How To Activate Glo Transaction Pin In Order To Send Airtime And Data

How to activate glo transaction pin to be able to send Airtime with other people

In this content or post today, we’ll show with you how to activate the transaction pin of Glo network provider in order to be able to transfer airtime and data to your friend, family member(s) or loved one by yourself with mobile device using USSD code. You have come to the right tech blog, thus, stay tuned and read this to an end.

A sim card is just like an ATM, i.e, once it is given to you, you need to customize some things in it according to your likeliness. If you want to activate or change your Glo airtime and data transferring pin, then I will teach you right here today!!

The activation of transaction pin is very important to be done before any Glo subscriber can transfer airtime and data to another Glo customer(s) successfully.

Meanwhile, every Glo SIM card has its default transaction pin which is 00000 and you can not use it to transfer airtime and data because of its state of default.

Before you can do a successful transferring of airtime or data, you must need to change from default pin to another desired and easy-to-remember pin which must be five (5) digits.

The code or process which you can make to activate the transaction pin of your Glo SIM card in order to transfer airtime and data is in this post and has shown in an intelligible way.

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Code To Activate The Transaction Pin Of Glo SIM Card

Do you want to know how to activate the transaction pin of your Glo SIM card? Then below is the step or code that you can follow or use to activate it.

Insert the Glo SIM card which you want to activate its transaction pin and dial

  1. *132#. You will be requested to enter the default pin (00000) and the new pin. Also note that the new pin must be verified. That is, you will be required to enter your new transaction pin two times.
  2. Or dial *132*00000*new pin*new pin#.

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Success: your transaction pin has been activated if you have done the procedures outlined above correctly. Henceforth, you can share airtime from your Glo SIM with another Glo customer.

You can also contact the customer care representative for assistance if you prefer it..

Are you facing any difficulty or can’t do it successfully while activating your glo transaction pin? Why are you waiting? Call or send a mail to the Glo customer care representative on 121 or respectively, they will gladly help you out!


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    1. Abdulrazaq Yahaya

      Hi Kachi, have you changed your transa pin yet? Note that default PIN is 00000. You’ll cannot use default PIN to send Airtime.

      If you haven’t changed the default PIN, then change it and continue.

      Any error response you’ll get, please let’s know by replying to this comment.

    1. Geronimo, please dial *132# and follow the prompts.

      If it’s work for you, then come here and let’s know, okay?

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