not want more children. This family planning method is an irreversible method. That is, once it’s done, no any person can undone it.

Sterilization is by cutting sperm duct or spermatic cord in man or the cutting of oviduct in woman. This method requires a surgical operation to be done by a qualified medical doctor.

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