How to enter 200 level without JAMB

Some people ask “Is it possible to enter 200 level without writing JAMB?” I want to tell you that yes of course, it’s possible.

Gaining admission directly into 200 level is as easy as possible even though you are not writing JAMB examination.

In this case, you are required to present your advanced certificate (ND, NCE or its equivalent) to the admission office of any university of your choice online or offline.

Those who wanted to study in university but some factors prevented them in one way or the other and let them study in polytechnic should please note that after obtaining their ND, chances are available for them to continue their study in university.

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How to gain 200 level admission of any university without JAMB

If you don’t want to obtain HND certificate after your ND certificate, then you can apply for university’s admission on a direct entry basis for 200 level.

As an NCE certificate holder, automatically, university is your next school for your study because you can’t study in polytechnic anymore.

Meanwhile, applying for any Nigerian university’s admission using NCE certificate for direct entry, you will also be admitted into 200 level.

To apply for 200 level admission of any university in Nigeria without writing JAMB, please follow the instructions or steps outlined below!!

How to gain 200 level admission with IJMB, JUPEB, Diploma & A-Level

Looking for the methods to enter 200 level without JAMB in Nigeria in 2022?

You can gain 200 level admission via:

  • IJMB
  • Diploma programmes
  • Pre-degree programmes

IJMB: it fully stands for Interim Joint Matriculation Board. It is an Advanced-Level (A-Level) course which you take for 9 months, after which you take a final exam that gives you a certificate.

This certificate issued to you by IJMB can then be used to apply for Direct entry admission into 200 Level in any university of your choice.

On completion of the programme, successful candidates can use their result to gain admission into 200 level in any Nigeria university through direct-entry into their chosen university.

Many candidates who failed either in UTME or post UTME in 2021 always do this program and most of them get admission into 200level and meet their colleagues in 200 level.

JUPEB: this stands for Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB).Just like IJMB is it equally an advanced level programme.

Successful candidates can use their certificate to apply for direct entry admission into 200 level in any university of their choice.

Diploma programmes: some universities still offer Diploma programmes. This programme usually lasts for 2 years after which you will obtain a certificate which you can use to apply for admission into 200 level in that university or any other university.

Other acceptable A-level certificates like A-level GCE certificate can be used equally to secure direct entry admission into 200 level in any university.

All these programmes are offered by many universities as well as some educational agencies.

Pre-degree programmes: pre-degree/Remedial programme is a programme offered by many universities and is designed to support candidates who was not being offered admission by JAMB for some reasons.

After completing the programme which usually lasts for 6-12 months, the successful candidates are admitted into relevant undergraduate degree courses in the school they did the programme.

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