How to know the NIN of a national ID card while it's missing

How to know the NIN or National Identification Number if a national ID card is not with you by using a USSD code.

I can know that you may not always be with all your card (voters card, ATM card or National ID card), thus this article will guide you through how you can dial a ussd code to know or retrieve your NIN even if you are without your National ID card.

In this article, you’ll know how you can get/retrieve the NIN of your national ID card in Nigeria by dialing a USSD on your phone.

The code on the national ID card may be so plenty but the useful one is your National Identification Number (also known as NIN). 

To repeat again, the most important pin or code on your national ID Card is your NIN. Please note that!

Meanwhile, you can still retrieve your national ID number if your national id card is not with you while wanting to use it for a very important thing and urgently.

Or did you also lose your national ID card while you are now wanting to use its NIN? You are not alone, many peoples have been asking me this type of question.

In today’s article, we will show you how to know the NIN of your absent, misplaced or lost national ID card.

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3 Ways To Know Or Retrieve The NIN Of National ID Card When It Is Missing Or Absent

The three (3) ways you can use to know the NIN of your national ID card in Nigeria which we are going to explain here are very simple and you will must find one of them helpful or useful.

Below are the three ways to know the NIN of your national ID card:

  1. By diary method
  2. Using the code (USSD) and
  3. Visiting the NIMC office.

If your national ID card get missing, you shouldn’t worry too much. Henceforth, you will you will know how to get your NIN with your phone.

National Identification Number retrieval for dummies

1. Diary method to know your NIN:

The first method you can use to know the national identification number (NIN) of your national ID card is the use of diary. What does diary method mean?

Diary simply means a daily record of a one’s deed recorded by him/herself.

That is immediately you are being given your national ID card, you are advised to put down its important things on your diary. For example its NIN.

You should put down your NIN in your diary in order to retrieve it when your national ID card get misplaced accidentally.

Thus, if anything accidentally happen in future, then just go into your diary and take your NIN.

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2. How to know the NIN of a national ID card By dialing a USSD code:

National Identification Number, NIN is an unchangeable identity number given to a citizen of a country.

That is if it has been given to you, it will never change because it is an identity of you in your country.

However, you should follow the steps below to retrieve your national ID number (NIN) if you have misplaced your id card.

Please make sure that the telephone number you enrolled with is active in the mobile phone, then dail: *346#.

Note: you’ll be debited with N20 for this service. Thus, your sim card should be credited with N20 and above.

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3. How to know the NIN of a national ID card By visiting NIMC office:

This method is strictly for those who have missed or can not get their NIN using the first and second method. Hence, this method is the end of their wondering.

You might have not got an intention to write down your NIN in your diary or might have lost your SIM card which registered with NIMC during the filling of NIN registration form.

If you did not get the telephone number when you registered for NIN or have lost the sim card which you had used during NIN registration, you should then visit any NIMC office nearest to you for assistance!!


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