JAMB Network Advisory For All CBT Centres In 2020 In Nigeria

JAMB network advisory for all CBT Centres across the nation

In this article we shall show you the network advisory of JAMB to its approved CBT centres in Nigeria in 2020.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) has advised and warned all its affiliated centers (CBT) in all state of federation in Nigeria on the use of network in 2020.

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That is, in the conduct of 2020 JAMB examination, it was observed that some CBT centres had varied standards of configuration of network installation.

And this was unfortunately affected the smooth deployment and administration of the examination.

There were cases of candidates and officials that either deliberately orunconsciously disrupted the network by stepping, cutting and/or damaging exposed cables in the examination halls, in fact.

The current configuration in some centres does not allow for quick trouble shooting, and thereby led to unnecessary delay in fixing network challenges.

Technical Advisors and Technical Staff would be visiting each centre in an advance to the commencement of the examination to confirm compliance with these advisories.

Meanwhile, the categorization would be made among the centres whose their network is satisfactory or non.

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The Board therefore implores all accredited centres to abide by this Advisory in the overall interest of the partnership that currently exists between their centres and them.

It is therefore in reaction to this and in pursuance of the need to ensure that accredited Computer Based Test centres run smoothly, efficiently and effectively, that the Board has decided to issue this advisory note.

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General JAMB Network Advisory For All Its Approved CBT Centres In Nigeria In 2020

Below are the advice and statement of JAMB to every CBT centre in Nigeria.

  • NeNetwork to be implemented will be a STAR Topology. The Board has
  • discontinued and stopped the use of Bus or Ring designs
  • All Cables are to be hidden by trunks/pipes. Roof channels and non-step
  • surfaces must be used that is, there must not be a situation where a candidate can step on trunks/pipes.
  • All implementation partners are to keep in mind easy access to cables for servicing and future replacements in case of cable faults
  • Every Network switches should be encased in Network Racks
  • All cables coming out of the Racks either to server room or to computers must be en cased
  • Power units powering all switches must be en cased and electrically grounded
  • All cables used in the LAN implementation must be a minimum of CAT5e cables. Cat6 cables is required for new centers
  • All single cables used in the deployment of LAN should be 100% pure copper and not exceed 100mtrs
  • All Network racks should be in the hall at roof level (preferably a total of 2
  • placed at opposite ends in the hall coinciding with the center of the hall) and not in server room.
  • Cable lengths to the server room from extreme ends of the hall will exceed 120 feet in some instances if network racks are placed in the server room
  • Port 1 in all cases should be used for uplink to Master switch
  • The Master switch (located in Server room) must be CISCO or equivalent high
  • grade Gigabit switch
  • All Switches used in the Halls must be a minimum of 100Mbps connection
  • All Switches must be connected to a power source with backup facilities (UPS or Inverter)
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Advise to all CBT centres in Nigeria from JAMB on poor network uses

JAMB network topography in approved CBT centres
  • Every network rack must be locked at all times
  • All cables should have laminated labelling at both ends for easy identification
  • All electrical trunks must be demarcated from LAN cables
  • Switches to be installed should have extra capacity on both sides of the hall. I.e. for a 275 capacity center, each side should have 7 switches
  • All switches must be rack-mountable and must be racked at all times
  • All WiFi and Internet enabled devices should be switched off during examination
  • No client computer should have an internet connection in any way during the examination
  • Earthing: The building and electrical connections should be earthed and reviewed periodically.
  • The server, switches, network racks, inverters, solar panels, charge controllers and other network and power equipment should be connected to the earthing system of the building
  • All centers should be regularly fumigated for rodents as they have been known to eat network cables.
  • It also implies that every centres are advised to desist from having staff or candidate eating of food inside or around the centre.

Conclusion and further reading:

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