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If you don’t get a lot of money to buy a card to load to your Airtel sim card while you have an important call, that shouldn’t make you to worry any more as I’ll in this article show with you step by step the USSD code to subscribe for Airtel TalkMore (5X, 5 Times bonus) on Airtel network.

Airtel is one of the four biggest network providing companies in Nigeria, the other three being Glo, MTN and 9Mobile or Etisalat. Airtel has been providing network for many Nigerians for a decades without disappointment.

Today, we’ll show you how you can get 5X (5 times) bonus of your original recharge for calling all other networks in Nigeria and it will last (i.e, it will not get finished fastly).

There are some airtime bonuses that cannot be used to call any other network provider’s customers, but the one which I want to show you can call every networks (Glo, MTN and 9Mobile) in Nigeria. As far as you have got Airtel Sim card, you will benefit.

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USSD code to subscribe for TalkMore plan on Airtel network to call all networks

We will show you Airtel talkmore code in order to get 5X bonus airtime in your Airtel Sim card in Nigeria. Make sure you Recharged your Airtel Sim card with normal or direct recharging code.

Now, the explanations are as follow!

Below are the bonuses you can hope to get on your Airtel Sim card if you comply use the code which I will shortly show you.

If you comply, you will get, e.g, N100=100×5=N500 to call all networks in Nigeria. Its formula is money in Sim card × 5. (E.g, #150 × 5=#750).

As well, if you get N300 in your Airtel NG Sim card, you will get 5 times of bonus (i.e, N1,500) and it is valid for thirty days (one month). Isn’t it good or don’t you like it? If you want to subscribe for it, then keep reading.

With Airtel Nigeria network, customers can dial some codes to get 5X of the original amount of money in their Sim. Therefore we are showing you the code to subscribing for it.

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How to activate bonus bundle on Airtel network

You are advised to use your mobile device and dial *234*1# via your Airtel Sim card if you really want to get 5 times airtime bonus.

Please note that you must have recharged your sim card with direct recharging code in the first time before you will be eligible for purchasing this service else, your request may not reachable.

With Airtel talkmore, you can have a long telephone conversation with your friends regardless any network provider they use. Your Airtel Sim card should have a minimum account balance of #60.

To purchase talkmore or 5X airtime bundle with your Airtel Sim card, dial any of the codes below.

  1. *234*1*1# to get #500 (5X) for #100 only
  2. Dial *234*1*2# and get #1,000 for #200
  3. Also call *234*1*11# to purchase three days life span talk more bundle for #60

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To see other plans of talkmore (5X) bundle, you may dial *234*1# and follow the prompts. You would see all the plans of talkmore bundle and choose any one you want by dialing *234*1#.

How to check bonus airtime on Airtel network

There are two different methods to check your TalkMore bundle balance on Airtel network and below there are:

  1. To know the remaining TalkMore bundle balance on the screen of your your mobile, dial *123*5# and you will be able to know how much you have got as bonus airtime
  2. Dial *234*5# to receive your talkmore bundle balance via SMS.


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