Documents for Airtel SIM swap (or how to do welcome back of Airtel)

Documents for Airtel SIM swap

If you’ve missed your Airtel sim card, don’t lose hope. In fact, we’ll show you the documents required to do its welcome back and how to do correctly without making any mistake like other people. Do you want to know the acceptable documents for Airtel sim swap? If yes, then continue reading this content.

If swapping of a sim card has been done, those who had got your telephone number can still reach out to you but you cannot have their own telephone number.

That is to say that, you can receive alert as same as you were receiving with the former sim card, if you’ve done your sim’s sim swap.

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Acceptable documents for Airtel SIM swap

Below are the acceptable documents or things for doing Airtel sim swap correctly:

  • Birth certificate
  • National ID card
  • Voter’s card
  • Electricity’s bill
  • Driving license
  • International passport
  • Sim pack of old sim card (if available)

How to do Airtel welcome back

When doing a sim swap of an Airtel network, it’s very acceptable to get the documents listed above.

Go along to the sim swap application center with your birth certificate as it is on the sim card you want to do its swapping.

That is why it’s very recommended to use the correct information about yourself when registering a new brand sim card.

As a matter of fact, if no any documents you provide doesn’t tally with the details on the sim card you are about to do its swapping, you will not be allowed to proceed successfully for security reasons.

Because other people can do a sim swap of another innocent person criminally.

Make sure the information on the documents especially national ID card you’ll provide match with the ones on your claiming lost sim card.

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