How To Cancel Order On Jumia Website By Yourself Step-By-Step

by Abdulrazaq
Jumia online shopping mall

Have you ordered an item(s) or product(s) on Jumia website and now become uninterested to buy it? There is solution for that! In this article today, I will show you how to cancel order you made on Jumia website step-by-step.

If Jumia is a new thing for you, please be noted that it’s an online shopping website where you can buy everything just like shopping mall.

The benefits of shopping on Jumia website is that it’s safe, secured and easy. That is, Jumia sells good items or products and it also delivers the product within two to three days.

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If you’ve mistakenly ordered an item which you have already gotten, you can cancel it by pressing a little button of click. Now, let me start showing you how you can unorder or cancel an order by yourself step-by-step.

How To Cancel An Order On Jumia Website

Please follow the rules below carefully as every thing you need to know about the cancellation of an order you made on Jumia website contains in this article.

The step-by-step guides for how to cancel order on Jumia are:

Step one:

How to cancel order on Jumia
  • Login to your account or profile on Jumia by clicking here (also for more information on how to create profile on Jumia, please click here)
  • After you have been logged in successfully to your profile, then click order at the left side of the screen (if you are using desktop)
  • Now, a list of all items you ordered will be appeared on the screen for you to choose any one to cancel
Details of ordered items on Jumia website
  • At the front of every ordered items, there is button which is called SEE DETAILS and it’s clickable, then click the one at the front of an item you wish to cancel as shown in the images below
  • That is, by clicking see details, every detail of the Item you ordered will be shown (for example, when it’ll be delivered to you, the date you ordered it, ETC)
How to unorder on Jumia
  • At this point, click on CANCEL ITEM button as shown in the image above to cancel your order.
  • By clicking on the Cancel Item button, you will be directed to choose the reason why are cancelling an order (in my view, you should choose I was texting Jumia or I have seen another item on Jumia)
Ordered items on Jumia

Note that an item must has WAITING TO BE SHIPPED status before you can cancel it. However, you can cancel by telling a delivery team of Jumia when he/she will contact you.

Any order you want to cancel on Jumia website, you must provide an authentic reason why you want to do that.

Immediately you have clicked on cancel order button, then choose I was texting Jumia as your cancelation reason as shown in the image below

Reasons of canceling order on Jumia

If you have followed all the instructions I have been showing you in this article about how to cancel order on Jumia website, then click Submit button to finally submit your request.

After you have submitted your request, the next information you will see is as exactly as the one in the image below.

Meanwhile, the amount you spent to order that item plus shipping fee will be credited to your JumiaPay account for ordering another item.

Jumia doesn’t cheat or scam person, if you don’t like the product that has been delivered to you, you can return it for free of charge.

Order cancelation request is successful on Jumia
  • If you have still got another item which you want to unorder, then click on GO BACK TO ORDER DETAILS and follow the instructions above again
  • To cancel your order on Jumia website is free of charge in case you will ask how it works. Jumia team (staff) will contact you on telephone to know whether you are fully still interested for your order to get delivered to you.
  • In the process of contacting, you can tell the caller (Jumia staff) that he/she should cancel your order and get your money back.


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