How to subscribe for night data plan on Airtel network to enjoy free browsing from 12 (midnight) to 6 morning.

If you’re a type of person who does not get chance to browse the internet in a day, then you should know the code to subscribe for night data plan of Airtel with the cheapest price as you must get chance in the night.

Night data plan of Airtel works from 12:00 am to 6:00 am in every night. In case that you did not know, night is the resting moment or time of a hustling person.

It’s not good to pay for what you don’t use, thus, don’t subscribe for data plan which you cannot use its 70% before it’s expired.

For night plan data, you can subscribe for 1GB (One GB) with N50 (fifty Naira) and below are the procedures of how to do step by step.

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How to subscribe for night data plan of Airtel network

Below is the code and procedure of how to subscribe for night data plan of Airtel network provider limited in order to enjoy better browsing experience in the night on smartphone or laptop:

  • Insert the Airtel sim card which you want to subscribe night plan on in a mobile device
  • Dial *312*3#
  • Then N25 (twenty-five Naira) will be deducted from your airtime balance and you’ll be credited with 250MB (Two hundred and fifty MegaBites).

Code to migrate to Smart TRYBE in order to subscribe for night data bundle

To subscribe night data plan successfully, you must have to be in a SmartTRYBE package.

To migrate, then simply dial *312*1#.

If you’ve dialed that code, you’ll be promptly switched to Smart TRYBE package thereby making you subscribe for night data plan.


If you have followed the guidelines in this content, you’ll enjoy fabulous browsing experience from 12:00AM till 6:00AM with your Airtel network.

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  1. Hope

    I have enough data for you tube night , I browse within that time but it still uses my active data and never YouTube how do I go about it. I keep loading for active data but I have enough 31gb to use but can’t use it.

    1. Abdulrazaq

      Please note that YouTube night data bundles expires concurrently with the main data plan purchased.

      Kindly dial *140# to check the expiring date of your data plan and its YouTube night data bonus promo. Thank you..

  2. Bala s bala

    It truly has been helpful and reliable just that it was formerly 500mb what caused the division please?

    1. Abdulrazaq Yahaya

      Please did you mean that the 500mb data bundle you subscribed was being wiped off?

      If your data bundle has been carried away from your line while you didn’t use it to do anything, please let me know by replying with your mobile number.

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