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3 ways to know if a person does not love you

How to know if person does not love you with three different ways

Many people believe that love is what can only take place or exist between married people or two couples. Today, we shall show you 3 ways to know if a person does not love you.

Love is not what can only exist between two partners but also the two friends who do not get an intention (aim) of a marital relationship.

In most places, if two persons understand each other, feel each other’s affection, or behave friendly, then other people may think that they want to get married to themselves.

Love is a deep feeling of affection between two persons. If a person does not love you, then he/she hates you.

Now, if two males love themselves, then what would observers have to say? Observers would definitely not have anything to say but they are a friend who understands and loves each other, right?

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Do you want to know any of your friends that doesn’t love you? Then in this post, I have explained the three (3) ways that you can use to know who is.

How to know any of your friends who don’t love you

Below are the three (3) ways that you can use to know any person who claims to be your friend but doesn’t love you.

  • They do not tell you your error
  • They do not correct you
  • They disclose your error to others

Let us go to start by explaining to you these three ways listed above one by one which you can use to know if a person loves you or has stopped loving you.


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1. They don’t tell you your error

As a good friend of yours, he/she needs to tell you what you are not good at. Your friend or people can tell you what you usually can’t do well to prove their loveliness. When you put on an ugly-looking dress, your friend is the first person that can inform you to change your dress.

Anything that you do incorrectly, it is your closest friend the one that may tell you that “But, what you have just done is incorrect or inappropriate”. Isn’t it? Yes, it is! Okay.
Wen your friend stops telling you about what you usually can’t perform well, then he/she has finally stopped loving you.
 If your friend was the type of person that tells you your negative behavior, whenever he/she stops doing so, then he/she has stopped to love you.
It’s ideal for a person or your friend to correct you whenever you did something wrong if he/she really loves you.


To some people, if they don’t truly love you, they would not make a correction of whatever you misdid for you.

Do you want to know whether the person or friend you associate with loves you? Then examine him/her by doing one inappropriate thing in his/her presence. If he/she corrects you, then he/she loves you so much.

You should remember that if a person doesn’t love you, he/she would not correct you.

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3. They disclose your secrets or errors to others

There are so many people around you who neither tell you your problem nor correct you but disclose your bad character or what you don’t know how to do correctly to others.

If the person does any of the things listed above to you, then he/she doesn’t love you anymore. He/she hates you.

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