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What To Do Before Going To The Nigerian Air Force Training In 2021

What to do before going to the training venue of Nigerian Air Force

Before you go to any training, there are some recommended things you should do first. So as a result of this, I will be showing with you what to do before going to the training venue of Nigerian Air Force for 2021 in this article and right here today.

The submission of documents has just been concluded. Now shortlisted applicants are finding wanted at the training venue on Tuesday, December 8th, 2021.

If you’re one of the shortlisted applicants of NAF application form for 2021 you must have gone to the Nigerian Air Force base when submitting your documents, right? You should be informed that you will then attend once again for physical training.

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When will the training of Nigerian Air Force start in 2021

The Nigerian Air Force will start its physical training of 2021 recruitment in the next day of tomorrow (by the time of writing this article), i.e, 8th December 2020.

The management of Nigerian Air Force has ordered all its applicants who applied for NAF recruitment in 2021 to come to Kawo, kaduna state for physical training.

Please do not attend this training venue if your name was not being shortlisted. You can check this article to know whether you are being shortlisted or not.

Also take note that if you are not a shortlisted applicant, security agencies may have the right to arrest you if you are found in the venue where the training will be taking place.

By going to the training venue as a concerned applicant, below are the different eleven (11) recommended things you should go with and they are ordered by NAF management too:

  • Original Credentials
  • White T-Shirts
  • Two (2) Pairs of Blue PT Shorts
  • One (1) Pair of White Canvas Shoe
  • Three (3) Pairs of white Socks
  • Three (3) Sets of National Dress
  • Two (2) White Shirts
  • One (1) Black Tie
  • Two (2) Pairs of Black Trousers
  • 100ml Hand Sanitizer
  • Two (2) Reusable Face Masks.

What you should do before attending the training of NAF

I am not in any affiliate with Nigerian Air Force, hence, what I was showing in this article are just a guidelines.

Before you start going to the training venue of Nigerian Air Force for 2021, below are the things to do first:

1. Make sure to get all the eleven (11) things which were shown above

All documents which are listed above are very important. Try as possible as you can to get all of them.

Because you may not be allowed enter into training venue without some of them. Don’t buy them in the

2. If your location is too far away from kaduna state, then start traveling very early

Go and stay in Kawo, kaduna state in a day to the commencement of training to avoid any confusion.

By going to the venue of training of Nigerian Air Force is one of the things to do to help yourself against some external problems.

3. In the day you will travel from your location, pray for the blessing of God

In any thing you do, let God lead you. Thus, as you’re going to the training venue of Nigerian Air Force, pray hard for God’s blessing before you step out of your house.

Nigerian Air Force recruitment is not as as easy as it was before. Many people applied and few people get the job.

Prayer can do anything when you pray acceptably to God because with Him everything is possible.

4. When you have arrived at the training venue successfully, associate with other people

If you’ve arrived at the training venue successfully, there are people who are there before you, hence, associate with them like you knew them before.

Ask people on how the training will take place so that you should know how you should prepare.

Although, there are many people who have passed through that before in the training venue, but the strategy is your speech.

5. Don’t go along with anti social tool

Nigerian forces dislike weapons if you’re not authorized to carry them. Please don’t go to the training venue with any thing you cannot go out with it publicly.

I personally advise you to not even go with needle or razor blade because it can harm person, thus, they are an antisocial tools.

6. Don’t pay to any body for help in making you get the job

Nigerian Air Force job is totally free of charge. Don’t pay to any body in order to help you get NAF job.

Those people who’re promising you to pay and get job are likely hunting for your money, therefore, be warned.


Nigerian Air Force training

Nigerian Air Force is very hard to get its job. Small thing can disqualify person, though, I wish you the very best.

Make sure your body is free from over intentional injury. Do not structure your body (cartoon) with ink too much.

Also, applicants of Nigerian Air Force are not allowed to use injurious cream. Hence, come to the training venue with your natural body structure.

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